Tools, Torch, and Flame.

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Time to get familiar!

It is high time that I do a quick blog about the tools that I use to shape hot glass. When you first see a shop in action it can be confusing to separate and understand everything that is happening. Hopefully my blog posts will alleviate any confusion. Before getting started on this post please be sure you are up to speed with my glass work and my shop. There is a lot to learn, and infinite fun to be had! 

I have finally laid the framework for this blog with the completion of this post. I really wanted a place where I can show anyone my shop with ease. Job well done, time to move on to bigger and better blogging. I know many were eager to see glass get melted right from the beginning, but I did feel that it was essential for the full process to be known. Getting a shop together has been the hardest task of my life, and now that I have been able to express this, it is time to move on to the action. My new focus after this week is getting some high quality videos edited together of the manufacturing process. Get ready to melt glass!

The various graphite, brass, and other metal tools that I show here can all be found in online shops such as Mountain Glass. If you are having trouble identifying a specific tool, or finding it online, please feel free to ask. Sorry things are a little dusty, keeping a shop spotless is an uphill battle. Did not have time for a full wipe down, but of course clean any glass before working. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Torch and Flame Types:

Very important as different glass colors need different types of flames. Examples are high oxygen, neutral, propane heavy reducing, and many more! It is essential to prepare clean color with no devitrification, bubbling, scars, or any other issues that can be caused by using the wrong flame. 

Examples of Color Prepared for Work:

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Many have been asking for an online storefront that accepts BTC for glass products. Your wish is my command! I am currently working on an OpenBazaar store and it will be full of product very soon.

Please check out my new online storefront!

Be sure to download OpenBazaar and check it out, long live free trade!

Wow!!! Your workshop is filled with tool and all kinds of goodies!!! Thanks for sharing your creative space.


Thanks for the kind words! Yes, it is a little glass playground. Will have some shots of molten glass next.

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Appreciate it! Good to see other glassblowers coming to Steemit.

I love glass blowing! Always wished had an option to pursue it where I was raised


If you are ever nearby I will always offer a free lesson to anyone willing to learn. Email me cryptocameo@gmail and ill shoot over the trial info.

Is that a GTC mirage? I seriously thought this was my brothers shop. This is almost his exact setup. How long was the wait for your torch?


I have a GTT Mirage and Delta Elite ;)

Delta on the Lathe.

There was about a 4 month wait time on my Mirage and there as no wait on the Delta as it happened to be ready as I called GTT.

Thats a cool setup! Flame working with coloured glass is great to watch and photograph! Do you have a large kiln?

Damn, there is a lot that goes into creating a piece of glass. You've got quite a bit of tools there to work with. How long has it taken to get this far?


It has been about 5 years now. I have only had my shop since June 2014.

Starting off is always slow, expensive, and tests your patience. Glassblowing REALLY picks up after you have about a year of experience.

It is a lot like music, or even skating, in the sense that you have to spend a LOT of time learning basic technique.

Nice post!
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Great job