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Originally, I had picked 10 steemians that I wanted to bless with one of these incredibly limited pieces of steemit history. Then, I asked you all for some suggestions of who you thought should get one. Two people stood out far beyond all others.

@surpassinggoogle & @stellabelle

From the photo above, you can all probably tell that @stellabelle could use a little real BLING anyway, so why not a 1 oz STEEM Silver Round? Although, as some steemians, like @dwells, can tell you, they work for other accessories besides just chains!

Yeah, that's one on his head! in the GIF above!

I'm not sure if the Silver Round empowered him to do that or not, so make sure to use them wisely. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. True story.


I've chosen a total of five more steemians to send some of these to at the moment, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve too, so be careful and watch out. Ultimately, it looks like I'll be giving away more of them that I had originally intended.

The remaining participants in my DAILY SELFIE CHALLENGE are still battling it out for one and I actually decided to give away four in my Tenth Week of the Combination Photography Contest. I'll try to be shipping them out this week!


Yes, besides the two who the steemians overwhelmingly suggested, I have decided to bless three others for the moment. I had some ideas in mind, and your suggestions definitely helped. Here are the other three:



I've already got some shipping addresses for @rebeccaryan. @surpassinggoogle and, so as soon as I get some valid shipping addresses for @ausbitbank and @stellabelle, I can get all of these taken care of. Of course, if you want to try to meet up soon @stellabelle, I could just hand deliver yours.

Thankfully, all the ones that I have already shipped have reached their destinations without being lost or stolen, so that is very encouraging.


As if being part of this incredible and revolutionary platform wasn't enough, to have the community come together to create things like this commemorative Silver round, and then to be able to afford to secure so many just to share with others, is an amazing opportunity. Hopefully these can end up in the hands of many steemians and a lot of them can each have their own piece of steemit history!

Did YOU want one?

There will still be a few ways to potentially win one coming up, so don't worry, you haven't missed your chance. Hopefully before too long I can get some more out to others!

Be blessed and STEEM on steemians!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



steemit is the best community.

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How do you only partially upvote? What does a 15% upvote mean and how is the percentage controlled?

Once you have over 490 Steem Power (I think) you get a vote slider and can choose a percentage.

Ohh ok cool- I was always confused by that as I've never had that much power. Thanks alot

lol ohw it feels so good other people asking the same questions. :-)

Good to get those answers too!

I thought It is Maybe even Nicer, 😁 but no, the happiness is equal.

Of course I'd love one...... Such a tease to even ask XD

Bring it!! I love your contests and challenges!! Just hope I'm online at the right time....I know things fly when @papa-pepper winks his eye!

Well, If I remember correctly, I do have your address....

True true!!
Hey, checkout the steembay auctions... It seems to be a good system. I have a couple auctions up(they are just Posts, managed by a bot).... Trying to figure out what to offer... I have a bit of everything!!!!
Have a good one....enjoy your warm days. It has already gotten cold up here!

Who made those coins? they are so beautiful with so much details!

It was a group effort initiated by @sevinwilson.

Nice post
i am following & please follow me.

oh thank you @papapepper ! so happy Rebeccaryan is chosen. More people worth this, WE all are worth this, but when we have to choose, that would have been my choise to . :-) so happy like i had it myself ...

Id like to win one... but ill probly end up buying them. Missed the last contest, and i even had a great idea ;)
Maybe next time, ill keep my eyes peeled

Congrats to all who have got them so far. They hold value but also a sense of being part of something epic. Would love to take part or even just buy them lol :D

Yikes, I have a few around my house, lets hope I don't get possessed or whatever the heck happened to @dwells. Awesome to see this going out to more awesome steemians.

Receivers supposed of keep it with them or they can sell it ?? 😝😝

That is their choice.

Papa, I love how you've been bringing positivity, community engagement, and animal awesomeness to Steemit since day one.

I just bid on one of these beauties via @steembay which I think is just a straight up awesome idea. They are mighty fine collectors items. I should have picked one up from @virtualgrowth at steemfest. Oh well. Maybe I'll get lucky. :)

Yeah, too many people never even knew they were minted. I'm just trying to spread as many around as I can to bless others! Thanks @lukestokes!

WOW! Having one of those will be lifetime achievement.

Even though 1500 were minted, very few people will ever actually have their own.

rarity is priceless :)

Beautiful steem silver. I doubt it could be shipped to my end if I win. Keep up the great work. Blessings! @greatness96

Wow, how cool is that!!!!

So glad to see @ausbitbank there. Well done

@ausbitbank is a particularly good choice. Love your work, mate.

Wow this would be such a great addition to my elevator pitch about Steem. I would be honored to carry on your legacy with this coin and help bring more into this wonderful community that helps support one another. God Bless and thank you @pap-pepper !

The silver looking pretty,will love to participate...i just wrote my introductory you can check it out and upvote @papa-pepper and everyone.i love steemians😘😘😘😘

Those are indeed some spicy coins good sir. I am sure they will go to some wonderful steemians!

how can i get one papa?

Oh that GIF, I can't stop looking at it... bahahaha.

I'd love to have one. I'll try to win one of your contest.. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Keep up the good work for this community.

Beautiful art works here just got you resteemed.

The costume of @dwell is awesomely insane! It's generous of you to send those coing by the way. Good luck to everyone. Take papa-pepper!

Oh also, I was wondering will there ever be a part 2 to papa-pepper make it rain? Get the first one recorded in a studio.

I'm sure we could make that happen one day. These days I suppose raining STEEM Silver is better than raining hot peppers! We all remember what happened to those guys!

Hahahaha! I do!

I think it's pretty cool that you can give a few of these away! I can imagine how much over spot price one of these rounds is worth, considering the low number that were minted.

I love the ingenuity with the garbage bag cape. At first, it looked like authentic medieval era, but finally realized after the coin amulet's hypnosis to buy more STEEM wore off (around 20 minutes later).

LOL I think @dwells is being possessed by the silver!

Now that is just total Awesomeness @papa-pepper and what being Community is all about ! You are the best @papa-pepper and well liked on steemit for good reason !! Bravo my friend , keep up the Great work ! I know you will !!👍✌💕👍✌💕❤

@dwells is hysterical I could watch his mems all day

Yeah, he's creative and not very shy either!

Pretty cool looking coin. Wouldn't mind having one myself. Great job giving to the community

Sweet coin and sweet community project! Nice work :)

i am still looking for the most generous person after i found yhu but i have not seen. imagine yhu keep all those things yhu give away to yhurself, even the sbds yhu give out. you will be more rich i guess but yhu still decide to give out and make other people happy. i like and respect that. i wanna be like yhu some day.

plus i also think yhu should be a course in the university

You are a most generous man!! Highly appreciate all you do for this community!

Wow it's really great to see all these silver Oz in your hand , also that you want to send it us, there are real awesome.

Yehey for @surpassinggoogle! More blessings to come your way @papa-pepper! ❤

'very nice of you @papa-pepper
I am happy I had won 1 in your last combinationphotography week 10.

Good luck to you all.

I want one of these so bad.

If you hold some sort of songwriting contest, I will gladly write and record a blues jam about @papa-pepper and Steemit.

This Ancap Steemian is foaming at the mouth for one of these things!

They are beautiful... would love one.

I'd like to save everyone a lot of trouble. Just give the silver to me. Any problems would be solved that way.

So where can I buy one of these things?

Not sure if you can anymore, but @sevinwilson or @raybrockman might know.

I think they are mostly sold out.

Though, search the tag #steembay
I think there is one up for auction at the moment!

DAAAAAAYYYUUMMMM I actually really want one! free or to buy it, really nice to have around! ALOHA

OMG! WOW! I completely missed this post. My dad pointed it out to me just now.

I'm completely blown away. Thanks you so much for your generosity @papa-pepper. I'll keep an eye on the letterbox.

Did you send it already? Should I email you my address to make sure it goes to the right place? I think you have our return address from the parcel we send you and the @little-peppers.

I really can't believe it. I'm speechless :-)

These coins are SO COOL!
I just saw a post from @verbal-d about it and sending him positive thoughts for this truly awesome gift.

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