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Who profits by selling us on the idea that taking pills helps us feel better? How can we know the truth without testing the results in our own lives?

Since I could walk, I took some form of a pill daily mostly in the form of a chew-able vitamin. At first glance, this might seem like a good idea to make sure I was getting all my vitamins and minerals every day. My parents felt they were doing the right thing after at some point having been sold on the value of taking supplements themselves which they have done every day I have known them with a vitamin in the morning.

The problem is that taking that vitamin every morning left me feeling like I could then eat whatever else I wanted that day. Ice cream? Sure. A hamburger? Why not? I already got what I needed in that pill this morning. Who needs fruits and vegetables for their nutrients and minerals when I already got them in that supplement?

Feeling like we can shortcut our body's nutritional needs leads us down a rabbit hole that many of us escape from only at the body's death. As long as I took my supplements, I consistently felt like it might be a "good idea" to eat fruits and vegetables but I really did not need to. My eating was focused completely on what I was being sold and what I thought I liked. What the food did to my body rarely concerned me.

When I started eating mostly whole plant foods after reading How Not To Die, I had the opposite realization. Why do I need to take a supplement every day when I am getting all I need out of what I eat? In seeing that, I finally broke out of what I now see as a lie that we are sold for profit. Selling people on the value of taking pills allows for huge profits because the supplements, pills, and drugs we take often cheap to make. If that is not enough, once we are sold on the idea of taking pills we are often giving up our own attention to whatever the pill is supposed to help with which leads to the mindset of take a pill to fix it being habit forming even starting with a supplement.

What if taking medication, prescription pills, supplements and drugs, makes health worse?

We have this assumption, at least in my culture in the USA, that taking things given to us will help with whatever problem we're having. My simple purpose of this is to ask, what if it doesn’t?

What if, universally, these pills and medications we put in our body, consistently make things worse?

I'm not saying there isn't one or two exceptions, but what if most of them actually hurt us more, actually screw the insides of our bodies up even more.

What if we consistently just switch one problem for another by taking them, and if we didn't take any medications at all, would we feel better?

Get the answers to these questions in this post or as a video from day 147 of Happier People Podcast on YouTube?

I've found that just asking these kind of "what if" questions has helped motivate me to take action on things in my life that I've often been unable to do anything about another way.

For example, I played 20+ thousand hours of video games in my life, and I often struggled with periods of addiction. The one question that motivated me to try not playing video games was asking, “What would my life look like if I didn't play any video games?”

I realized that I didn't even know what my life would look like if I didn't play any video games and I was curious to find out. Now I'm very happy four months later with how my life looks with no video games.

What would life look like without taking any medications?

What would life look like without taking any medications, supplements, pills, prescriptions, anything?

It might look like my life does today.

I don't take any pills, I'm not completely opposed to it under every single circumstance.

I have not taken any pills or supplements for maybe a year or so. I might have given up my daily vitamin supplement, six, eight, or nine months ago now. I don't take pain medications, even Advil or Tylenol. I also don't drink alcohol or smoke marijuana.

I pretty much eat food, and then drink ground-up tea. That's what I put in my body because these things have a long time of use in the human body. You can assume if they've been used for thousands of years that the body has at least had time to adjust to them.

Even things like alcohol, the body often has adapted to process that, even though it doesn't belong in the body. The body’s had thousands of years of experience with it, which maybe is why I'm an alcoholic and it just says, "No, no more for you!"

What I've found is that I personally feel better if I don't take any medications at all.


There are two different approaches to this.

First, I want to be sensitive. I've noticed that the more I’ve took pills in my life, the less sensitive I was. For example, I've used to have headaches and I used to regularly take Advil and Tylenol for those headaches. The problem was that those headaches were there to tell me to slow down, to do something different and by numbing the pain I wasn't getting the message, and guess what? I kept getting more and more headaches.

Now, since I stopped taking Advil, I realized that I need other solutions to help with the headaches. I've started getting massages. Now, guess what? I very rarely have a headache and when I do have one, I respect it.

I lay down, I sit down, I slow down instead of trying to push through it. A lot of us get to feeling bad because we push the limits on what our bodies want us to do.

Taking medications to numb the pain allows us to push even farther away, which then whenever you have to come back to center may mean a drastic recall in terms of a hospitalization on a huge sickness.

That's exactly what I got for most of my life. I used to just throw down an Advil whenever I felt bad. In fact, I often would have weak side, take a bunch of Advil because I’d get drunk, I'd have a hangover, I'd throw down a bunch of Advil to get through the day. I'd take maybe one day off, and then I do it all again the next day or two. I got desensitized where I could take three or four different Advil to get the same effect it used to take to get one.

What I've noticed consistently is that the people who don't take any or almost no medications are healthier, happier and have the kind of lives I want. The people I know, who consistently take a lot of medications are less happy, less satisfied, and have more health problems. That's just what I've noticed personally.

Depression and thinking about suicide

Look around and ask what people are doing. Look at different periods of your life. I've had a lot of days when I've had depression, and not feeling just a little bit bad, but feeling like I really wanted to kill myself, like I couldn't stand this disgusting body anymore.

I'd be thinking about suicide for hours like, "Maybe I jump off a roof, well, that's 10 stories, you might not die, you might just get disabled, you might land in a bush. Well, maybe, I'll go buy a gun." I did go buy a gun, and then, "Well, should I use it?"

I had lots of days depressed, and thank God, I never got medications for it because one little thing I've seen recently is that most of the people who went on shooting rampages have been taking psychiatric medication.

It seems to me that a lot of these medications simply double down on whatever problem we're having. If you just don't do anything about the problem, it will often regress to the mean. I've had lots of problems, little temporary annoyances that when doing nothing about them, they regressed to the mean.

I've had some calluses on my foot that were annoying, and simply changing shoes and doing nothing else, they regressed to the mean and went away. A lot of our things like depression reflect that we are making choices in our lives that we don't like. Depression is a sign that a different approach needs to be taken like to stop going to that boring job you hate every day and maybe you wouldn't be depressed. Stop doing all these things that are causing you to be depressed.

For me things like watching porn would lead to me being depressed, and if I stop watching porn, I stop getting depressed. A lot of the solutions are really simple, but when we take medication, we essentially double down.

Doubling down

If you play Blackjack the objective is to try to get your cards as close to 21 as possible. When you get an 11, it's often desirable to double down. This means you double your bet and you only get one more card.

If you get a 10 and hit 21, this looks like a really smart decision. You get that 10 that comes out, you are at 21, and you win unless the dealer manages to pull 21. In case you push, you get your money back. Doubling down in that exact situation seems to work very good. What happens if you get it too though? You’ve got 13, unless the dealer busts, you lose. Lots of time doubling down in Blackjack causes you to lose you money twice as fast especially if you make poor double down decisions, like I've seen lots of people do with Blackjack table.

The dealer will have up a 6 and they'll double down on a 9, and they'll end up with 11. Then they're all mad when the dealer has 17 and takes twice as much of their money.

What medication seems to do to a lot of us is double down on whatever original problem. You're depressed, okay, you're going to get some medication that's going to double down on your original problem. You'll be numbed out most of the time, but then you'll really lose it. Whenever you short circuit your medication and go past that or when you mix up alcohol and other drugs with it, then you actually will go shoot somewhere up instead of just thinking about it. Or you actually will take your own life instead of just thinking about it.

I'm grateful that I've experienced most of the depression in my life in an unaltered state or in a hangover where thankfully, I was so sick, I could barely move, which is a deterrent from actually taking any kind of action. I'm grateful today that I very rarely have depression in my life and I am almost certain, based on looking at others around me who have similar problems and how they deal with them, that if I had started taking medication, I would have made things considerably worse.

How are you so happy?

I frequently get people ask, "How are you so happy?" We associate things like taking medication with being happy. The normal state of a human being is happy and taking medication often makes it challenging to get into that normal state in exchange for being numb.

I know a lot about being numb and self-medicating, because I self-medicated with alcohol for 11 years. It is much more powerful than some medications, not as powerful as others. It was very effective at self-medicating. I used to use alcohol to change how I felt, to numb the pain of my existence.

What I've found is that without self-medicating, I'm forced to deal with the pain and despair of life. Dealing with that pain and despair, that has allowed me to walk into a place of daily happiness and serenity.

I get lots of people who ask, "Are you on something? You must be smoking something." How I am is the natural way a human being is supposed to be essentially. If you look at children, this is how children who haven't been horribly abused and neglected, and deprived are.

My daughter is a year and half old and she is happy almost all day every day except for brief periods of getting upset with something which quickly pass. That's pretty much how I am most of the time. I'm like a child. I'm happy most all day, every day with no additional pills or substances. Then, sometimes I get a little frustrated, I cry and whine, piss and moan about for often maybe 1, 5 or 10 minutes, at the longest usually now an hour or a few hours, and then it passes, and I'm back to happy.

What I've found is that there's some desire in me to be sick, and that even with nearly three years of sobriety and going to AA every day, and seeing how much better my life is without self-medicating, there's some part of me that wants to do it anyway. There's some part of me that loves being sick, that loves self-medicating, that loves to just zone out and check out. I'm lucky that I only rarely had a doctor's permission, because that's a powerful mental thing. There’s no doctor that ever told me to drink.

Hurting my back as a police officer

When I hurt my back as a police officer, they gave me things that produced a similar result to drinking. Thank God I didn't get addicted to them, probably because I thought drinking was a lot more fun. I thought mixing the drinks up and all that was more fun than just taking a pill and getting high that way.

I called my mom that night and I was sober at the time for like a month or two.

Mom asked, "You're drinking again?"

I responded, "No, why?" and she's said, "Well, your speech is all sore."

I said, "Well, I just took the medication they gave me."

Guess what happened?

I stopped taking the medication they gave me weeks before it ran out.


Because my back was healing slower.

At least in my experience, taking these pain medications numb the pain. I've struggled with back pain in my life for several different times, which I've got a very good explanation for that in my stand-up comedy, along with getting injured at work.

I have a couple of times gotten into that horrible loop of taking medication, and then things didn't get better.

So what's the solution?

"Go back to the doctor and ask for more help."

No, the solution for me was to stop taking the damn pills.

Once I stopped taking the medication my back quickly got better both times. When I was taking the pills at night, my back was getting screwed up in positions, which if I would have not taken the pills would have hurt too much to sleep in that position, but with taking the pain meds, I slept in positions that screwed my back up even more, and then I kept having worse and worse back problems. I very rarely know people who have ongoing chronic pain who don't take pills for it also.

In my personal experience taking pills for chronic pain makes it worse, and I've got plenty of experience with knowing other people qualitatively with this same result. It's just like drinking alcohol, at first it provides a little bit, if not, for me it provided a lot of immediate relief, but overall, it makes things worse. Every drink I took made my life worse. I took tens of thousands of them, and my life from the first time I drank alcohol to the last time, was almost unrecognizable.

I was a fairly healthy normal kid with a few little issues and after 10,000 drinks I was pretty F-ed up.

I'm doing a stand-up comedy on all these messed up stories that I made as an alcoholic, even that ended up before that.

Slowing down

What I've noticed is that when I have pain, it's there to tell me something, it's there to tell me, "Look, Jerry, you need to do something a little bit of a different way."

I've had some pain because I go for an hour-long walk every night. I've changed shoes, I've started trying to walk a little bit different ways.

When I have pain now, I try to respect that it's telling me something.

If I get a headache today, it's because I'm handling my day piss-poor, and that's the truth in my life. If I'm getting a headache, it's often because I'm stressed out or alternatively, sometimes I'll get a headache just because I exercised and went to the gym. If I didn't go exercise, workout or something, and I get a headache, I'm all stressed, I'm all messed up, I need to slow down and relax.

This is what I do. I get a headache, then I slow down, lay down on the couch, "What am I doing? I've made this problem."

Now, if you take pills for it, like I did for many years, it just gets worse. I used to have lots of stress, tension neck headaches, very frequently. In fact, I remember one of my rationalizations for drinking was that I'd rather drink alcohol to deal with my headache than Advil.

Most of the time it worked, sometimes it made the headache a lot worse. Chronic pain is brutal though to break the cycle, because if you've been taking something for 10 or 20 years, it's not a simple matter usually of just cold turkey stopping, you may need some serious help, especially if your doctor's been giving it to you for 10, 20, 30 years.

I don't know anyone who's been taking pain medication a long time who doesn't need some help or who can just easily quit unless it's just a little bit, an Advil here and there.

It's challenging when someone you trust like a doctor tells you to take these medications, you take them and your personal experience with them is that they don't do good things in the body.

How do we end up getting prescribed these medications?

It's not that doctors are evil people, doctors are good people trying to help, and the doctors have learned in school, and are told, “These medications will help people. If someone's depressed, give them these."

"These research studies have proven that people are happier when they take this medication."

What I've learned in getting my master's degree and learning a lot about the same research methods that are used in all different disciplines of science, is that I can make a study come out however I want it to.

I could get almost any pill and make a study that showed that the pill was good for you.


Basically, there's a bias.

When you're the researcher, you expect to find a certain thing.

I did a study in college: Do people who commit crimes offline tend to commit crimes online as well?

I believed that they did based on my own experience, and guess what I found?

I found the same thing, that people who committed crimes offline, who did things like underage drinking were also more likely to download music illegally.

People who committed major crimes like felonies offline were also more likely to get involved in major crimes online such as hacking, cyber-security things.

Of course, the study came out that way because I designed it. I thought it'd come out that way and it did.

Now, give me billions of dollars, give me all kinds of resources and I'll prove to you that I'm right.

I'll put something in a pill and prove to you I'm right, "Well, Jerry, what about double-blind random studies?"

Now, there's a very simple way to handle that too.

You do many different studies and by luck, by chance, one will come out how you want it.

Companies which seek actively to deceive

According to Tony Robbins book, "Money Master The Game," this is how mutual funds show that they have a high return rate. What mutual funds do according to Tony Robbins’ book, is they set up a whole bunch of different mutual funds.

They'll set up a ton of them. Then, the ones who by luck come out ahead, because if you set up a whole bunch of different funds, you give a whole bunch of different people the chance to run them. Just by luck, someone will pick a bunch of winners. Those winners are then selected to represent the whole company.

Now, this isn’t every single mutual fund. Just as whatever I've suggested isn’t every single pharmaceutical company. However, these are general trends. When you get presented a mutual fund package, guess what?

It shows you the best of the best. You don't see all the losers. If they showed you all of the data, there's no way you'd invest. If they showed you all of the losers along with the winners, it would show you the truth that you get to experience, if you invest your money that way as millions of Americans have.

There have been hundreds of millions, if not billions or trillions of dollars taken out of people's savings by investing with companies which seek actively to deceive, to take the best of what they do and present it as if it's the whole.

It's very easy to do the same thing with medical research. It's very easy to just do a bunch of studies and all the ones that don't prove your point, we're just going to ignore those. Let's take that one that for some reason, even though is a double-blind randomized trial for some luck. Look, this pill helped in that one. It raised things up a significant percentage.

Often the percentages quote is really low too. Like 5 or 10% improvement. Why the hell would I want to take something that has such a low rate of return?

Then as a doctor, you get presented all these, all the best of the best.

“Well, look, this pill raises up 5%. This pill helps patients 10%,” and then lots of doctors get commissions. You give out pills and you make more money. The whole system itself is set up to take your money.

Sick people are profitable

The health care system is just like any other financial business system.

Its goal is to survive. Therefore, there's no need for any evil people in the system. There's no need for evil people. The system is set up to survive. It wants to continue existing as it is just like anything else that's alive. If you think the health care system is alive, then it makes perfect sense. It seeks to take the most money from the most people possible just like any other business. Sick people are profitable people.

You take that first pill because often you just had a little depression or maybe you considered suicide. If I'd gone to a therapist, I'd be on all kinds of medication if I'd been honest about all the stuff I was thinking. I probably would have done something horrible on that medication as well.

You may take all these medications when there's often what may be a minor problem or a major one disguised in a few symptoms. For example, you hate your job and you hate your whole life, then this comes out as a depression. Instead of changing what you do in your life, taking a pill seems very tempting.

That initial sequence of taking the pill sets in motion the need to keep taking more pills that keeps you sick. At least, in my experience, and then that cycle often requires a gigantic amount of pain to break. If you look at the data, you won't believe how many people are dying from taking things that are prescribed to them and that's just direct death. If you count the side effects, it's absolutely unbelievable.

There's no need for evil anywhere because the system is set up to produce sick people who are dependent on medication, who then are extremely profitable. That's the whole health care system we have today. It’s set up to keep people sick, to keep them needing medication, and then to make a maximum profit. There's no evil in that. That's just at least how I see it.

There are other ways to look at it. The health care system is set up to help people. If you break your leg, the health care system is set up to help you. Sure it might be nice to numb the pain of dealing with a broken leg right away, but what about when you break your leg and you get hooked on prescription pain meds for the next 10 or 20 years?

Why does that happen?

Why doesn't the broken leg just get fixed without all the pain meds?

You see, when you ask questions like, what if taking all these pills and medications hurts me? At least in my life, it has encouraged me to look and learn more.

Why does anyone want me to take a pill, anyway?

Why do I believe pills are good for me when I've been evolved to eat things that aren't pills?

Why do I like to shortcut things?

Instead of just eating right, why do I want to take a pill to make up for eating wrong?

I used to take a daily vitamin supplement that had all these different vitamins until I realized that if I simply ate healthy foods, if I balanced my diet out with different fruits and vegetables, they had all the vitamins in them anyway.

I used to take a daily vitamin supplement for my whole adult life to enable me to ignore healthy eating. Then, I could eat whatever I wanted without regards to whether it had any vitamins in it or not.

This often happens with pregnant mothers.

"Your iron's low. Here, take this pill," which often then, according to some of the pills I've heard of have side effects.

Why not just figure out what foods naturally have iron in them and eat them instead of taking a pill which costs money, which someone then is making a profit off giving you the pill?

You see, telling someone to eat right as a doctor is not very profitable. Keeping them sick and giving them pills over and over is profitable, and it's not that the doctors are bad. Most of us do what we're trained to do. If you go to medical school and they teach you to give out pills, and they don't teach you the value of diet, they don't teach you all these other elements of well-being that are taught in Eastern cultures and other cultures around the world, then you're not a bad person for doing what you've been taught to do.

When you see that evil really is founded on this idea of separation, then there's no evil in the world. It's simply people doing their very best.

I hope sharing this with you today is useful. I realize that if I've hit close to a nerve, you probably didn't make it this deep in. I hope if you have someone in your life who's in this cycle, it helps being loving and understanding with them because it's not as simple.

I've told some people in my life who are taking a bunch of medications every day.

I say, “Look, why don't you just try not taking this.”

They respond, “Oh, I can't do that. I can't. I have to. These meds help me.”

What if they don't?

What if the medications are what keeps you sicker?

I can't help the people in my own life who are hooked on all these medications, often taking 10 to 15 different medications every single day. I am not able to help them, but I am able to think about these things for my own body.

I'm grateful for that because I've self-medicated for a long time. No one could tell me to stop until the pain was so great that I realized I was getting close to finally going through a suicide. I realized that there was no more room to keep doing what I'd done before. It's either time to do better or time to die. These are my options and I decided, "Well, I'd like to do better. I'll do whatever it takes to do better."

I'm grateful today to have this experience to share with you. I hope it's helpful. I hope it's been shared and loved.

There's not any evil people doing wrong or doing bad. The world is full of people doing their best, going to work, trying to do a good job, loving and trying to help other people.

Sometimes it takes individual awareness of how best to help yourself rather than depending on all these other people to show you what's the right way to do.

Even with what I've shared, I don't know your exact situation. I hope this is helpful in your life though.

My exercise for today is to remember that as I talk about and think about all these things, I don't know the right answer for anyone else.

I'm lucky today to be able to get through my day happy and not to make my own life worse somehow. I learn by hearing other people's experience. I hope I've done a good job sharing that with you.

If I haven't, well, I did my best. I tried.

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

Please note, I am no doctor, I have a master's degree in criminal justice, where I did learn a lot about quantitative and some about qualitative research methods. The same that can be used in other areas. I'm just sharing my own personal life experience here because I hope this is helpful for you.

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Our mindset got so manipulated that we are afraid in our days when we get a little dirt from outside on our hands which btw is all natural; and yet, we aren't afraid to put in our bodies all these chemical medicine which is a poison of slow effect that over time kills the internal organs.

Upvoted for your post

Also we must be carefull with our Drs. Some have Pharma paying them to prescribe certain drugs. The best Dr is one like my Wife's who is reluctant to prescribe medicine.

Thank you for sharing this @jerrybanfield I totally agree with you in many areas and think knowing we are in control is the key to a lot of our happiness in life :)


Hey jerry. Good points.
It is very obvious that there is big money behind the whole medication industry. And seriously there should be someone lookingca bit more and dig behind the scenes.
Do we need theese pills or not is often not an easy question. If you have something and go to a doctor you somehow have trust in the decision and take meds. But what if it does not help or gets worse.
Ive seen this in people i know. They got very depressed. Luckily they could find a way out.
I think with meds often only the symptoms are fought and not the cause. Which not always causes healing.
Good food is the key to good health. I sometimes get a bit sad when i see all the crap sold in stores. Stick to this: an apple each day keeps the doctor away ;-)
I dont know where all this leads to but we will see. I still have hope in mankind. So guys. Buy fresh, cook yourself, stay healthy.
Just my opinion. Thanks for reading. J

I get sad when I see the crap sold in stores too. Poison everywhere.. gotta stay woke

I hate Big Pharma. Legalize Cannabis and other natural herbs and quit forcing pillls down our throats!

For many years now, more people die from prescribed drugs than 'illicit' drug use.

You're right and the news cannot tell us that because they would lose a lot of their advertisers!

I wrote a college paper on big Pharma years ago, its crazy what they'll do to keep the general public misinformed. If you have a chance, read up on how they kept information about diabetes and sugar under the table all for profit. They could have stopped the huge increase in type two diabetes and decided against it. Pure Greed.

Yes, I am currently doing research on Fasting, and Healthy eating. And like you said: it's horrible to see and think, what these big companies are doing for the profits.... Imagine they teach children at school wrong things, giving them wrong lunches at school.... Cheapest things and unhealthy things in shops.... also when you enter any supermarket: sugary products are always in front: right there. Not many people are thinking about casualties... and what is actually going on "under the table".
Luckily social media makes it possible to share the real knowledge, and learn what is really matter in life.
Great post, from Jerry, and also your comment bro,
Keep educating people, and the world balance one day might change....

Too much bills can lead to addiction which lead to death. Better try natural remedies and outdoor sports. Thanks a lot for all the tips, upvoted
Thanks for your great content about steem power and the importance of buying steem when it is cheap and powering up which motivated me to write my recent post- I mentioned you there-feel free to check it out. More success to you.

You're welcome Charles thank you for commenting here and nice profile picture!

welcome Jerry , do not forget to check out my post and send in your suggestion, More success

Great article @jerrybanfield, eating healthy is always better than taking any kind of medication.
This was very informative and helpful!

Thank you it was wonderful to meet you in person last week!

You too Jerry!

Great post Jerry! I'm so glad to see this perspective spreading outside of the "conspiracy theorist" movement.

All seriousness aside, if you are playing blackjack, I get why you are depressed. Switch to poker man come on!

Lol I used to be big into Texas Holdem but I gave that up too!

@jerrybanfield ...oh and PPS... I am NOT a fan of my face on things... (probably need to deal with that...lol) but I decided to take your advice re. the "header image" concept... took a good hour to pluck up the courage to actually go "ok Jayne... hit the POST BUTTON NOW!!!!!" lol :) anyhoooo.....

Just thought I would share... just so you know that I DO actually listen to what you say hehehe :)


" ...oh and PPS... I am NOT a fan of my face on things... (probably need to deal with that...lol)" I used to feel the same way before I realized how effective it was!

Another bridge being crossed. thank you.

Who knows what the pharmaceutical firms and governments are upto, but one thing you can definitely be sure of money and manipulation is there top priority

we are what we eat ..

you can say that again lol

you could write a song about it - something like:
I ate some pork and I feel like a ....?
now to feel more human I put on a wig

thx for sharing

I prefer to just eat healthy in the first place!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us @jerrybanfield, as always a great article.
I believe a human body is designed to heal itself and all it needs to maintain a good health is a good sleep, peace of mind, physical exercise and right nutritions delivered to it in food and suplements.
Yes, good supplements due to the quality of the food because of tons of processed food available in stores and eating out in the restaurants where i have the impression that the more the better.

You mentioned Tony Robbins' book, I like him so much. Would you share this book with me?
I'll be more than happy to share his audiobook - Unshakeable if you like.

Absolutely agree Jerry! Health care is under the abuse of the real most dangerous drug dealers. We should all take responsibility of our own health as our doctors are victims of this abuse too. Thanks for sharing!!!

Smoke weed instead!!! XD

Mind Control, Pill are the worst!

I can say just about everyone I know on meds has swelled up in the face and eyes sunk back, I can see meds are not good for myself.

Agreed. I eat garlic and oranges.

Don't treat the symptoms, fix the system. Pills treat the symptoms, detox properly treats the system. I recommend Dr Morse herbs, fasting and changing your diet to vegan maybe raw fruit diet. Let the body heal itself using fruit veggies and herbs. This gets your lymph nodes moving and your body starts eliminating waste. The amount of healing that can occur is amazing.

I eat garlic each day raw.

Totally agree with you! I like this community getting real truth in front of corparate mainstream lies! Power to the people!

And don't forget generics...my father recently got switched to a different generic and began having crazy side effects...only after calling the manufacturer did we find out that this drug had 14 additives in it that neither matched the name brand nor the generic...there is no regulation on these generics and their additives and it is often the additives that are causing the strange reactions. The pharmacists have no idea what additives are in these drugs, so if you are found to be reactive to one, there is no way to be sure that you won't be given it again...but your insurance company saves money and that is all they care about.

IT DOES... Speaking of experience.. "Big Pharma" thank you for sharing this @jerrybanfield

What if you lived 100 years ago and a simple cold could have killed you because you wouldnt have any pills. Since the invention of medication the expectancy of life has skyrocketed.
People get hurt by pills when arent educated enough about what the one they are taking.
Like yourself you said you took ''vitamins'' and then you could eat everything. If you took vitamin C for example you wont have an increased apetite...that is caused in by B12 and Folic Acid.
Read the fu%$#% label before you take something and stop whining about pills making people sick.
And , as a psychologist, nothing makes me cringe more when i hear people ''if you are depressed then quit your job and stop being depressed''.
Stick to what you know please, because you sound stupid for a trained eye.

I am totally with you... There are so many conditions which would lead to an early death without medication. Many disabilities today are only existent because people are too poor to have access to health care. Children in some countries die because there is no antibiotic to have. Today someone who is born with diabetes can live almost normal life; hundred years ago this disease was a death sentence. This does not mean the pharma industry is all good. Is a money driven industry, not a non-profit organization. Perhaps if it were, someone would have invented a cure for diabetes instead of making money with insulin, or a cure for arthritis instead of earning money through surgery. Nevertheless, I am happy to not have died with young age through scarlet fever thanks to our modern health care.

Although @Tszunami comes off a bit rough here, his message is pretty clear and should not be ignored by the rest of the people in this thread who seem to be really happy about this post.
Medication is there to solve problems. Through extensive and costly testing, the side effects of the ones that make it are considered to be the "lesser of two evils" compared to what you're taking the medication for.
Yes, the industry is not the best, and in any for-profit business you will have some who value profit over any other moral aspect, but dismissing the whole industry just because of that is dumb.
It's like dismissing vaccines all together due to the potential side effects. The benefits of vaccination far outweighs the very few potential downsides, by an extreme margin.

The clue is, don't take what you don't need. Eat healthy, don't take medication just because you feel like it would help, take it in the cases where the doctor has told you to take it. If you have doubts about your doctor's advice, get another one and ask them what they think, but don't go google "is X medication really good for you?".
Every doctor is a human, and can be wrong. Just be critical, but don't be stupid or biased.

@Jerrybanfield you come off as someone who wants to tell that "medication is bad, just be healthy." While the obvious problem you seem to have had is that you weren't healthy to begin with.

I cecked your profile .here are some interesting posts.I following yuor account and upvoted you.I appriciate your post if you in return follow me @rizwankhan

The best strategy is to eat healthy wholesome food, avoid those vitamin and supplement pills. They contain lots of synthetic chemicals and toxins :) Upvoted and resteemed

Your articles are awesome jerry. The best part is your first picture always and this one is hillarious ...putting your face on pills 😁😁

Soy farmaceuta ,tu post es de todo mi interes

Some food do effect the medications that people take, such as Grapefruit Juice. So don't take it with Viagra, I still can't fit in a good pair of pants!. I think I pushed the limit!

tu eres grande jerry sigue assi

If this happens so, will there be any life on earth....

Yes they can in a long run especially if they are modern because they are made with chemicals which are toxic to the body.

Cool post Jerry. The best thing you can eliminate from your life if you haven't already is sugar.

Yes, treating sick people is profitable. I think big pharma creates drugs to treat the symptoms of the malady rather than curing the problem. it is much more profitable.

Medications are probably damaging our health and it doesn't worth, I prefer for everyone to use natural herbs or natural food would be a lot better than using those chemical pills.

During my Keto journey, I was without a medication that my doctor insisted I have. I felt better and did not have insulin spikes while off the drugs. My recommendation is to eat your medicine by consuming food your body needs. Grow a garden, grow more than you need, and share with others!

Steem the Dream!

Very Nice... I hope you are doing well now.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Thats so true. scientific studies are so strongly flawed. its a big discussion about this in the last time. per-reviewed studies are biased too.

I have an autoimmune condition. I was literally dying when I went to the hospital and found out. I'd be dead without medication. Maybe some pharmaceuticals are a scam but many medications are important and have tangible effects. Make of that what you will.

Thank you for taking the time to share this @jerrybanfield Lots of practical and logical advise!

Eating natural is still the way to go unless there is really that particular type of vitamins/ minerals that we are really lacking of which we just cannot get through our natural diet.

Rarely have i read something with as much substance as this . Im speechless .

I'm 32, I don't take medicine, and I eat garlic daily.

Do you want the best medicine without taking pills?
Having lots of sex ... sex decreases stress, is good for the heart, slims, relieves migraine (So it's no longer an excuse the head hurts me haha), helps to rest better, rejuvenates and improves self esteem .. And above is free and you make your partner happy ... Definitely the best medicine for not taking pills

And if you don't have access to a partner, don't forget the most important thing! Practice safe sex!
For example, a very common sexually transmittable virus (HPV) is related to increased risk of getting several different types of cancer. There is a vaccine that can help reduce the risk of developing cancer cause by HPV.

The best medicine is to make sport and feed us without chemical process

Funny, was that you bro?

I like your approach what if...?

There are so many cool documentaries out now that say , prescription drugs for sure do mess people up worst, like, "What the Health," on Netflix.

Great documentary, anyone seen it?... Very similar to what you saying here Jerry, but allot more blunt and direct, instead of the non offensive conservative approach.

Both ways are raising awareness, so both ways are winners in my book ;-)

Thanks for the health conscience talk man, good vibes.

  • StemitMeD.

Dear steemians,
U did great job n this is very useful knowledge for everyone .I hope ,you will do good work in future.
I waiting your next update

Prescription pills and Doctors don't cure anything.... nothing.... they only treat symptoms. Curing involves stopping the intake of shit into the body by eating the right diet for the human body and first and foremost periods of fasting so the body may burn up all the toxic shit that shouldn't be there in the first place making one sick. You see, by eating the bodies uses it's energy to digest. When fasting it uses all it's energy to clean house. It's really simple but most can't wrap their minds around the concept. Big pharma is absolutely a business with the green bottom line in mind not one's well being.The less of that shit you can take the better. You see, chemicals and toxins are what put us in the "sick " place to begin with. How do you cure it with more toxins and chemicals? You can't. They only lead to more pills. Hell, big pharma's even got the Dr's brainwashed and fooled. They may as well be drug dealers as all they do is prescribe, refer, and take your money. I wonder how many hours in class they spent on nutrition out of the many years they spent in school? They, like many of you more than likely, probably believe in the falsity of the four food groups. I had my issues and saw many White Coats over the years, so I speak from experience and all I can say is I changed my diet and medical field named B.S. went away along with all of them. Hell, I don't even get sick anymore. But to each his own and I wish you all well. Don't misunderstand me here though, if I were in a horrific car crash or even just broke a bone I'd want a Dr. They have their place but not misleading everyone into believing that more toxins in the form of pill are the answer. I mean think about when you don't feel well... where do you go first? The med. cabinet for an aspirin etc. We've been brainwashed into thinking this is the right way. A pill for everything when all it really is is the body deteriorating slowly over time from the wrong fuel being put into it. Big pharma owns the world and is tied into our food. Educate yourselves with a brilliant man on youtube..... Dr. Robert Morse. I digress......................Enjoyed.

Everything have its own place in life. Medicines are important when our natural system does not work as it should, these can be avoided by taking balanced diet; but if the natural system does not work then medicines are crucial.

Thanks for sharing Jerry.
I've also learned how to deal with pain and stress using mindfulness. It teaches you how to deal with many painful and difficult circumstances in life.
There's a free online course I have followed.

A very good information about health, Thanks, I am sharing!

the best "pill" you can take is good nutrition. I am a fitness trainer and I can tell you for sure that you are what you eat.
good job, @jerrybanfield

its Sad but its the mainstream Business right now ....Hope people will get enough knowledge regarding the side effect

Nice post Jerry and I think its selective medications can make you more manically depressed as well as we know taking too much aspirin can be bad for your health.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

@jerrybanfield - nevermind "what if" - this IS what is happening! People are sadly too fast asleep to see this! GREAT post! I hope MANY read this!!!!!!!!

PS. Happy weekend to you :)

@jerrybanfield ...oh and PPS... I am NOT a fan of my face on things... (probably need to deal with that...lol) but I decided to take your advice re. the "header image" concept... took a good hour to pluck up the courage to actually go "ok Jayne... hit the POST BUTTON NOW!!!!!" lol :) anyhoooo.....

Just thought I would share... just so you know that I DO actually listen to what you say hehehe :)


medications are way overused in this country. dangerous

Hey Jerry. I like following your posts and videos. I made a film about a man in Nova Scotia, Canada who, accidentally made the rediscovery that cannabis had incredible healing powers, and after curing his own cancer, he began helping others in the area. This film takes you all the way to Europe where Rick received an award at The Cannabis Cup for Freedom Fighter of the year while being prosecuted back here in Canada. I hope you'll take a look. I'll post it here next for those interested. Cheers! Keep up the good work!

Very good post ... I think the main thing is not to take or not take pills ... the main thing is not self-medicated ... if the pills are prescribed by a doctor do not fall into the stupidity of I cure myself ... Unfortunately there are many who profit from the desperation of the people ... and the business of the laboratories are enormous ...

Hi, @jerrybanfield very good post. I really like the way you speaking openly about what ever you have done badly in your life when most of the people will hide it and not share what they discover about it. Jerry, I have started a series of articles where I share some knowledge I have discover in South East Asia over the past 18 years, it may be interesting for you. I have worked with some researcher from Taiwan and the Siam association of traditional doctors. Anyway, thank you for this really true post.

Thank you so much @jerrybanfield for this amazing, amazing post. I so agree with you and I myself never like to take medicine if I really didn't have to and now my medicine cabinet is filled with natural essential oils, which have been amazing for my whole family. So I was really happy to this post from you because I have been following you since my first day on Steemit and I just love your posts because you seem so sincere and you make it easy to understand and you put out so much information. Love it so thank you for sharing.

wow @jerrybanfield this is absolutely outstanding. I love your work and I'm genuinely grateful to be reading such awesome content on a regular basis. thank you so much! I'm so happy to finally be in this community. can't wait for more reads:)

It is true that medicines do not heal the problem, it only cures the symptoms. Like you said, when sleeping when taking the pills, the pain numbs and you messed up your back more.

Better we fight the source of the problem and no need for pills to make us believe that we are fine.

Great article and a super topic! Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you very much for this important [email protected]

Very useful post!


Are you threatening me!? My bungole will not wait!

Thank you for sharing this @jerrybanfield

I have lost several family members now because of these money hungry doctors prescribing their hearts out playing god knowing the deadly consequence. there must be more restrictions and less ability to distribute should be given to doctors. half the time they are giving them out on hunches rather then any antidotal evidence at all. most of the time these are given as ways to simpley numb the bigger issue, spend more time working on finding root causes and less time just trying to get rid of a patient by giving them what they came for....NARCOTICS #cantkillmydiseasewithoutkillingme #yourkillingme #perscriptionthugs

Very helpful information thanks for the heads up

You have really done a great job. Hats off to you for such an effective research. I have really learned many things to apply in my life regarding health and medicine because i am the part of society where doctors, psychotherapists, everyone having degree of medical more focuses on medicine regardless of any psychotherapy, or general counseling regarding happy life.
I am part of Eastern culture so this idea touch my head and it is potent reality here as you said, "If you go to medical school and they teach you to give out pills, and they don't teach you the value of diet, they don't teach you all these other elements of well-being". Antibiotic has been the common medicine to us even for any minor case. 9 months baby is recommended to have injections 6 injections of antibiotic so get her infections fine. You are right food is important then the other supplements of vitamins. I am strongly agreed with you. One of the perfect analysis you have done.

You are absolutely right, we often focus on the effects instead of the root of the problems. Needless to say the pharmaceutical industry focuses on suppressing the problem and not really resolving it. Medications are helpful if we do not abuse and rely on them for absolutely everything...

Thank you for sharing this!

Great Article, I agree with a lot of what you have just written. Thanks for sharing!

I've played video games, off and on, since I was about 7 years old (Atari 2600). I do not have an addictive personality, though I sometimes get obsessive. I find that at times, especially times when I've hit rock bottom, gaming can have a grounding effect and stress release for me.

I don't believe the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of curing people. You're right, there's not a whole lot of money to be made on sickness if you cure your customers. Treating the symptoms is what they do.

Great video and article! Keep up the good work! Upped and resteemed! Thanks so much for sharing!

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.

what if? ... they do! super long article, I honestly didn't read it all. but very interesting subject

Besides side effects, supplements contribute to gain weight. Why do we take supplements when we can benefit from vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables? I avoid taking drugs and when I am sick, I use natural remedies like turmeric, ginger, garlic, etc. There are plenty of natural remedies for good health.

If you think a drug you're taking might be causing your depression, you may be right. Certain medications prescribed for various medical conditions do cause such feelings as sadness, despair, and discouragement. And those are feelings that are often associated with depression. Other medicines prescribed for medical problems can trigger mania (excessive elation and energy) that's usually associated with bipolar disorder.

This is a tempting premis. But there are some diseases that need to be medicated. I don't take supplements, and I agree with that, but if I don't take my thyroid replacement I will die.

I think It doesnt but best post !:) Upvoted for your post !

excellent post, thank you

In my way of thinking you have your mind screwed up the right way :-)
Keep it going!
I fined that allot of people should think about consequence of what they are doing to them self.

A person should avoid from medicine as far as possible.because if its cure you its also has side effects for you.

It's very sad because there are so many cases which a person takes prescription medication to get better but it creates more issues health wise. Especially if they are pain prescriptions and lead to addiction and what is even sadder, big pharma companies are making huge profits even when the prescription makes a person's health worse.

A very memorable post ,, and very useful ,, I want to learn from you little by little because I am here new selasai stages iperenalan ,, but I am also a doctor who is interested in this steemit.

Since I just joined in this steemit, and just completed the introductory stage .. it's about me ... if you have time and there is a chance please visit my blog to see about me and this link:

Thank you for your time

Thanks for another interesting and thought provoking post.

I think this is an issue with health supplements as well as medication(like your multi vitamin mentioned at the start) particular protein supplements. If you eat a good balanced diet you should be getting all you need.

Healthy eating, exercise socialisation and an active social life and a natural remedy here and there, can help with many things, we don't need as much medication as "they" try to sell us.
There aren't as many studies into the benefits of these holistic, natural (and largely free) solutions.

A good rule of thumb?
Don't eat(or take) anything with an advertisement

How many adds for fruit and veggies do you see out there?
Or advocating socialising for depression?

There are obvious exceptions and modern medicine has done amazing things , I wouldn't turn my nose up at medication when it was really needed .
But I think we all need to be a bit more conscious of what people are trying to sell us and ask ourselves what their motivations are.

Its your health and your life so take it into your own hands.

Oh God!
What to say!
Keep wonder post
Upvoted for you
Keep it up dear

Fantastic article!!! I have worked in healthcare for 12 years and I have seen first hand the effects of medications on the body and mind of my patients. In the instant gratification society we live in today, I think we turn to a "quick fix" to get rid of the problem at hand, unknowingly destroying our immune systems for the time in which we really do need antibiotic help, or turning to alcohol for example, for a temporary escape. Little do we know in those moments of desperation, we are conversely doing more harm to our bodies than we may ever realize. Thank you for your insight!

Huge issue, great topic... so many good documentaries out there about America being over-drugged and over-prescribed. If people would just eat better in the first place, that would be huge too! We are a country with a lot of systemic issues! PEACE

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