Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien 🇻🇳🏍

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien2.jpg

Sorry for the delay sharing my journey, I've had a bit of shite week so not had the motivation to write. Hope you enjoy Day 4 of my motorbike trip through the Mekong and Cambodia.

Ha Tien here I come!

This would be my longest day on the road. Having decided to go straight to Ha Tien, I would skip a few towns and hope to visit them in the second half of my trip after a few days in Cambodia.

The reason I wanted to get to Ha Tien so quick was just down to time. I'd planned to go to Cambodia on Saturday, so needed to make sure I made the bus on time to Koh Rong.

After the two days in Can Tho, I was refreshed and raring to GO!

Having Pho Bo (beef noodles) one of my favourite Vietnam dishes for breakfast, I knew that would keep me going and give me the energy for driving all day in the baking hot sun of the Mekong.

It wasn't long on the road when I realised, I clearly had a problem with my suspension. Every bump I felt, and with every bump I hit, my back would feel it, causing real pain! Imagine jumping/falling back onto your nice soft. Now imagine there is no springs or cushion on the sofa. Just concrete. That's how it felt!

I didn't take as many photos on the journey to Ha Tien, as I wanted to get to Ha Tien before sun down.

Here are some of the photos from the road I did take.

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien1.jpg

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien6.jpg

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien7.jpg

It was time for some coconut water, something I've gotten addicted to on this trip!

Keeping my eyes peeled, I was on the lookout for a decent roadside cafe. When you are in the Vietnamese countryside, you will find many of these roadside cafes with hammocks, great for putting your feet up and chilling for a bit.

I found this lovely little family run cafe.

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien8.jpg

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien9.jpg

I wasn't sure at first if they were open for business as the family were all sitting eating food. Today was New Years Day, and many businesses were closed, but after asking for some Coconut water in Vietnamese, I was soon relaxing in a Hammock with a cracking little view over a small river!

Hello Ha Tien!

I made it! About 7 hours on the road and I was here. Ha Tien is very different from the other towns I'd visited the last fee days.

Ha Tien is on the South coast and has mountains! There are many tourists who spend the night here before travelling to Cambodia. Ha Tien borders Cambodia. A very short drive from the centre of town and you are at the border.

I decided on staying in a decent hotel and picked the River Hotel. It was the biggest most modern looking hotel with great views over the port and mountains. The cost was 1m VND($45) including breakfast, which was good value I thought!

Dumping my bag in the room, I quickly stripped off and had a shower. I wanted to get out and catch the sunset and hopefully fly my drone.

Here are some of my photos of Ha Tien, just catching the sunset.

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien5.jpg

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien3.jpg

Mekong Day 4 Can Tho - Ha Tien4.jpg

That about concludes day 4! Look out for day 5 when I bus it to Cambodia! One of my top 5 mental trips!

Until the next time, enjoy the journey!

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still following ur trip bro! wish you have nice safe trip! anyway, nice pics and excellent words :)


Thanks, I appreciate it. Glad you are enjoying the journey :)

Nice pics!


Thanks :)

wow!! great travel content.. I am going to nominate your blog to @romanaround a steem travel fanbase and curator specifically for travel poster on steem.
Romanarounds travel Curation Project
I upped, re steemed and followed for more


Thanks for that! followed you back too!

Glad you made it!
I do not envy your bus ride to cambodia.
Once there, be careful of the magic pizza.


The trip is finished mate, just catching up with the writing. Yeah, the bus wasn't the best, I'll write about that tomorrow.
Haha the famous magic pizza, never tried it! Any good?


Talk to my brother. :/


Haha, it's not my thing anyways


All I'll say about it publicly is that I'll never eat magic pizza again. But that was actually in Laos.

Excellent content - I feel like I am there - going to check out your earlier posts. Thanks.


Thanks so much for your comment! appreciate it :)

Another great post! I hate it when I feel like I have to hurry up and get to a town when riding. It always feels like I see 10 times the amount of things that I want to stop and photograph, but can't because of being in a hurry.

Were you able to get your bike sorted? My tailbone starts hurting pretty quickly on a normal bike, I don't want to imagine what it's like with busted suspension. Hopefully, it wasn't too expensive to get fixed.

I saw a lot of those hammock rest stops in the south but never used one. I stopped for drinks, but I can't seem to really relax when I'm trying to get to a destination.


I know exactly what you mean about the photos, very frustrating! Normally I just go with the flow, but with going to Cambodia it was a little different, kinda messed with the original plan.

The suspension was something fairly simple in the end. A 200kVND ($10) fix! So didn’t break the bank.

Hope you’re good mate, cheers!

I reblogged you... followed etc.

you are followed.. @derekcowan it is not much,, but every little bit helps... travel steemers should stick together. i hope people start there own travel fan bases or follow people that have travel related fan bases. I am not very well organized but hope to be in the future. am working on a system of communication hope to have that put together in the next month or so.. feel free to nominate any travel related steemian. just add @romanaround to the post telling them you have nominated them.


Thanks for the support, it’s a good thing what you’re doing for the community. Keep going mate! Travel is one of lives real pleasures!


@derekcowan great post, never been there though, and I guess I will never go there either but love to see parts of the world on photo's :)

@romanaround did you set up that curation trail yet? I would like to know more if possible..


i use they are free and have very good functions. if @streemian was active i would use them but they seem to have gone dark.

Good job Gea Selalu berkarya buat banyak orang😊 salam kenal # @ariefseregar # @derekcowan🙏

i have loved your pic and its also a nice post

Greatness indeed

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nice you achieved it,
i wish you the best my friend

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wow! perfect shot

Nice <3

Hei;). Going by bike? Any plans to take a trip to Laos? And are you planning to take the Ho Chi Mingh Road?

Woww very nice trip and very nice your photo

I absolutely love this. You are traversing a part of the world I've wanted to go to for years. Though 7 hours with dodgy suspension doesn't sound very enjoyable :O

I am mad about those hammock cafes. That is so cool.

  ·  last year (edited)

Wonderful trip,.great experience, I can show your story for my class material related to telling experience. Maybe someday you can have visiting to indonesia for many beautiful place view.

Love the road trip you have had so far, Gonna follow you

I wish I was you now. Can travel anywhere you like, no bother work or others, just enjoy life

It's nice to see Vietnam through others' eyes. Enjoy your great trip!