Characteristics of cognitive processes sensation, perception / part 4/

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Characteristics of perception: one can learn through perception the properties of objects for which a specific analyst is lacking in the body; connection of perception with the second signaling system; connection of perception with the experience of the personality. The main properties of perception - these are: - Permanence of perception - is the relative independence of the image from the conditions of perception, manifested in its invariability - shape, color, dimensions of the object are perceived as permanent regardless of the signals coming into the sense organs these objects are constantly changing; - subject of perception - is manifested in the fact that the object is perceived by us as a separate physical space in time and space; - integrity of perception - it expresses the internal organic interconnection of the parts of the whole in the image; - a generalization of perception - is referring each image to a class of objects having a common name.

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This not only determines the influence of the language, but the experience of the person; - activity of perception - in the perception of an object or phenomenon at any moment something stands out in the foreground, and another part remains in the background. Two unequal parts are formed - one object and the other background; - Volume of perception - is the amount of objects that one can simultaneously perceive per unit of space; - sense of perception - perception is not limited to one sensible basis. The perception of the personality is objective and meaningful. Reflection means that perception includes thinking, awareness of the meaning. Thinking always lies in the transition from the single, the peculiar to the common. Aperception - the dependence of the image on the past sensory experience, the mental and physical state of the individual, the attitude of the personality towards the object and the emotions and emotions the object generates. Illusion - distortion of perception (especially visual and auditory) due to many factors of subjective and objective nature. Factors for the normal, correct, adequate functioning of the perception: the active movement of the human / animal; active presence of gravity; touching; the presence of at least minimal information from the environment - in the absence of sufficient information in the brain - sensory / perceptive deprivation / sensory hunger / as a consequence of disruption of perception (especially the visual) of its adequacy.

Types of perceptions: The basis of the perception classification and perceptions lies with the different analysts involved in the perceptions. Based on this, they are: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, tasteful, kinetic. Another classification of perceptions based on the forms of existence of matter is as follows: - perception of space - a necessary condition for the orientation of man in the environment. This perception is a representation of objects in the existing space and involves the perception of form, size, distance of the direction in which the objects are located and the distance between them. The neural connections between the two hemispheres in the analytical work should be addressed to the specific mechanisms of human orientation in space. Perception of form of objects - to understand what is happening around us, it is little to see where the different objects are located where they move. We need to know what this object is, ie. to identify it. The perception of form, the configuration of the object is the most important aspect of identification. Perception of the size of the objects - determined by the size of their image on the retina of the eye and the distance from the eyes of man. The adaptation of the eye to see clearly is done by means of two mechanisms - accommodation and convergence. Perceiving the depth and distance of the objects - mainly thanks to bicolor vision.

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