Mekong Day 2 Ben Tre - Can Tho 🇻🇳🏍

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Up early with heehaw sleep, I packed up and jumped on the bike in search of some breakfast.

It wasn’t long before I found some delicious Thit Banh Mi, a Vietnamese baguette filled with pork, pate and butter with a little veg and soya sauce on top. Ca Phe Sua Da is my daily wake me up. The sweetened coffee here in Vietnam is the best. Total for this was 18,000 Vietnam Dong or about $0.60




Fuelled and ready to go, I needed to wait a moment for the gas man to leave! As you will see by the photo, even gas cylinders are transported on motorbikes!

Back on the tarmac and before I knew it, I was in the countryside, with jungle, rice fields, with bridges crossing the many rivers.



This part was the most scenic and enjoyable for me. A bit bumpy in places due to the potholes, however, I think my suspension was either fucked or intentional stiff for sports purposes! Not good for the back!

People watching

I can’t help but smile when I’m alone driving through new places. Seeing all different faces going about their days.

The farmers selling their produce on the roadside, the children playing, people sitting laughing and joking sipping on their coconuts or coffee. The countless motorbikes were carrying everything and anything!




Lucky for me I'm familiar with the traffic here in Vietnam, so I rarely go off my head at getting cut off by randoms just pulling out. This is very common; it's like a tunnel mentality, look straight in front of you, never behind. Once you get used to this, driving becomes more relaxed, and you remain relatively safe.


Tra Vinh
I only stopped here to take some photos. It was one of the most beautiful towns I'd seen so far. So many tree-lined streets with lovely architecture. I wish I'd had the time to stay a little longer.

Mekong Day 2 Ben Tre - Can Tho.jpg


On leaving Tra Vinh, I noticed a pagoda Wat Som Rong Ek, and I decided to stop and have a wee look.




Back on the road and the sights continued to spike my senses, It's so frustrating when all you want to do is stop every 5 seconds to take a photo! I have to be so disciplined, I hate driving at night, due to the insects and holes in the road. So getting to the destination is a must so not so many stops!


Snack stop!

I have a sweet tooth, and one of my favourite street foods is grilled banana with rice wrapped around with coconut sauce and peanuts sprinkled over! I'm not sure of the Vietnamese name, but it's epic!



Grilled in a banana leaf, then removed and cut into chunks before the coconut is generously poured over with an equally generous amount of nuts. Cost only 5,000 VND! A tasty treat to give some energy for the final few hours to Can Tho.

I have lost count of the number of war memorials I passed, this was the first one I found with gravestones located just outside Tra On on the way to Can Tho. A stark reminder of the horrendous war with the Americans. You will see the same in Scotland, most towns have a war memorial, commemorating the fallen from the world wars.


When I see these things, It makes me want peace even more. I don't feel there is a need to fight and kill in this day and age. These places are very sobering.

Getting closer!

With only another hour or so to go. I needed a drink, with many roadside coconut hammock joints. I waited until one caught my eye!

I made the right choice! I stopped, ordered a coconut with ice and lay back in the hammock and took a well-earned break.

This was and still is my best coconut to date. It was so sweet, and with ice, it was entirely refreshing.

Can Tho Whoop Whoop Whoop

The huge suspension bridge that crosses over to Can Tho was a welcome sight after a long day driving.


First impressions arriving in Can Tho were surprising. It was relatively modern with good road infrastructure.

Pulling over, I checked out where the hotels were. See that the riverside was an excellent location, I headed there. The hotel I found was located in the heart of the Tet market, so was very busy with vendors selling flowers.


Checking in was trouble free, room was nice and clean. I did have to kill about ten mosquitos!!!

I'm starting to feel this blog is turning into a bit of a book.

Can Tho at night
After having a shower, I took to the streets to see what was going on. Can Tho was soooooo busy, walking around the Tet flower displays was a challenge as many were posing for photos wearing their Au Dai (traditional Vietnamese clothing). I gave up quickly and left for the seafront.



I ended up getting a massage and cupping. If you've not heard of cupping, the masseur put these suction cups on your back which is apparently a good way to detoxify the body. See the photo; it leaves big circular bruises.


Well, someday, lots to talk about, as I write this, I'm now in Cambodia on day 5. WIFI and having time has slowed my updates.

Until the next time, enjoy the journey!

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Hey @derekcowan! Saw your Day 1 post and just read this one. We're glad you are enjoying your trip through the Mekong Delta. It doesn't look as hectic on the roads as we guess everyone is at their respective destination for the holidays.
Sam had the cup suction treatment before (in Hanoi)...but to identify his allergies he had as a child and not as a detox massage technique. Very weird sensation. Enjoy your time in Cambodia!


It's been good thanks :) In the countryside, it is typically quieter. To identify allergies? how does that work? I was amazed at what it can help! Looking forward to catching up on your posts when I get time :)


Yes, apparently your back is a map as well as a testing background. Each cup had a different allergen in it and the area of Sam's back that would react (turn purple/black) would mean he is allergic to that. Ended up being dust mites and cat hairs.
No worries about catching up with us. Enjoy your holidays :)

I did not visit Ben Tre and Can Tho yet even though I live in HCMC, near these places.


It's a great part of Vietnam, i'd recommend you visit one day :)

I've been near here at My Tho. Beautiful photos!


That's great! did you enjoy it? Thanks, Kev I just try to capture the moments best I can :)


I love Vietnam and I always wonder when I'm going to be back. I hope at least once a year :)

Nice man! Happy adventures!
You got Cupped!!!


I did Doc 😆

@derekcowan. Good you enjoying your day at Cambodia.Since you talk about slow down in WIFI,is that the internet connection is not that good over there.Well,enjoy your time there.


Yeah, ​that's right, the internet connection is slow and WIFI is limited. Normally I buy a 3G Sim Card, but decided not to this time as it was only a few days.

Hi my friend, I am from Viet Nam too. I really like your post and upvote. I am a new member and pls follow me and upvote if you like

I have been there before, Such a beautiful place, hope i will have a chance to comeback there . ^^

Enjoying your trip! Upvoting them all.