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Goldmoney: Deus ex machina

Why Goldmoney will change the world.

I like to keep things simple. It's the only way my reptilian brain can process complicated subjects.

Why then, on earth, am I using Latin terminology describing a plot device right out of a greek tragedy?

It actually IS simple.

Some people are passionate about sports teams or celebrities, following every trade, every move, every update with fanatical enthusiasm. My passion, through logic and reason and scientific explanation is a Company simply called: Goldmoney.

There is now a narrative we are so familiar with. A world gone mad with financial lunacy riding on the most enormous debt bubble seen in recorded history. We are so disconnected from sound money policies that it has become frightening to many who have first hand experience with currency devaluations and crushing loss of purchasing power all over the world. The problem is overwhelming and beyond our human minds capacity to even understand.

Here is something we CAN all understand.

Hand anyone on earth any paper currency unit from around the world and depending on that person's primary residence, they may or may not have any idea what it is worth. Someone on a different continent may not have any idea a $1 bill is worth any more than $50.

Hand that same person a bar of gold. They may not know the exact value, but they are almost certain to know it is worth a lot more than any standard paper currency unit.

Why do they know this?

They need no financial background or education to understand that a bar of gold has tremendous value. It's something they don't see every day, but they know universally, intrinsically, that it is special.

So why will the company I am completely obsessed with change the world?

The financial system is completely over leveraged, currencies are in a desperate race to zero, and central banks have frantically been using desperate, extraordinary measures to save the system including QE (money printing), ZIRP (zero interest policy), and the big one, NIRP (Negative interest policy).

Central banks have painted themselves into a corner, there are no good options left. We will default on this massive debt bubble one way or another. Through outright default, or inflation.

We are in big trouble folks.

Then: Deus ex machina. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deus_ex_machina

Out of nowhere comes Goldmoney. Not really out of nowhere. Out of HISTORY gold rises as the undisputed form of money, and out of an evolution of technology and innovation comes Goldmoney. With no fear of hyperbole I can say that this plot device comes just in the nick of time to save the world. The solution has arrived. I would like to be one of the voices for the solution.

What is Goldmoney? Lets keep it simple. 3 words simple.


Maintain your savings in gold. Make payments in gold. Earn in gold. Spend in gold.

This WILL protect you. I'm not talking about trading gold, or trying to profit from fluctuating gold price. I'm talking about a slow and steady, drip by drip inch by inch savings over the course of your life time.

The power is now in our hands, as individuals to change ourselves, using gold as money over time maximizing our purchasing power and preserving our savings (stored labor).

And by changing ourselves...

We can change the world.


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Would be nice to get an in depth video review on how your experience has been so far. I am looking into Goldmoney. What are some advantages vs buying physical bullion? Would be nice to hear your perspective. @goldmatters

Would be happy to tell you! Actually when you buy gold through Goldmoney it IS physical bullion. You are purchasing physical gold that is vaulted for you at one or more of several vaults around the world. The vaults are audited and insured. I would say one of the primary advantages of owning gold this way is that you can also transact with your gold. You can send gold to other users and also use gold to purchase things. In addition, you can buy gold incrementally and automatically if you set a recurring purchase plan which allows to buy gold in very small amounts on a regular schedule if you want. Does that makes sense?

Interesting. Thank you very much. Do you purchase with Crypto or Fiat money?
I understand if you purchase with Fiat you can physically go to the vaults as well as arrange to have Gold delivered to you.
Can you physically pick up the Gold from Dubai vault or send it from dubai if purchased in Crypto?

You can purchase with fiat or crypto but there are specific restrictions when using crypto and that option is only available through the Dubai vault at this time. Here are some more details regarding the Dubai vault specifically : https://support.goldmoney.com/customer/portal/articles/2329719

Yes, @goldmatters Goldmoney is changing the world with sound, honest money.

We're on the same side!
I'm a costumer also. It's an awesome idea that can grow and really change the world. Good post.

By the way, I've posted on gold recently. I'd like to know your opinion. if you have the time please check
thanks again. I'm following you now.

Commented on your article :)

I use Bitgold love it

Its amazing! And much more to come :) FYI they have rebranded and the Company is now called Goldmoney :)

Good article. You got me at "reptilian brain" Haha :)

Oh wow, this takes me way back :) thanks for reading