I'm grateful for my wife's apple pie!

When I asked the Most High for a wife, I didn't ask for her to be a good cook. He threw that in as a surprise, since He knew I would be grateful. Grateful I am!

Bless the Most High!


Oo she might have to share that recipe!

I'll let her know. I can say this... it was very tasty.

It was this recipe...only I put a Dutch crumble on top instead of the usual top crust and then I had to put the leftover caramel on top of that.

Best Apple Pie

Looks delicious

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It really was!

I know I would be grateful for a home made pie! Looks great!

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Very grateful for home made pie... today she made fudge. I better get moving before I start increasing my size!

Haha, yeah better get moving!!

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I sure love me some Apple Pie and those look delicious!

I wish I could share through the screen.

sir ironshield! Those look outrageous!

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