Gridcoin Weekly #5; Week 37

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Welcome to Gridcoin Weekly.

We aim to write about what happens in the Gridcoin world and have some longer in depth sections on topics that has been hot the current week, and try to highlight many of the current interesting things. We give you tips and statistics to make you feel up to date on everything regarding the network. Do you wish to see something special, please leave a comment in the section below.


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"Voting Weight Rebalance" Result

The voting regarding the voting weight just finished today. The results was split in two different polls; one for investors and one for miners (and investors).

This vote was made to see what the network think about the recent voices raised for the voting balance between Magnitude and Balance. Currently the balance is 100:100; meaning that Balance and Magnitude is equal in the voting weight. @cm-steem created a post regarding this and explains what it all means.

The Poll for Miners only (based on Magnitude) ended with 88% wanting the weight to be 70:30.
The Poll for Investors and Miners (based on Balance) ended with 71% for 90:10 and only 16% for 70:30.

Gridcoin Thunderclap

@gridcoinman started a Thunderclap Project this week. A Thunderclap project is a way to spread the word about something, but doing so at a predefined time and everyone at the same time. Its a try to make a viral spread about Gridcoin.

At the current time there has been 119 signups with about 165.000 people in social reach. This is a great number and we hope that everyone that likes Gridcoin and BOINC will join the project.

The project ends at 24th September 12:00PM EDT and will post a message on your feed and it will look like this

Please sign up and join the Thunderclap Project

In other news

Customminer talks Gridcoin on Beyond Bitcoin

Customminer appeared on the Beyond Bitcoin Hangout on Friday to talk about the recent updates in the Gridcoin community. Mainly about the new Market Pegged Asset and the issues raised with the price jump the last week. You can listen to the part from the BeyondBitcoin #173 with customminer here
He also sent out some main questions to the community with this

Announcement from the Developer

Rob, the lead developer of Gridcoin, announced on the Gridcoin Forum that he has 'An Important Announcement' to make regarding Gridcoin and mentions it to be a Positive announcement. It will require each researcher to acknowledge at least one new feature. The message is quite short and doesn't give much of information. He mentions to give more information on Sunday afternoon (US Time).

@angsteem makes custom logo for the Gridcoin Community

Last week @officialfuzzy asked @angsteem for a custom logo for the Gridcoin Community and tipped a whole 75 SBD for the work for the community. The result is now done and can be seen on a steemit post. Please upvote to show your support for work like this!

Votes Result; Best Projects and Preferred Communication Platform

The poll regarding best project and preferred communication platform finished a while ago, but we posted some nice graphs about the results in a Steemit post for an easier view.

Chronicles from a CERN Employee

A Steemit user called @gavvet started posting a series of chronicles as a previous CERN Manager. Pretty interesting reading if you are a CERN fan. Read is first entry here

Heat up your house with Computational Science

@vortac posted a great article about his usage of BOINC work being a great heat source during the winter time. During computing science on the machines and receiving Gridcoins in return, it also results in less cost in heating the house with other sources. Great read for everyone.

SSL Updates

Two projects has updated their servers to implement SSL. ClimatePredictionNetwork (CPDN) and [email protected] has now heard our shout out regarding security.

Gridcoin related BOINC Projects News

Highlights news from and related to all the BOINC Projects on the Gridcoin Whitelist. Most of the news are from the projects news sections. If you wish a project to be present in this section, please inform the project admins to write more news ;)

[email protected] continue to improve multicore application

A while back [email protected] released a Multicore application for better performance and they continue to improve their application

Libra Equinox Challenge - 20-27 September 2016

PrimeGrid has announced their challeng Libra Equinox Challenge held from 20th to 27th of September.

Rosetta Upgrades Servers

The [email protected] project has had issues the last few weeks, caused by getting a lot more hosts traffic. Sometimes more can be difficult to keep up with. They have no had help with their IT Department and installed a bigger backend for the project and this would hopefully make things more smooth running.

Planned maintenance for [email protected]

There has been a notice for planned maintenance for the [email protected] servers to rectify latest issues with tasks submissions. The maintenance is planned for about 6 hours and will be announced on their page before it happens.

Project Updates from [email protected]

[email protected] continues to make progress in their field and released some updates on completed projects. They announce that 2,1954M, 2,1982M, 2,1009+, 2,1019+, XYYXF 139,122, and XYYXF 147,136 are factored.

Gridcoin Community Hangout

Every Saturday at 10PM CET there is a live Mumble session that anyone can participate in. Anyone are free to speak up, or you can just connect and listen in live. Listen to the Gridcoin Hangout on SoundCloud (takes a few days after live session before it's posted)

Here are some of the topics in this weeks hangout

  • The current status of the MPA and BitShares and the issues raised during the last weeks.
  • The splash screen contest submission is over and will go out for a 2 weeks vote
  • Talk about BOINC and some updates raised on their Git Project.
  • Updates to 'Project Rain' by @cm-steem
  • Some discussion about Robs (the lead dev. of the Gridcoin Wallet) post on the forum.
  • Security and SSL updates

Wallet Updates

No Updates to the Wallet this Week

Current Votes

No Active Votes Currently

Gridcoin Decentralized Voting System Documentation

This Weeks Gridcoin Infograph


Interested to join?

If you are not currently using Gridcoin but would like to, here are a few places to get help on how to start:

Gridcoin Webpage

Gridcoin Forum

Gridcoin on Steemit

IRC: gridcoin and gridcoin-help

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I love these weekly reports, thanks @sc-steemit! :)

Thank you very much for your hard work, these weekly reports are really very informative. I follow cryptocointalk regularly, but in your reports I still find some things I missed.

You are very much welcome, and I thank you for reading my posts. There is so much that happen in the Gridcoin world I sometimes find myself sorting out smaller things to not get to long posts :)

I've seen gridcoin on a couple of the markets I trade on but never gave it a second look or thought. I'm glad to have stumbled across this post and will dig in a little deeper for info when I have time during the week.

It's nice to see you got interested in Gridcoin again thanks to this. We are always here for all your questions, best sources are the forum or IRC channel.

Oh crap, I'm sorry If I had already expressed interest and didn't follow thru, I know it was my first time going to the gridcoin website last night before signing off for the evening. My sha mining has been shut down for a year now and I'm only running a couple graphics cards on ETC currently. Maybe I can put a cpu on it that handles my staking wallets. Any suggestions of the best way to mine it for me?