[New Token] 1 GORILLA = $0.01327 USDT - Is the price still susceptible to significant fluctuations?

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Instead of falling as expected, the Gorilla (GORILLA) token price surprisingly climbed after a bearish engulfing pattern emerged on November 23rd. This was shortly followed by a bearish harami pattern, seemingly reinforcing the earlier signal and suggesting a possible price drop.

Despite potential concerns, the ADX and DI indicators remain firmly optimistic about the ongoing uptrend. The persistent dominance of the +DI line over the -DI line further reinforces the probability of continued upward momentum in the short term.

Despite the recent surge in Gorilla token prices, their value is still susceptible to significant fluctuations.

Thorough analysis of technological advancements and market dynamics in the Gorilla token space is key to making wise investment decisions.

About Gorilla (GORILLA)

The Gorilla Token (GORILLA) is an Ethereum-based meme coin aiming to combine viral appeal with substantial utility to transcend traditional meme tokens.

Here's a breakdown of its key features:


  • Redefine the meme coin landscape: Combining viral appeal with real-world utility.
  • Create an investment opportunity: Providing value beyond just speculation.
  • Empower its community: Offering features that benefit token holders.

Key Features:

  • IDO Launchpad: Providing early investment opportunities in promising projects.
  • DEX Swap: Featuring advanced features like stop/loss functions for optimal trading.
  • NFT Collection: Aiming to rival industry giants like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Offering various financial services within the ecosystem.
  • Community-driven development: Incorporating user feedback into future iterations.


  • Total supply: 2,060,000,000 GORILLA
  • Circulating supply: 142,000,000 GORILLA
  • Utility: Used for IDO participation, DEX swap fees, NFT purchases, and access to DeFi services.

Current Status (as of Dec 7, 2023):

  • Rank: 3036
  • Price: $0.014223
  • Market Cap: $4,696,642
  • 24-hour trading volume: $2,416,631

Overall, Gorilla Token is a meme coin with ambitious goals and innovative features. While it's still early days for the project, its potential for growth and community engagement makes it worth watching.

Please note that investing in any cryptocurrency carries risks, and you should always do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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