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Goldmoney fixed my wallet.

There comes a point when enough people tell you something that you start to believe them.

When people of all walks of life, all ages, genders, friends, siblings, parents and colleagues say the same thing, it might be time to start paying attention.

I have a huge wallet.

I can't fully explain how this happened. Random business cards, expired credit cards, an address book (why??) and some old lottery tickets add up quickly to make a true monstrosity.

I'm universally made fun of for this.

I dont mind actually. My wallet has become a conversation piece. The times I am able to retrieve it from my pocket, hilarity always ensues.

My friends even want to take selfies with my wallet.

Its a great icebreaker.

I met the crew of Fast Money, and when I pulled my wallet out to show them my Goldmoney Mastercard (if you want a free one of these, start here: ) , they saw my wallet, and went bananas!

Sometimes people even want to compare wallet sizes!

Today all of my wallet angst changes.

Someone who knows my wallet and I very well has given me a new wallet, perfectly suited for my needs.

Qoute by Brent Johnson

If you know want to know why Goldmoney will change the world :

If you are Jose Canseco and reading this I know you would love to create a personal gold standard with a Goldmoney account!

If you are Steph Curry and reading this:

For a free Goldmoney Mastercard you can load from your Goldmoney account start here:

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I cant wait to recieve my Goldmoney credit card. I got my father to add to his own account and he ordered the card as well. Im now working on one of my brothers to open an account. Get some physical gold as well, but this is an awesome option.

Yes, agree completely! Thank you for your comment!

Hey i like this

Thanks for reading :)

Thank you @nigelmarkdias !!

I was sad when I signed up, can't get a card with crypto

You can buy gold with steem though!

I can buy bitgold with all crypto

Yes, thats another advantaged. Steem though, was just added a couple weeks ago

I know that feeling... I had around 30 cards in my old wallet, in my current one I "only" have 15. I'm looking forward to the day when a cryptocurrency is the main payment option, just using your phone, a ledger or paper wallet to pay for stuff.
Then having all of your other cards like season tickets for football and hockey on the phone.

Upvoted this! :)

Thank you so much for reading :). I agree that crypto would be a great way moving forward as a universal payment system. Gold works very well also, goldmoney allows you to transact using gold. If you like football, sign up for goldmoney using my link in the article for a chance to win two ticket to the Super Bowl :)

Got any hard candy in there..? :))

I think I have everything possible in that thing :)

I hope you don't sit on that, you will have back problems. lol

Tell me about it! :)

Haha to be honest my wallet starts to look like that sometimes and people seem to think its full of money when really its mostly old receipts upvoted.

Thanks! Yes, it's mostly just junk I could throw away at this point, but then what would people have to talk about with me??

There's nothing to compare... you win! lol
Reminds me when I brought some cards to go trade with people. Most people had a binder or something. I would have a backpack, and a rolling suitcase with me.

Lol! Maybe I should be more embarrassed about my wallet. Now everyone knows!

No reason to be embarrassed. Looks like you have some goodies in there just in case whatever they may be!

Especially the ability to transact with GOLD ; )

Yes. Got a GoldMoney card too.

Fantastic!! I will be releasing an article soon about getting employers to create a business account so you can get part of your paycheck in gold :)