Get brainstorming on your next blog topic with these awesome tools! | Part 3

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Hello steemians!

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To really be seen as an active Steemian, we all have to keep our posts (including comments)created and flowing out to stay active and engaged with the community.That, and the fact of posting and content creating, being the main reason we are on Steemit, right?

Nothing beats that good feeling after creating a high-quality post, and getting a lot of views, comments, and upvotes...but, sometimes you will run out of ideas what to write about, or you simply need some better inspiration to get the ball rolling again!...

So I searched and tested some(mostly all of them) helpful tools on the web, to see whether these can actually be useful.I have already created two parts to this series, which you can find here: Part 1 and Part 2. For part 3 I decided to take a look at data, and topic analyzing tools:

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Sharethrough topic analyzer

Sharethrough topic analyzer:

This first content analyzer is more for those who already have an idea what they want to write about, but simply need a good title for their awesome post!

I found Sharethrough very unique as it will rank your provided keyword/title into categories, and they even include some suggestions associated with your topic that will help you to extend and make it stand out! :)

This is also good for all those who are currently still new to writing and blogging :P

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AnswerThePublic content

AnswerThePublic content:

I have mentioned this site in one of my previous parts of this series, and I even made a blog specifically for it. This one will always remain one of my favorites as it always offers something unique.

By entering your keyword, you will be presented with an instant google search divided into categories.This makes it possible to neatly and easily search for something more in your interest.There are also a few other tools for analyzing content.
Personally I am using only this site for topic research and analyzing, It has everything you will need, right inside!

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Buzzumo's topic analyzer

Buzzumo's topic analyzer:

If you are really on the move and need to get a blog out ASAP, then I recommend giving this one a try. This is more of an alternative to sharethrough's topic analyzer, but instead of having your topic scored,it will provide you with the best blogs and ideas associated with the given topic.

The best feature about this site, is the fact that you can view existing data on the web in a specific time frame, as in years and months.This is great to view how the trend behind your topic has evolved over the years.

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Blogabout's title generator

Blogabout's title generator:

This one can be seen more of as a title generator , but is another one of my favorites for the simple reason that it has a very clean and organized user interface, and the topics provided are really professional.

The site also has a cool feature where you can like a bunch of your favorite topics , and then email them to yourself.This is very helpful if you want a bunch of topics to choose from every time!

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And there you go! Those were a few of the best sites I discovered for analyzing data on a topic. I do hope you found them helpful, and go take a look for yourself :P.

Steemit is starting to grow very strong as new investors and newbies create their accounts.And we all know steemit is going to grow even bigger as time goes on, so create posts, be active and hold on to your Steempower!

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