Devil Gundam: Quick Base Foot Mod [Leg Modification - Part 140]

in #gunplajagatraya2 years ago
Hi guys!

Today, I will start working on the base foot. So here are updates on Project Devil Gundam!

Quick Base Foot Mod

Since the base foot is hollow and doesn't have any cover I will need to make one.

Here is a quick mod I came up for the last articulation of the toes.

From this angle the foot looks good so I might consider this mod.

So these are my update on Project Devil Gundam for today.

Keep on steeming! Have a nice day!

Quick access tutorial:

  1. Fixing broken peg using gunpla runer and several tools.
  2. Fixing holes using cement and plastic scraps.
  3. Making C-Joints using pla plates.