help team Gridcoin in the January 2017 challenges

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All you have to do to participate is: crunch the WUs (working units) in each time period

If you are from another team: make sure your team founder(s) add your team to the challenge on boincstats also. The more, the merrier.

These are special challenges (initiated by team Gridcoin itself):

Our team Gridcoin will also participate in following challenges:


See also:

(A) "Since this Crunchathalon overlaps the official challenge, I'd like to request that those participating in the Crunchathalon please participate in both challenges simultaneously by selecting the GCW-Sieve tasks for their CPUs."

(B) These are challenges initiated by team Gridcoin.

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Count me in. I already have my Android telephone doing BOINC calculations for Asteroids. The desktop will have to get reassigned from Seti and NFS for a couple of weeks.

ColdMonkey mines Gridcoins through BOINC computations for science…

I have also promoted this posting, so perhaps we will catch a wider audience.


Nice one dude, keep up the crunching! :)

We got 3rd (from 14 teams) in the MOO WRAPPER challenge!

262 users participated over 7 days (2016 Dec 27 - 2017 Jan 3):

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

We got 4th (from 20 teams) in the "Enigma - A New Year Challenge"

684 users participated over 5 days (Jan 2-7)


Quite cool how the other volunteer teams can whoop our butts still, haha. Good on them!


yeah, we lost the 3rd place basically in the last few hours to team "OcUK - Overclockers UK"

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now participating in 4 challenges at the same time: ATLAS, GPUGRID, NUMBERFIELDS and SETI

GO team Gridcoin!