Hashflare Bi-Weekly - Best SHA256 Daily Mining Pool -04-MAY-2018

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Daily SHA-256 best mining pool based on Bitcoin per 1 TH/s

AntPool is the winner!!

On May 1, 2018 I updated my original article and provided My End of April $500 Hashflare review. In this article I show a one month investment with Hashflare and my thoughts on it for that month. I will continue to provide a bi-weekly Hashflare Pool if their is interest in this. Otherwise, I may just provide the info once a week, or if the stats change to a new pool.

We do have to be wary though. If one pool gains too many miners than we could enter into the 51% attack. What is the 51% attack? It is when one person or group controls over 50% of the coins hashing power. Although only hypothetical, It could give attackers the ability to manipulate a coins transactions, double spending and more.

If Hashflare is something that interests you, visit their link below.


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