@steem.amal: Charity At Your Fingertips

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10% of the rewards of this post are for @steem.amal

Source: https://steemit.com/hive-103393/@anroja/putri-aura-dan-uluran-tangan-kita

@steem.amal is an official account created by the administrator of the STEEM FOR BETTER LIFE program to collect donations that will be used for humanitarian purposes to help people who desperately need help for a better life.

Some of the programs that have been and are being worked on by the @steem.amal managers, among others:

  • Food packages for orphans
  • Water and sanitation assistance
  • Wheelchair procurement program
  • Compensation program for burned houses
  • Community economic empowerment program
  • Assistance for primary school/junior high school education improvement

You can also participate in helping orphans and poor people by setting aside some of the rewards from posting on Steemit. It's easy, you just need to set @steem.amal as the beneficiary to automatically receive a portion of the rewards of your post.

Then you have been doing charity with your fingertips.

How to set up a beneficiary for posting:

  1. Click Advanced settings under the editor.
  2. Click Add account at the bottom.
  3. Fill in the beneficiary, for example 10% @steem.amal, and click Save.

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Saya do'akan Semoga cepat sembuh .. Amin...

I so much love charity. I mean it describes my heart bit. I would begin my donations from my next publication. I will resteem this post so that I can be seeing it on a daily bases just incase I forget my vow.

God bless everyone who has set @steem.amal as their beneficiary.

Thanks.. You have a kind heart.. God bless you..

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