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God didn't forget to wake you up this morning, so please, thank Him as much as you can. You will have the peace, strength, and hope when you throw your burdens to His feet. We must start and end each day with a prayer.

Hello Steemians,

Something unexpected happened yesterday and to make the story short, we almost had a road accident. After the incident, I literally look up in the sky, still shocked but relieved, and telling myself that, "I know it was You, thank You for saving us".

Prayer is really powerful, it became my habit to talk to God everyday because I feel more relaxed and safe. I can't imagine my life without Him.

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God's love is the best thing that we can ever have. We are all special to Him, that's why His blessings are overflowing, we just have to realize it!

@oredebby's EXCESS LOVE

Hello beautiful people. Hope your day has been awesome. Its almost midnight but this song has refused to leave my mouth and head. The love God is showing me is much... Too much for that matter and I'm grateful for his excess love. I'll like you to sing along with me.

The strongest people are not those who never get defeated. True strength is having the courage to show his weak side and accept that he is also a human, fragile like anybody else.

@mysevenworlds' This Is How Your Weakness Makes You Strong

I have participated in a rather interesting conversation. My point was that the really strong person is not afraid to show her weaknesses and weak moments. Among other things, because if you do not show, then there may be no help, support, more love.

Every parent would want to see their kids turned out to be genuinely good people in the society. You are their trophy; make them happy and proud all the time!


Hello dear steemians! I just want to share how really proud I am to my son yesterday. When we went to grocery yesterday, as I was busy picking pieces of raw chicken,I told my son to watch over her sister. Then suddenly I saw him run and pick up something from the floor.

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Wonderful grateful posts!!
Congratulations to the featured authors!!
Once again it's an amazing post Pam!!


Thank you Papi!!
It was all because you are always there to help me!!
You are there for all of us!!

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Thank you very much @gratefulvibes
God has been awesome truly.


You're welcome!
God is love!!

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Thank you so much @gratefulvibes for being featured.


You're welcome!!

Así es mi estimado, siempre hay que darle las gracias a DIOS por que gracias a él es que hoy estamos vivos. Dios lo bendiga.


Thanks so much and God bless you!!

Hello @gratefulvibes, definitely the important thing is to always seek God, the only one who can help us follow the path to deliver love and the best education to our children, it is important that the message is spread so that more people are filled with kindness and their hearts are filled with good feelings. Congratulations and blessings.


This is so true, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words with us.
May God continue to bless you!!