GridcoinStats Faucet; Backed with rewards from a stable community

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A little over a week ago, on my previous post, I was asked about the possibility of a Gridcoin faucet. The idea has been on my mind ever since I started making the page. Until now I hadn't have had a reason to make one. I started looking at a good system that's fair for all and I ended up with something that was released on Jan 1st. A great way to start a new year if I'd say so :)

Base Rewards

The page has two funds, one that GridcoinStats will keep filled up, or anyone else for that matter, with a reward schedule that I have set to 0.1-1 GRC per claim. This is something that can be changed at any time to be more or less depending on availability and funds.

This will help new users gain some funds to start up as they wait for the actual Research rewards to start. As one of the requirements to get started with Gridcoin is to have a few coins to stake with, this will help new members get started.

Sponsored Rewards; Researchers bounty!

This is where this faucet becomes something much more than a normal faucet. Backed by funds from the community the faucet offers an extra service; a Researchers Bounty.. The idea is that anyone that has an active CPID on the network can get some extra coins on each claim. We propose this to be a reward from 1-3 GRC, and on top of that offering a single extra reward of 20 GRC on the first claim. This will be a great way for the Gridcoin community to show gratitude to new users and help them up and running.

The coding for this function is already in effect and is all waiting for some funds to kick it starting. There will most likely be a vote on creating a funding expense to back up the sponsored fund for the faucet.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

GridcoinStats Faucet
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Where was this coin when I was running [email protected] all the time on all workstations a s a wallpaper? :)

Anyways, a great initiative.

Two quick newbie questions:

  1. how do you get a GRC address?
  2. What project should one join as a first one?


  1. You go to and download the wallet and read the steps to get started on linking BOINC with the wallet for rewards on BOINC work.
  2. Selecting a project can be a bit tricky. You have to ask yourself why you would chose a project. Do you wish to try to make as many coins as possible, or to join a project with a great cause that you wish to support just because it's that. (Like World Community Grid, [email protected] and other humanitary projects). There are also projects that finds prime numbers and other mathematical problems and then offcourse you have [email protected] that I think everyone knows about :)

A score for one project doesn't mean you would get the same on another project. It all depends on your hardware and how many that are on the Gridcoin team, as you share the projects reward per project and not in total.

Join the cryptocointalk forum and/or the IRC channel and they can probably give you answers to most of the question you can have.

I wish you best of luck.

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  1. You can get a Gridcoin address if you install Gridcoin Wallet. You also have a Gridcoin address if you have an account on Poloniex, Bittrex or C-CEX.

  2. Quick answer: you can rejoin [email protected], they are still in business.
    Long answer: Gridcoin is mined through 28 different BOINC projects, performing various scientific computations (math, astrophysics, medicine etc), greatly varying in scope, preferred hardware (CPU, GPU, AMD, Intel, Nvidia) and type of calculations (integer, FP32, FP64). You should provide us with some details about your hardware and/or possible scientific preferences and we will gladly give you some further recommendations.


Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

Hey, I found my [email protected] profile page:

Too bad that the email address I used to join doesn't exist any more. And I doubt that I have Boinc data backed up.

After two minutes... I've tried one of my old addresses and paswords and - to my astonishement - I got it right in the first try :)

OK, we are rolling again.


Now get this: @ervin-lemark is a [email protected] member since 8 July 1999. Welcome to Gridcoin!


Thank you!
I might have some questions tomorrow though :)

Good night.


I only hope you'll be as good a Gridcoin member as you've been a SETI member. Welcome to the team. Take a look around and get to know the place before making any crazy comments.

We've had some long-standing BOINC members that don't quite understand how Gridcoin works stirring up needless drama, or attaching themselves to thieving idealogies without realizing it.

Sounds like a great idea. I spent some time on your web yesterday and will be happy to vote in favour of the funding.


ColdMonkey mines Gridcoins through BOINC computations for science…

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So, to cheat the (active) CPID reward one just has to create x BOINC accounts and prepare for those x the same (or more) Gridcoin wallets ?

(e.g. by just changing the email in the conf with a newly created wallet.dat; which could be bash-scripted to copied/made in there at each start)

And for being active: I could just use the same ONE (or say a few more, if we've a rich cheater) device to make those x BOINC accounts appear as active, after another.
(Let's say we wait also the time for the cpids getting into the superblock, being member of team Gridcoin, ...)

Plans to prevent such things are in place ?
Or perhaps some more criteria to be added to the reward checking ?


I'm taking cheating seriously and suggestions on fail safe measures are always welcome.

But this angle that you describe, I think, is not working. You gain a CPID from Boinc, not te Gridcoin wallet, once you start up. As only active CPIDs with a RAC score above 0 and has staked one block in the past 6 months are eligible for an extra reward, the way you describe wouldn't work. You would have to crunch with different BOINC clients, or rotate the CPID on them as well. And a RAC score diminish if you don't crunch.

Thr lower the score, the less likely to stake a block as well. One counter measure if anything, would be to increase the amounts of blocks you would have to do or make a smaller reward and do it up to a sum of new blocks for the user. Something like 5 GRC per first 2 blocks and additional 10 GRC for the third.

This doesn't mean I dont think someone would try to fool my system, but I do all the means I can to prevent it without harming normal users.


yes, I am aware that CPID is from boinc

and I am pretty sure what I outlined above will work, one doesn't even need much coding skills

we can talk more in mumble about a solution


I'm all up for a system that works and can't be fooled and if you think they can, we need to look at it and how to prevent it. I'll try to attend this mumble session that are up for Saturday. Thanks for your help and commitment @erkan.

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Generally, with enough effort, it's possible to cheat anything and every input to prevent that is of course very valuable, so thanks @erkan for bringing this up.

However, let's set aside the technical aspect for a moment and look at this solely through cost-benefit. We can spend some GRC on this from the Foundation to attract newbies, provide them with a quick 'first payment' and create some positive promotion for Gridcoin in the end ('the most advanced faucet' etc). That objective is worthy and benefitial even if we are cheated of some GRC in the process, simply because in this case pros outweigh the cons (at least in my opinion).

Consider an analogous example - our advertising with Google AdWords. We spend 5 USD every day on AdWords and it's certainly possible that individuals who don't like Gridcoin click our ads simply to incur us more costs, since we have to pay for every single click. In other words, such individuals are cheating on us (in a way). Of course, Google has mechanisms to prevent such cheating on a massive scale, but it's certainly impossible to stop every malicious individual. Coincidentally, every such malicious click is costing us about 14 cents on average, which is roughly equal to 20 GRC (i.e. same as the 'researcher's bounty' offered through this faucet). Shall we completely stop with advertising because of this? No, because pros of advertising outweigh the cons. No risk, no gain.


Going to have a chat with Erkan about some possible counter messures. Already put some more in place that would prevent anyone to empty the faucet in a hurry.

Very nice faucet! Great to see another one and I will add this one shortly to my Gridcoin Faucets & Tools app. For those of you who doesn't have the app, you can get it at the Play Store over here:

Another GRC faucet

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This is certainly one of the most advanced faucets in the crypto-world today. I would support spending 100k GRC from the Gridcoin Foundation, to fill up the sponsored fund. One of the most common questions from newbies is "I set everything up, where is my first payment" and probably many quit because Gridcoin can be slow with that. Thanks to @sc-steemit, we have a decent solution for that issue now.

I'm seeing a lot of ideas being thrown around lately about a faucet being funded by a foundation expense. I think this is a pretty terrible idea, no matter who is pitching it... there seems to be a lot of "accounts" supporting this idea, but not much actual community support. I want to bring this problem to light, as it seems to be a thing now... someone suggests an unpopular idea, so they make several accounts supporting their opinions.

Thank you for providing a new faucet. HARD no on funding it with the foundation. This idea was brought up by barton26 previously, and it's still a bad idea. :D

He also suggested funding the IRPG with foundation funds. I think anybody that wants a piece of the foundation in recent history needs to be put on a short list for scrutiny. I'm not sure what the end game is, but it's clear there is an attempt to suck money directly from the foundation.


I'm the creator and I created the faucet based on a few requests, but I've had the idea in mind for longer than that. As I did make it I also created the possibility for a sponsored section, pitched to me by @vortac.

I do know there will be no funds before the community sais so, and that is all okay for me. I'm providing a service if the community wishes to use it. It would be an easy way to provide new users a bounty for starting up.

I have not created any fake accounts to pitch this idea, but still think it is a good way to distribute rewards. I can't tell for anyone else tough, and that's why I think a voting is a good idea before we decide anything. This is the reason I recommended this for the next mumble session.

The faucet will continue as it is with the standard rewards however the community decides tough.

Interesting, What is CPID?


Cross project identification. Basically, a string of alphanumerics identifying you on the BOINC network. For example, mine is 8ed4ce08bfd7cb8a436eef5fc3be322f


Oh wow that is a little confusing. I dont even know what the BOINC network is. Reading it now, thanks!

for me the faucet is down


Sorry, the link wasn't correct. Fixed now.

I love seti and Carl Sagan folowing!!!
have you seen contact?