Feed the Minnows (Episode 1). 100% SBD Post Payout to all participants!

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Welcome to Feed the Minnows Episode 1!

You might have recognised it already. and participated in these kinds of giveaways already. Feed the Minnows with #MinnowsFeed is originally from @oleg326756. He is an amazing guy that really helps minnows out so you guys should check out his profile for sure.

I had something similar in mind but since the idea came from @oleg326756 I asked his permission to run this kind of giveaway as well. That's only respectful right?! :D Oleg, you're a true inspiration for helping others out and I hope I respect your giveaway with this one!

So without further ado, let's feed the minnows!!!


The Rules

In order to be an eligible participant you have to follow the rules. Every participant will be manually checked.

  • To participate you have to post a comment under this post. It can include anything you want but you have to put a hashtag in it. Use #FeedMeNow in your comment. If you don't use the hashtag, you won't be submitted as a participant.

Example: I'm a hungry minnow. #FeedMeNow!

  • We're all friends right?! So follow my blog because only followers are eligible to participate. You can follow all the rules but if you aren't a follower you can't participate. If you follow me though, you will see awesome tips to help you further here on Steemit!

  • Each episode lasts for 7 days on each Friday. FunFriday = PaydayFriday. Once the post has received it's payout all the 'winners' will be notifyed in an other post and all the post payout SBD will be divided.

  • You have to upvote the post. You can't participate and reap the rewards if you're not willing to put a simple vote in ;).

  • Resteeming this post will really help. It will boost the payout if more minnows will upvote it! The more the merrier :D This is not a requirement, but it's always nice.

So are you guys ready. Let's start!!


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Aww, shucks! :)) I am only happy to see this idea catch on and spread across Steem! Kudos to you, @rkrijgsman, for doing it! You’re the man!! (and it says so right there in your Steem handle! ;))

Good luck with your initiviate, I hope it will gain traction and continue long into the future!..

Hmm, there was something else I wanted to say… What was it?.. Ah, right:

I am still a minnow too. And I am hungry! #FeedMeNow!

Thank you for your kind words and of course I will feed you too! 😃
I hope it does gain traction and that people will benefit from it. Every bit counts ;)

Nice idea! Upvoted #FeedMeNow

Thanks for this. #MinnowsFeed I also tried running my own giveaway.

Maybe @oleg326756 and @rhrijgsman can help me reach me more minnows .

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I'm a Minnow, Help me out! #FeedMeNow

Great idea, helps everyone and should be fun. Following you.

Who am I?

I usually stay friends with those I feed and those friendships that feed me.
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

this is great what your doing, hats off to you


#FeedMeNow ...I'm hungry lol.

I'm feeling Hungry ... Great idea BTW #FeedMeNow

It's spreading! Imagine a future where everyone does this for their followers. All the value to be shared. #FeedMeNow

I just had lunch, but I'm still hungry!

Great idea! Still trying to gain traction!


Thank you!

nice post :) @rkrijgsman

You are so wonderful! Giving is so spiritually empowering for you - I think we all enjoy doing what we can. Followed resteemed and upvoted so

Ok lets see what happens!

Help me rkrijgsman! You're my Only Hope! #feedmenow

thanks for helping new steemit users #FeedMeNow

i am always hungry for sbd so #FeedMeNow

nice initiative

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Keep up the good work! #FeedMeNow


You have a wonderful heart. Hopefully I will be able to do this soon.

Time will tell! Helping others is really satisfying!

Great, keep the good work. Now just #FeedMeNow.

I'm a starving minnow. Please #FeedMeNow!
Followed, Upvoted and resteemed.
I am happy to know more people like Oleg. He is such a good pet feeder ;)
Many Thanks to both of you

Hungry Hungry Minnow #FeedMeNow

Thank you for opening my eyes. #FEEDMENOW.

I'll play! #FeedMeNow

#FeedMeNow! I'm hungry!