Characteristics of cognitive processes sensation, perception

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Man is a person when he has reached a certain level of psychological development. Personality is the specific person representing a society of a given social class, social macro or micro group that lives and develops in a given social, economic, social, socio-cultural, demographic, ethnic, religious, geographic and other conditions; , it manifests itself as a conscious and active being and distinguishes itself with its individual physical and psychic features. Man is a certain animal species, but not a person, while a person is a man. Personality is a man and brings the peculiarities of that social community whose member he is. Personality is a complex product of many circumstances. The main mechanism for shaping the personality is imitation, and the lack of communication leads to degradation of the personality.

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As a result of this, man shapes his value system and its elements are: - needs - physiological, social security, social - love, communication, self-esteem and respect, self-improvement and self-realization; - Interests - this is the emotionally selective attitude of the personality towards the objects and the phenomena of reality, accompanied by the active striving to be acquainted and mastered. The principle of pleasure, which man always strives, lies at the core; - goals - the imaginary result the person wants to achieve with their actions and actions; - ideals - is an emotionally saturated image, giving an example of imitation; - beliefs - are a collection of learned and memorized knowledge of the reality the person has accepted for truth and where she believed. Beliefs are knowledge; - attitudes - is the person's mental readiness to perceive something in a certain way or to act in a certain way. They can be consciously created by the person, by other people or unconscious. Always and always approached things with a start. Depending on the attitude, our knowledge also flows. The attitude may change in the course of the activity. Attitudes are strictly personal.

The value system is strictly individual and determines the person as a whole. Cognitive psychology is a science of cognitive activity. It can also be called psychology of knowledge. The psychology of knowledge on its subject and scientific achievements occupies a central place in the structure of psychological sciences. Knowledge is expressed in all those psychic processes through which the sensory input is transformed, reduced, developed, stored, restored and used in the form of knowledge of the world and of itself by man. The psychology of human cognition is based on information about what is known, who knows, how it is known. Cognitive psychology as a science, for the most part, deals with how knowledge is represented in the human mind. The most significant problem for the representation of knowledge has put the same fundamental questions over the course of centuries over the scientists involved in solving it. A great topic dealing with scientists' thoughts over the centuries is the structure and transformation or "processing" of knowledge. Several periods of development of ideas for presenting knowledge can be separated, and they are: an ancient period; Medieval period; beginning of the 20th century.

When studying human knowledge, it is necessary to begin with the revelation of its sensory degree because it is the initial stage of processing the information. The psychic processes that express the sensory degree of knowledge are called sensation and perception. Perceptions are still referred to as perceptual processes. Feeling is a process of primary processing of information at the level of individual properties of objects and phenomena, and in particular it is a reflection in the human brain of the individual sensory qualities of the objects and phenomena of the material world, as well as the internal state of the organism arising in the immediate effect of the signals on the receptors concerned.


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