Devil Gundam: Scratch Building Knee [Leg Modification - Part 60]

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Hi guys!

Today I will try to make a c-joint to make the knee detachable. So here are updates on Project Devil Gundam!

Prep Work

This is the master copy for the connector. Well, kind of half of it. I've prepared more copies of the complete version based on this design.

I filethe surface to make sure its very smooth then finish with sanding stick.

Since I'm going to cement this pla plates to the inner thigh I need to make sure there are no bumps.

Also, any bumps on the other side of the pla plates will affect the fittings of the knee.


Now, the idea of a c-joint is very simple but if you remember my concerns I mentioned before.

If the c-joint too big it won't have a good amount of friction to it. Meaning it won't be able to hold certain pose.

However, if the c-joint too small/tight it will be hard to get it in place. Even though it will provide a good friction for the joints to hold a pose.

The trick is to balance these 2 things which I will do manually later after using some hobby knife I would assume.

Letting the Plastic to Bond

Cementing is pretty straight forward with this one. I use both regular and thin cement. Which give me strong bond and quick setting on the pla connector.

I will let this cure overnight then do the other thigh as well. After that I will start detailing the knee. And so this is my updates for today on this Devil Gundam x Neue Ziel Project.

Keep on building! Keep on steeming! Have a nice day!

Quick access tutorial:

  1. Fixing broken peg using gunpla runer and several tools.
  2. Fixing holes using cement and plastic scraps.

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