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The Golos team joined the team at Beyond Bitcoin on their Blockchain Explorer series for an Ask Me Anything session.

Golos is a Russian Steem-based social media platform that is under license from Steemit Inc.

Read the Golos AMA Announcement and preview post authored by @officialfuzzy

Those joining this discussion include:

@hipster, Golos developer & cyber.Fund founder and @serejandmyself, Golos community manager and

@officialfuzzy, Beyond Bitcon host & Steem Community Members

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cyber•Fund is to launch a Russian Steem-based social media platform: Golos. Under license from Steemit Inc.

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A few questions and topics touched on include:

How they got into bitcoin and blockchain technology

Why they decided to have Golos be a seperate blockchain

Issues facing the Russian and non-english speaking communities that are trying to gain a foothold on Steemit

Visions for the future of Golos and how they'll be able to add value to the godfather Steem blockchain

A Huge shoutout to @officalfuzzy for hosting the mumble hangout for this AMA session. And to @sykochica of the #steemprentice team on steemit.chat for her assistance in helping me create this post!

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your username makes me hungry always



this is pretty awesome. thank you for sharing.


Your welcome! If you need help getting started on the platform @mynomadicyear had a good post along with it's comments that listed a bunch of good resources for newcomers: https://steemit.com/steemit/@mynomadicyear/steemit-beginner-s-guide-a-collection-of-the-best-resources-to-help-you-get-started-on-steemit


Thank you, I'm honored :)

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