Devil Gundam: More Idea for Head Kitbash [Head Modification - Part 2]

in #gunplajagatraya2 years ago
Hi guys!

Today, I will do more brainstorming for this head kitbash. So here are updates on Project Devil Gundam!

More Brainstorming for Head Kitbash

Using the Neue Ziel body as a base the head has more volume and looks better.

I am going to need a few connector for this one.

I think movable jaw would be awesome. I already have a plan in mind on how to make that mechanical jaw.

So these are my update on Project Devil Gundam for today.

Keep on steeming! Have a nice day!

Quick access tutorial:

  1. Fixing broken peg using gunpla runer and several tools.
  2. Fixing holes using cement and plastic scraps.
  3. Making C-Joints using pla plates.

It looks like you're going to put a large head design? Movable jaw with teeth like some of the designs in the actual show would look pretty neat too!

Or will you do a large head + normal torso/head like the original design?

The contrast between the bulky and thin parts is nice.

I won't do large head rather I will use the face part then bash it with the Neue Ziel body. So the inside part of the head will be slightly visible.

Because the kit turn out to be quite massive so I had to balance out the head otherwise it will definitely look weird.

As for the details I'm trying to make it uniform throughout the whole body. So there will be some pla plates here and there.

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