Goals, For Real This Time? 18-09-06

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Last time on "Goals" I've constructed a list of what are esentially daily tasks that leverage the motivating power of personal responsibility in public. But it strikes me that these are not so much goals themselves as more of a set of "goal-directed actions", mentioned in the DUC article summary above.

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So in the spirit of incremental iteration, let's outline the actual overarching goals I've set for mysel here:

1. Motivate Myself Towards Learning (All Kinds of Stuff)

Yes, number one isn't the usual sort, despite extrinsic motivation playing an important role in my engagement with STEEM. I've already expressed my full sentiment on the matter in my very first post but the short of it is that I'm the kind of person that has a lot of trouble with motivation, but I really REALLY want to find it. And thanks to latest research and the tech I'm using righ now I was able to finally find my true source.

2. Learning To Network With Strangers

I happen to be an Asocial (and mind, that "A-" not "Anti-") kind of person -- I have a natural aversion towards engaging with strangers. Worse yet, I even often resist interaction with my friends, when they're not on my own terms. But over time I've still come to realise the intrinsic value of social engagement, of cooperation. Thus, to motivate myself towards surpassing my own weaknesses I've engaged with STEEM.
In fact, I've already benefited greatly from engaging with some talented steradians:
From @agmoore who advised me to start bloggin to @opheliafu who encouraged me to follow my creative impulses and take a shot at the fantastic @dadanyc initiative. I won't do the full list here, but every response and upvote on STEEM powers up my motivation engine.


Financial incentive was not my primary motivation to engage with STEEM, for several reasons:

  • I already have a vocation that provides decent incentives proportional to the effort put into it.
  • I'm perhaps not geared towards producing creative content that's most attractive to steemians.
  • We're still in the middle of a crypto bear market and this may carry on for some time, if recent Bitcoin market manipulation is any indication.

That said I'm not the kind of person who turns down even a penny honestly earned and I'm willing to put stock into the possible value of my account -- for the chance to shape STEEM's future, if nothing else.

Post Script
Today was a bit of a rough day, but ever since I started on the road of "self-reenforcing motivation", positive impulses to improve, do more, come at me from every direction. (Speaking of which, tomorrow I'll have to come back to yesterday's rushed TTS bit, for it is sourly lacking.)




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