Haiku Contest #3: Out The Window

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Welcome to the third haiku contest!


Wow—third! Who ever thought this would have become a thing. If you've missed them, I encourage you to go read the entries in the first and second contests. They were all pretty great.

The theme for this week was provided by @damianjayclay. When I asked for ideas on Discord, he immediately provided this one, as if he had just been saving it for such an occasion! The theme is I Saw From My Window.

Take that theme and run with it. Give me a great haiku using it. If you are thinking of a season reference too, we are in that transition period between winter and spring so any words that refer to late winter or early spring would fit.

Haiku Contest Rules

(please read carefully)

  1. Upvote and Resteem this post.

  2. Write a haiku.

    • Post it in the comments to this post
    • Make your own post with the haiku and a link to this post
  3. You may include a title or a headnote. A headnote is a short bit of text that sets the scene for the haiku. Some haiku poets use them (Basho and Shiki did) and some don't. You may also include a photo if you want.

  4. No syllable requirement, just keep it short. Aim for one breath. You can read my thoughts on syllable counts in English haiku here.

  5. In addition to the theme for this contest, it should have some kind of reference to nature and have a juxtaposition of images. I write should not must. If you think your haiku is strong enough to do without, go for it. I am not stuck in tradition and I welcome new creative ideas.

  6. Consider this quote from Jack Kerouac:

    [A] Haiku must be very simple and free of all poetic trickery and make a little picture and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi Pastorella.

  7. Have at it!

  8. (Psst—If you are stuck for ideas, go read some of the translated haiku in my Haiku of Japan series. Here is the latest with links to previous ones at the end, or follow the haiku tag here on Steemit)

I encourage you to tell your friends on Discord or steemit chat. The more people we can get involved here, the more fun we can have. The first contest had 23 entries and the second contest had 18. Let's see if we can beat both of those numbers!

EDIT: I have received two questions (actually one was from last week) about 1) a double haiku and 2) a mini-renga, a 3 line poem followed by a 2 line poem (this wouldn't be a tanka, by the way). The second question would kind of fall under #4 above, but just to specify: I am going to allow both.


Here is a haiku I used in the article referenced above.

snow beating down
my son is snoring

You can see I give a nod to the season, and there is also a shift in the action as we move from the scene (lines 1 and 2) to my son.

Another Sample

This one, a classic from Buson:

on the temple bell
a butterfly

You can read more about that haiku here.

An American Haiku Sample

And here is one of my favorites from Jack Kerouac:

No telegram today
only more leaves

Close Date and Prizes

Contest will go for 7 days, so that means the final day you can submit is next Tuesday the 6th (Japan time).

Special thanks to @techslut who donated 10 SBD for use in this contest. With her contribution, the prizes will be:

  • 5 SBD for first place
  • 3.5 SBD for second place
  • 2 SBD for third place
  • 2 SBD in the pot for an honorable mentions or two

I will be the sole judge.

Have fun!

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Have a non-entry, friend David:

I don't have time,
never enough daylight.
The cats peer in.

The noise, dust and pollution,
Fast cars and people,
I live along the highway.

Washed sky, grey concrete
Framed in bars a tiny bird
Free in the sunshine

The Wheel turns. Spring encroaches upon the upon the chill grays and browns. The warming light changes, opening the veil. Wonder of rebirth. Look. See. Know.

Warming rays quicken
Brown Earth stirs, awakening
Birdsong, greens, pink, and yellow



Thanks for leading me to this post, something new for me! 👍


Cool. I will go find yours.

As Above, So Below

        dead trees
        bury boughs
        deep     in
        the moon.


Original haiku and photography

Spring morning
warmth of a sun ray
life is good

Love the theme here, very wide open. I'm glad this contest is picking up...steem!

I saw from my window

Three crows in alder,
you, under bowing hemlock,
another gray day.

This time, I did it! Here's my entry--a mini-Renga:

Wind blows and branches—
hiding the moon—
scrape at the glass.

Fog dulls the bright light
as shadows creep in.

Link to post

I have read all of your write up on haiku's! I never knew all that there was to know about syllables, language and haiku; I really thought it was 5/7/5 and that was that! I thank you for the expansion of my mind. The following was written from my window.

Gaps reveal

Morning dew on
Misty Mountain
betrays nesting grounds.

This looks interesting, I think I'll give it a try. First I had to look up what a "Haiku" was lol. 🙂

My Entry is here

A squirrel must forage
Winter's end, survival grows thin
Hawk watching from limb

I hope I understood the concept correctly. 😎

Here's My Entry :)

I've tried to make a slight difference on my haikus.. I've putted it on the picture ^^

here's the link to my original post:
Original Haiku #16 - White Happiness

Those of us south of the equator are heading into cooler weather.
Would you prefer references to spring?
This is really cool BTW. I just read your linked posts on the subject, very interesting and inspiring reads.


hah you know, I had a line about folks in the southern hemisphere but I cut it in one of my edits. I should have left it in. Yes, of course, you folks down there can flip the seasons and use the ones you are currently in, so summer/autumn.

Glad you enjoyed my other posts on the matter :) Looking forward to your entry!

february rains
the yard is just mud and leaves
and yet... and yet...

(Image via Pixabay.)

Bleached rooftops
a scorcher
tropical winter

Dusky maiden trees,
Humming scent, bees fermenting,
Mushroom cloud backdrop.

Liverpool, UK, 28th February 2018

Minus five degrees
Watch dusty snow fairies cast
Frosting on dog turds



Sun-lit bleak
Without now within
Robins sing

Here is my attempt good sir.

I saw the windows thaw
My astonishment is spring
Flood of light

The colors feel like flourishing


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Ok THIS IS FIRST TIME I'm WRITING MY HAIKU SO ANY MISTAKES PLEASE TELL..I Recently Watch How To Write Haiku So Let's Give It A Try ...

You Are My Bestie
Never Leave Me For Eternity
That's For You From Me

It’s official. You have momentum! It will be interesting to see what comes out of this theme.

My entry for this week's challenge:

Winter's almost over
Now the kids are out again
Behind the tree kakurenbo it is https://steemit.com/haiku/@jayo/haiku-contest-3-out-the-window

Out the window
My love ran
To a spring chicken

I observe light
Against the wall
Water song



Wind lightning sing
Thunder clap
Forest gyrate the outpour



settled on a branch
not resting but watching
snow's last hunter


A golden gloom
Reflections of what could have been
memories left speechless
looking at your windowsill
from mine

Here is my entry
images (6).jpg


saw the glittering
star from above as I walked
down in the garden.

shining from the garden
through the hole of the window
that illuminates.

Stars shimmer so bright
Longing for a dance tonight
Sshh...Hold my hands tight 😊😊😊

winter is dying
as the last snow falls outside
a young leaf shivers


Gravity acting
All leaves in full motion
Spiraling thermals

With love
Hart Floe Poet

Upvoted and resteemed... that was the first haiku I've ever written! Thanks for inspiring it :)

I posted in the comments and in my post here too -->

Haiku Contest #3 Entry by Hart Floe

Thanks again for creating this my friend :) Hope you enjoy my entry.

With love
Hart Floe Poet

drowsy bee
on frosted garden
too soon, little one

wings too cold
to find the hive
come inside and live

Here is my entry to the contest. The original post can be found here


Horses huddle,
tails to the wind.
Birds feast.

Snowflakes dance;
the trees bow.

Note: Just so you know, I work in a cemetery so that's why my window is always calm haha. Here is my haiku:

Peaceful and serenity on my window
Where death lays a thousand fold
How every interment makes me feel alive


hi there @dbooster,

thank you for challenging and educating me on #haiku!

Here is my official entry:


Early spring flowers
now frozen in time and space
blooming eternal.

Link to post: https://steemit.com/haiku/@eaglespirit/winter-blossoms

Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit.

PS. It looks like it was Tuesday 3:50 AM Japan Time when I posted this, but I could not upvote. Maybe when you posted this it was Monday your time last week? Oh nos.

20120701 Cattle Crescendo and Baby Doves 008.jpg

Glancing out French doors
four cattle grazing our lawn . . .
we have no cattle

True incident, this. I was on the phone with my husband, Marek, and when I walked from our bedroom into the living room, sure enough, four black Angus cattle were grazing between the back of our house and the woods.

Not surprisingly, one of our neighbors was close behind, asking if I had seen them. When I answered in the affirmative, and told him where they were, he chased them down to the river and back to his place, three or four properties to our south.

The photo above isn't actually of his cattle, but of part of the herd belonging to another neighbor on the same side of our street, roughly the same distance to our north.

As dusk is about to end
I bid goodbye to the purple skies
with the echoes left unsaid

Here's the link to my post: Scribble #9 -Closure

Whoops, just realized I missed the cutoff—but that's okay. I'll share anyway (non-entry) just for the sake of participating.

Old cigarettes
on frostbitten buds
A bird builds a nest.