Characteristics of cognitive processes sensation, perception / part 3/

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Thanks to the kinetic sensations, a person with closed eyes can determine the position and movement of their body. The general properties of sensations refer to: - quality - a basic property for each sensation, expressing its distinction from other types of sensations and which varies within the given sensation; - intensity - is its quantitative characteristic and is determined by the strength of the active stimulator and the functional state of the receptor; - the duration - it is its temporary feature. It is also determined by the functional status of the body concerned; - spatial localization - is to determine the location of the stimulus. Regularity - Psychophysical relationships manifest themselves with certain regularities of sensations, and these are: - sensitivity - is expressed in the strength of the signal that can cause a sensation. People differ in the degree of their sensitivity. Sensibility is characterized by the so-called absolute and differential thresholds.

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Minimum / lower / threshold - that minimal force of the stimulus that is capable of triggering sensation, it is not constant, but it changes / decreases or increases / through purposeful exercise. Maximum threshold - that maximal force of the stimulus, behind which the dissociation in the power of sensation ceases. Threshold of distinction - that minimal difference in the power of two homogeneous stimuli that can be recognized; - Adaptation - this is the change in sensibility of the sensory organs under the influence of the stimulus. Here, three varieties can be distinguished: adaptation such as termination, negative adaptation, positive adaptation. Adaptation is closely related to the phenomenon of contrast - it is expressed in the change of sensitivity under the influence of the action of a preceding or concomitant stimulus. Changing the sensitivity of the analyzer under the influence of the irritation of other sensory organs is called interaction between sensations; - sensitization - is an increase in sensitivity as a result of analyst interaction and exercise; - synesthesia - the occurrence of the irritation of a sensory analyzer characteristic of another analyst. For example, "sharp taste", "warm or shining color", etc. Sense development is the result of the long life path of the personality. It follows that sensuality is a potential property of man.

Perception or perception is a process of processing the sensory information and is in essence a representation of the phenomena and objects in the person's consciousness when they directly affect the sensory organs. perception is a more complex process than a sensation, it is a higher kind of sensory knowledge. Every perception involves many sensations, but not every set of sensations creates perception. Often, people feel the properties of different objects simultaneously. Characteristic of perception is his close connection with the verbal activity of the personality. The perceptions reflect the objects and phenomena of reality by being indicated by the corresponding words. Perceiving a person not only looks at, but also sees, not only hears but he hears, and sometimes he not only sees, but also looks or looks, not only listening but listening. The basis for building perception as a supreme psychic function and perception as a current process is the active leeway.

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This is a nice post ..
Cognition begins in the mind.
The mind rules over all cognitive processes..
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