Devil Gundam: Head Kitbash Idea [Head Modification - Part 1]

in #gunplajagatraya2 years ago
Hi guys!

Today, I will brainstorm ideas for the head. So here are updates on Project Devil Gundam!

Brainstorming for Head Kitbash

Since the original head is too small compared to the rest of the body I need to make a new one.

Luckily Devil Gundam has a massive face so I'm going to start from there. And so I will ditch the shield idea.

I probably going to use this Neue Ziel body for the main head and then add more to this.

So these are my update on Project Devil Gundam for today.

Keep on steeming! Have a nice day!

Quick access tutorial:

  1. Fixing broken peg using gunpla runer and several tools.
  2. Fixing holes using cement and plastic scraps.
  3. Making C-Joints using pla plates.