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I was the first to react when suddenly a big whale and a cat appeared out of nowhere and starts downvoting post that uses bidbots to gain more upvotes . People gone crazy and theres a lot of negative feedback and reactions similar to me.

A lot of posts and article suddenly talks about Grumpy Cat spreads out like fire . Is he a Bully or a hero.


After understanding all thats happening now in this platform, with many low quality post earning lots of rewards, great articles being left out because of low upvotes, It came to a point when I realized that Grumpy Cat is right, we need to make a change on how bidbots run their business. I must admit that I also use bidbots to earn more rewards even in a low quality post.

Steemit after all is about rewarding the great talent of each individual and spreading their skills to the world.


After what Grumpycat has done, many of the big bots comply to its rule of 3.5 days. This means that low quality post will be prevented from earning more rewards.


Earlier today, I saw the post of @upme banning low quality post for bidding to its bot. They are now starting to entertain post that are made of high quality only. They team up with @buildawhale in this rule. Take note that these 2 bidbots are part of the top 5 biggest of all bots in the list. These 2 already listed some of the users they banned from using their bidbot.



This for me is an amazing work by @Grumpycat because it is just right to upvote those curators who are making quality post than those low quality whose goal is only to earn money. This behaviour is not what Steemit is about... This platform was created to showcase our talent and skill and get rewarded for the their hardwork.

This action by grumpycat change the behaviour of these bots and will also change the way users of bots to make a quality post or article.

Grumpycat really made a difference in our platform and this is something we need to follow, he is not a villain after all but a true believer of what steemit is all about.

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You think grumpycat does good?
He does good in a same manner to how traffic accidents do.
Why is reward pool abuse any worse than premining?
Ever thought about it?
Over 90% of accounts here demand their reps turn negative, but why excuse it by one form of abuse being worse than another?
Some forms of abuse are worse than others, but all bad posts need a hefty downvote, and in some cases I myself might downvote a good post if it came from a bad poster.

Your way of thinking has some very truth. As we say in French « better is an enemy of good ». It loses the impact after the translation but it still represents quite well what’s happening right now on Steemit

grumpycat has done an outstanding job in correcting behaviours of making low quality post and yet earning a lot.. When he starts attacking all users who do not comply to the rule, all bidbots are impactes and almost all of them are now changing the way they manage their bots. Thos were affected by initial attack are for me part of collateral damage. Overall, it will bring good to this community..

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Yeah but some stupids dont realize this and start opposing you

I understand that, because they dont look at the bigger picture.. And almost all this people opposing me are part of this what I call collateral damage...

Im sorry about your trouble, Im with you with the wrong doing of grumpy with upvoting himself, all im saying is that the quality post should be rewarded better than low quality post.

While the idea and incentive are great, he's purposely downvoting users who post quality content without any warning and costing them hundreds of dollars.

In the name of stopping the abuse, he's literally attacking those that are not abusing, but are simply uninformed of his new rule. This is a big playground and it is easy for those focused on their own work to miss @grumpycat's new rule. I think a better approach should be taken.

If I were grumpycat, I would at least try to warn these users, and instead of downvoting them, I would go and downvote the obvious abusers that are using these upvote bots.

Also, I'd go after the owners of the bots. It seems some have not really posted in a few days though, but more awareness should be made.

I for one plan on helping with the awareness, in an attempt to help stop him from needing to downvote innocent content creators. It's a very mean approach, it's bullying on a massive scale because he's costing people money.

I get it though, especially when it comes to those upvote bots that are not cooperating.

I just hope that at one point or another he starts downvoting and flagging actual abuse, instead of innocent people, or the community is going to neuter this cat eventually.

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I like these requirements for boosting posts. It encourages people to be better content creators and take pride in building a superior social/content platform. People become lazy and fail to take responsible stewardship for such simple things like adding an image, sourcing links, acknowleding copyright, more than 2 paragraphs. Etc.

Its true....its time that we reward the true people who makes quality post..

I am not entirely sure if I agree with the methodolgy used by @grumpycat, to enforce this change by downvoting quality posts using the wrongs bots. But I can sure see why she(?) done it this way. People that get "fucked" for their hard efforts making them lose money in the process, sure makes for a noisy debate. Something that the providers of the upvote bots can't ignore. Besides, having to downvote all the crappy posts would have been a difficult task 🤣

Trust me when I say that this really changing the way bidbots behave now, is it good to this playform, yes it is.. Very much because it will eliminate low quality post..

Nice post anyway.
I wish we all make it on steemit
Anyway, visit my page @stigger
I will entertain you as you do

Sure ill check you page..

@grumpycat is such a wonderful Steen whale that I have ever seen on this platform. Keep it up hero @grumpycat.

It's time someone spoke out. Because there is a big fat ELEPHANT in this room, and it is high time that we all admit that the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! You complain about quality of posts and yet turn a blind eye to the buying and selling of curation itself! Such selling is equivalent to a restaurant paying off a New York Times Food reviewer. Or paying off a senator to get your business regulated under law. How on earth are we going to achieve something NEW here, when WE SIMPLY REPEAT ALL THE NONSENSE in the STATIST WORLD, WHICH WE HATE, and are HERE, TRYING TO ESCSAPE! Try selling feedback on ebay and see how that flies. The practice is unacceptable. Tell grumpy cat to stick that in her catnip!!!

Hi there, All im saying is the changes in the bidbot, I know that it is not right to upvote himself only and Im not for it. I's not following his approach of that. Dont get me wrong, we are all for the goodness in this platform.

HI @grumpycat I have mentioned you in my new article “Hi and Welcome to Steemit!”… “Err, what is Steemit?”… An Interview with Steemit.. If you have a mo I'd love to know what you think? Many Thanks, @dylan007.

I totally agree with you that there should be some sort of monitoring against abuse of meaningless posts reaping rewards from the rewards pool.

But when you say don't try to upvote "One video (and not yours)" - what do you mean by that? Is it one video or one video that is not yours? Those are two different things.

And a lot of work can go into one video (that is yours) and it can be a quality post. So where is the problem with that particular case?

Also, if you want to enforce these things, why not make them clear on the site of the so that everyone can see what we're dealing with.

One of the issues of Steemit that I'm beginning to see is not knowing where to find the relevant info. I'm very happy to comply with rules that are agreed upon by the community if I know where to find these rules. And a random post that I came across doesn't count as an official statement, in my view.

Just my 5 cents of wanting to be fair to all sides.

It was great listening to you yesterday in the Whaleshares discord PYPT session. I read your article now and I learned good stuff about how the bidding bots are complying to give a better service for better quality content. Thanks for this. On another note, could you recommend to me from your experience which bots do you use?

oops @Nuridin .... Whaleshares and PYPT (Pimp Your Post Thursday) are two separate things taking place on different discords and different hosts. @shadowspub hosts PYPT on Thursdays in the Steemit Ramble.

Yes, I know about Shadowpub's thursday session... But whaleshares have a pimp your post sessions too... run by @freedomexists. I join few of them, last one was yesterday.

So to be clear what kind of "abuse" we are talking about, let me show you an example, this guy is using bots on the 5th day of publication, looks like original, but now Quality.... still he goes

If you want to see how much he makes extra for doing this, check

Screen 30.1.JPG

Like him there are many users, both minnow and whales, not sure what is worse to be honest, that or @bittrex bidding 400 SBD for a post promoter.
We need to make a call to witnesses to stop the pool reward bidding votes abuse.

How do you down vote a post?

I don't even understand what a bidbot is! Help! I'm confused!

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