An Original Haiku: Failed Love

in #haiku3 years ago (edited)

My entry into the Hello Hello Group Activity

The theme for this group activity is LOVE, but sometimes love doesn't always work out so well, hopefully not as bad as in the haiku (lol!)


Comes like a white dove,
This up and down thing called love,
Over with a shove!

Image Credit: Tenor Gifs


What are Haikus?
Haikus are a Japanese traditional poetry form which uses 17 morae to tell a story. In English the accepted format is 17 syllables in a 5-7-5 line structure.

Why are Haikus an art form ?
The challenge is to express your thoughts with with a minimum of words, similarly to Earnest Hemingway's famous six word sentence.

Learn more about Haikus - here!

Also in the career series:

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This is a post I previously used in a contest not as a blog post - and as the theme tied in with HHG-9. I've decided to recall it for HHG-9.


I really like the various works of poetry and photos let me Resteem your best poems and photos.

@arjoena20 - Thank-you I truly appreciate your kind words and your kind gesture. It is appreciated. I would love to upvote your comment but my vote is below the dust threshold so - you won't get it.

Have you heard about the dust threshold?

None-the-less, I will see if I can rather upvote one of your posts. I usually upvote my posts after 3 day to reward my curators.

Thanks for the explanation, I just want to resteem the various poems when I am active, although my upvote is not that meaningful, but I just want to point out an appreciation of what has been done

@arjoena20 - Fair enough. I do appreciate your kind gesture.

I am doing my small bit to keep people informed about some of the goings on. It hope having the following knowledge may assist you in some way.
Here is a link - to dust threshold discussion

Oh that feeling of love. Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet.

A feeling that can make or break a man.

Hha! @jacksondavies - The voice of experience!?

Something like that.
The feeling of heartbreak sent me on the path to becoming the man I am today.

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Hii @rlt47 the gif looks very heart-wrenching. women pushed men with anger, apparently the limit of patience is gone.
such is love, sometimes it hurts.

Very good @poocut, You speak with very very good insight... :))

Hi @rlt47, Greetings from HHG9! Here's an upvote for this lovely Haiku and also my counter Haiku lol :D

Failed Love
Come when love is gone
Missing someone that we love
Faded Like wind blows

Wow @ainie.kashif - I like the idea that you now respond in Haikus!

Also your Haikus are becoming more and more sophisticated! Well done.

hahahah... I dunno why I feel like responding in Haiku as well... just got carried away in the same emotion when I read your Haiku :D

Hello @rlt47, I always like to learn something new, the most beautiful thing of this group has been to know different cultures, I give you this haiku, I hope I have learned something.
We are like the loose wind
In love you win and lose
There is always a good reason.
I will publish it in the Hello Hello Group 9.