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Does anyone want this camera shipped to them for free?

YES, I AM SERIOUS! True story. I am seriously going to give this camera away to a fellow steemain. Now I just need to figure out who.

When I purchased my new camera, this CANON EOS REBEL T6, it was out of desperation. My other camera broke, and since I take my own photos for my posts, I needed to get “back up and running” quickly. Off to Best Buy I went, and soon I had a new camera.


However, it seems that I still had room for improvement. Not that @papa-pepper needs the best of the best, but rather that there is another model that better suits my needs and would work better with what I am up to.

When I was hanging out with @mericanhomestead down at @shalomacres, Zac suggested that I might have a better option. After some discussion and explanation, we arrived at a new solution for me. While I would be unable to return the camera that I purchased, I certainly could sell it, but I’d rather not.

You see, steemit has allowed us all an amazing opportunity. Now, we can actually earn something for our content, and our content includes photos. A camera like this can definitely help a steemian step up their game here on steemit, and I’ve already been impressed with what this camera is capable of.

Therefore, I wanted to gift it to one of you. I don’t care who you are, or where you live. I only want to offer it up to anyone that wants a chance to win this camera. Again, I will select one winner and ship this camera anywhere in the entire world as a blessing to the winning steemian.


Here is the prize pack and what you will get:

  • Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera
  • EF-S 18-55mm lens
  • Carrying bag
  • Battery Charger

As long as you can get an SD card for it and have a way to plug in the battery charger, this camera should work great for you.


If you know @papa-pepper, I like to keep it simple. Do you need to follow me to win? NO. Do you need to upvote my post to win? NO. Do you need to resteem my post? NO.

Here’s how to be entered to win. Just reply to this post with a comment that at least includes the word “camera.” Why “camera?” That is simple. If you reply with “nice post,” you will not be entered to win. If you reply with “this post really helps me,” then you will not be entered to win. If you want to win this “camera” then at least mention “camera” in your comment.

Anyone who replies with the word “camera” in their comment will be entered to win. The contest will run until this post pays out, and once this post pays out, I will randomly choose one winner from the valid entries. At that point I will do a winner announcement and notify you all who has won. I’ll contact the person in private and get this camera shipped out to them.


If anyone REALLY wants to win this camera, I’ll even give you one more opportunity to win. Since I would like anyone who is interested to be aware that they have this opportunity to win this camera, added publicity will help. Therefore, any steemian who makes a post specifically about why they want to win this camera will get a second entry.

Again, no one has to. If you want a chance to win, just reply with a comment containing the word “camera” and do no more. However, if you want a second chance to win and to be entered twice into the random drawing, then you have the opportunity to make a post where you share about why you want to win this camera.

If you do make a post, feel free to use any of the images from this post if you want. Just share about how I am giving away a camera and that you want to win it. Use whatever tags you want, and say whatever you want. Even if your entire post only says “I want to win the camera from @papa-pepper” you will still be entered for another entry and have your name in the hat twice. Just let me know that you made a post so I can check it. Thanks.

If you have any questions, please ask below and I'll try to answer them soon.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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I'm entering to win the camera please. If selected, please contact @barrydutton for my shipping address! God bless you both :)

Dude, that is so nice of you. You have been with me since Steemit day 1 on here I tell people, I will always be thankful for all the help you gave me early on, I remember it daily when I help new people here.


There are so many beautiful places here in my country that i would love to capture and share here on steemit but my phone camera which is very poor wouldn't let me do would be a great privilege if I get CANON EOS REBEL T6 .

If I get this camera I can do better with my #untalented-photography. Therefore, yes please "I want to win the camera"!


I do not need the camera, and do not want it, but reading through your post I was just going to come here and praise you for your generosity. But after reading the comments, I decided I would love to be entered into the contest, and if I win have you ship the camera to @yanga. So if you could basically use my entries as extra entries for him, that would be amazing!

Wow... Thanks so much... You've made my day.... God bless you

Good luck. I hope you win.

Dave I have already wrote in the replies, if I happen to win, I am doing something for yanga and will also run a contest so instead of one winner here so to speak, we can help SEVERAL.

There is room for lots of winners in this new economy we are living in.

Hey there! entered

Killer camera! I wish Good luck to my friend Barry otherwise, yes please!

Dan, thank you brother.

Ur a generous man... I want that camera badly.
I actually got through a photography school, but my limitations have been possessing a good camera, and its very costly to own one here in Nigeria.
The price of the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is like 390,000 Naira which is a whole lot of money for me.

If I win this its will encourage to improve my photography skills, though my phone camera is like 16MP, but things like depth of field I find it difficult to use my phone and do.

I really need this camera Thank you @papa-pepper for the generous opportunity.

I'm rooting for you too!

Thanks... I'm so happy

Give this man the camera, or give it to me and I will ship him the camera. Very generous of you mister pepper :D

@yanga -- if I happen to win this, I am going to do something help you. I decided that yesterday. To me, that is a big part of what crypto / Steemit is about. And you have my word on that.

Is it possible to give my entry to this guy?? Camera?? Does it work like this haha

What a nice thing to do. Hope it helps him win.

I hope you win, and you are entered.

Thanks for the opportunity... I will win

Awesome as always @papa-pepper, this is a fantastic giveaway. And hope it is possible to gift entries... Camera for @yanga :)

You can do with it as you see fit if you win. Entered.

I would really like it if you won this camera. If i win this camera please sent it to @yanga, If it is allowed by @papa-pepper.

I want this camera to flood my life with beautiful photos and a camera is a best companion in an adventurous life.

So I need this camera and I will gift you beautiful shots for the rest of life.


So far I have spent more than 6 months here in steemit and I can really understand the necessity of a camera in steem life and in steemit it can ad much more value and the posts related to photography can really open up a new dimension.

Thank you @papa-pepper for the giveway of camera

Steem on...and stay blissful...

There aren't many things that can affect someone for life, and have the power to change lives. But I can think of two things of the top of my head that have this power, movies and photos. A great movie or photo can really be life changing, and instead of just consuming, I want to be a creator that has the power to change lives myself. With this camera I would love to try and start doing this!

@papa-pepper I want this camera so badly. In this moment I am saving some money to buy a camera as mainly I make all my photos with my mobile. I am sure that when you send me the camera you will see the improvement in my photos for sure. I need this camera:)
PS: I live in Bulgaria and the delivery of the camera should not be a problem:D

EEEEKKKKKK!!!! Camera, camera, camera, camera, camera! lol I have been saving up for a DSLR for soooo long now to help me improve my steemit photography, this would be the best gift ever if I won! :D I am going to write a post about this giveaway too, just so I get an extra chance at winning! did I mention I love you @Papa-pepper? lol xD
ps. CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

update: here is my extra post! :D

this girl here deserves to win the camera !
always showing awesome photography posts, supporting photography, and she needs one to take her game to a whole new level.
Good luck my friend @beautifulbullies

Awwww thank you so much @mcfarhat, you are awesome :)

You got a 17.85% upvote from @yourwhale courtesy of @re-engineer!

OH wow! Thank you so much @re-engineer! you are too kind :)

A little something to add to your saving just in case. You have great pictures and I know how much you adore working with photography!

If I were a poor Steemian, I would love to be gifted this "appareil photo". But I will not compete as I already have several of those and I don't need another one.

Good choice! Thanks @vcelier!

I am really hoping I am able to win this and then work with Papa on this camera post, to pay it fwd as per my comments here at the top of the replies/comments section.

Then several people can win and not just me if I win the camera!

What a nice thing to do very Generous, I have the same camera so no need for another one , cheers mike ps if you find the time you might like my latest camera I posted about a few days ago. Thanks

Okay, so although you replied with "camera" you do not want to be entered?

No mate I already have the same camera, thanks mike

Love the generosity i see here on steemit. How awesome of you to be giving away your camera, I made a post on how I even found out about it here

It would be nice to have a Camera other then my phone.

I have never had camera like this...


Hey great camera. My sister is a photographer and she doesnt have her own professional camera. I been wanting to buy her one but never got to it, would be nice to win this camera for her.

On many occasion I was short of my budget to buy a DSLR camera and I am very keen to have this camera with me, as on regular basis I used to take the shots of nature and flowers mostly.

So it would really be a great addition to my life, if I get this camera and I hope by my sheer luck, I get this camera with me.

Thank you @papa-pepper & Have a great day.


I will resteem this so more people can join. I just bought one so I don't really need it.

Wow man, what I would do with that CAMERA!! I've been working two jobs and two online jobs, including Etsy and Steem, even though this is much more fun than a job. I could use this camera for my etsy listings taking pictures of my items, and I could so use it to do amazing photography posts on here! I'm super super busy in life's right now, and the camera would make me smile ear to ear ❤️📸

very interesting post...@papa-peppee

I had to up vote cause I laughed. Pepee😂

🤣 this post really helped me Pepeeeeee

I laughed so hard I almost peepee'd

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

I can't condone rape, yet in the same breath I say you said you gave me a vote that never happened. You ask for a follow, but I'm pretty certain I'm already following a couple of your parent accounts. I've seen some of your more egregious posts and frown to think you can get to 62 rep in weeks whereas someone who pours their soul into creating original art here struggles for every inch. Such is the nature of the beast I guess, the dictation of social mores by those with the oldest money.

well said @bleedpoet.

I did enter this camera post too and came up with an idea if I win, to help several people with a new GAW post. My replies are at the top of the comments here if you get a minute.

Then several people win, not just one!

Hey @papa-pepper, what a great giveaway. I have been looking at getting a new camera, and Canon is one that I have been looking at. I have been using my phone, with a busted screen, for some time. So here is my first entry, and below is my second.

i need this camera mate , it will help me a lot to get some nice picture from here in morocco,,ur welcome any time u want visit my friend

You are entered.

I don't actually need a new cam (see what I did there?) but I will resteem cause this is awesome of you. <3

I don't need this camera, i'm a cellphone man. But i know some people in my circle, who would make good use of a camera. Camera. Boobs. Camera.

I would love to have that camera. My current camera is close to kicking the bucket and I would love to get an upgrade. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

That is very kind of you.
Of course I'd love to have this camera. I believe the T6 is a good model I would use it very often.
Thanks for giving everyone the chance.
Still upvoted and resteemed. Let's hive everybody the chance of winning!
Cheers and kind regards from a fellow camera enthusiast.

Hello @papa-pepper :)

It would be really nice to win this camera and are you know why? Since years I want to buy a camera. But always I think that cameras are so expensive and every time I'm searching a camera, I searching one in the premium segment and get frustrated. But if I get one camera free it would be awesome. Maybe you are asking you why it would be awesome? It's easy. It's not important how much a camera cost. More important then the price of a camera is what story is telling the pictures of the camera. So if I win this camera I want to tell more stories here on Steemit. So I wish everybody best wishes and good luck to win this camera.

Wow... I love cameras! I have always needed a better camera for my work as a site engineer, i have spent alot buying cameras that doesnt last and have weak batteries.
I have two bad cameras with four bad batteries.i have always admired and wished i could afford a canon camera because of its quality and batter durability.
my bad cameras and bad batteries.
This is an opportunity for me to get my desired camera and also gift from @papa-pepper since i missed out on the steemit t-shirts @haphazard-hstead

Awesome @papa-pepper I could really use the camera on our upcoming indefinite road trip! Taking pro-quality photos with a real camera!? What a dream...

Honestly... this January ive been trying to earn and collect more SBD to buy camera or camcord and laptop to enhance my blogs and i want to do vlogs and to do some photo shots... i want to learn all those things... especially taking photo !!! and Editing. .... its amazing taking photos... in an amazing view

but i think its gonna take time for me to do it... so i need to keep Steeming ... aand wait for the Sbd will price ☝ up...

That camera's calling my name:
"Step up your photography game!"
The one on my phone
Just won't throw me a bone;
They're not all created the same.

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

You're entered man!

Who doesn't love free things? haha camera camera camera! If I win this, I'm gonna give the camera to my brother cause I already have one.

Oh snap! Is this for real? I would really like to win this camera and be able to flash people the proper way :)

My first entry!

Also, yes this is for real, and nice joke too (be able to flash people the proper way)!

I do not want to win this camera. I want @essentialoilmom to win this camera. If I should win this camera I shall give it to her. It shall be her camera and she shall be it's photographer.

Greater love have no husband than to win a camera for his wife.

Did I say camera enough?

Camera, you're entered.

Omg! I really need a camera to take a lot of photos of the beautiful view here and my beautiful daughter for a steemit post. But since i know that there are a lot of people who joined for sure, all i can just say is this is so generous of you! Godbless you. :)

Wow! This is so amazing. My camera busted a couple years ago. The lens cracked inside. :( It would be nice to use something other then my phone. :) Thanks @papa-pepper, for being so giving. What a great contest!

You're entered.

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I have that camera.

Woooww, I'm looking forward to a CAMERA From you @papa-pepper. It's been a long time since I wanted a DSLR camera, but I have not been able to afford it.

You're entered.

I am an amateur photographer who loves to play with the camera. I look for opportunities to expand my skills. This camera would definitely take me to the next level.

@papa-pepper loves his camera a lot. He is sooo much attached to it in this way.


I know it will be hard for him to give us his lovely camera. I will be lucky to have that camera that has captured wonderful pictures.

I am sure all are trying hard to win your camera. But since there is only 1 camera that you are giving, Please give it to me, I will take care of it like a little "baby-pepper"😁

I sure would love a new Canon camera! I made a post/video on DTube about this, thanks for providing this amazing opportunity!

Just got the information late but i hope my entry isnt late?

Just type camera as your comment

How generous, @papa-pepper! How would winning the Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera would change my life? I currently have two broken older cameras that I have had since the beginning of time. I think they even survived the dinosaur age! They still use film!

It would really be helpful to be able to take photos with @papa-pepper's camera because it would have the good karma already installed. I would be able to take some magnificent photos for my posts and not have to rely on Pixabay's free images any more.


Hi @papa-pepper! How are you po? Hope you're doing fine (Hello to your lil one) My Birthday is in two weeks, i wish arkansas is just walking distance so you can go and join my party. Papapepper? can i win your camera? It'll be so awesome if we can use that for my birthday party. ☺ my mama will take a pictures of me on my upcoming birthday, i want her to capture every single moment and share those awesome photographs to everyone

**can i have your CAMERA as a gift? **.

-Baby Reenie☺

I've always been fascinated about photography. I borrow my brother's camera at times cause my phone's camera is not very clear.

I would love to win this camera @papa-pepper. I know this will give me more chance to enhance and continue my passion.

Congratulations in advance to the soon-to-be winner. And God bless your good heart @papa-pepper. :)

I'll keep it simple and straight to the point, I want that camera! I need that camera! Here are my reasons to want it.

  • I want it but I dont have the means to pay for it. A DSLR is expensive because it takes good quality photos.
  • I need it for my small printing business, I am a person with disability who barely survives with the earnings from my small investment in printing, owning that camera would help me to upgrade it and have a larger customer base because I could take and print studio photos of my customers.
  • Even if I could save up in the future to buy one, it would be hard for me to buy it as I live in a rural town. Transportation for the disabled in the Philippines sucks bigtime.
  • My aspiration of being a photographer and videographer. I had always wanted to take good photos and make good videos. Being a videomaker has always been one of my dreams but I still haven't achieved it.
  • To make better contents on my steemit page. It is always hard for me make a post here because I always have a hard time typing because of my physical condition called club feet and hands. You can google it or read my introduction post to learn more about it. If I could have it, I could just film a video of myself and easily post it.
  • Steemit is another source of income for me, and being able to properly express myself through video vlogs here will definitely help me on growing my steemit readers.
  • I really like to travel and go places, but I could rarely do it because of how hard it is for me to travel. But when I do, I always take photos even just from my cellphone. I believe that taking photos is the best way to keep the momories from your journeys in life. So if you can experience just a few, you should definitely make it last forever.


@papa-pepper here is my post !!! I am desperate! hahaha

Wow that is cool man ! I need this camera so much, because nobody will see my pictures I shoot with my old one here on steemit. Please give me the camera I need it 😁

This is awesome to give away a camera. Thank you for having this contest.

For the 2nd chance giveaway: I would like to win this camera so that I could accomplish 2 things.

First, I found this because @beeyou made a post about your contest (click here), and she is a newbie that is learning how to engage and connect people here in steemit by sharing information.

I want to win it so that you can send the camera to her (instead of me) to show her how her one little post with her so few followers, could spread just because she is doing the right thing by encouraging others to engage in steemit.

The second reason I would like me to win it (and her to receive it)) is that she will give the camera to someone that could use it more. Her words from her post:

"I entered the lottery because I know someone who could use the camera. "

She, like you, show great natural passion for others and are very unselfish in such simple ways. If I could win the camera, then she will be rewarded in a way that is unexpected to her, and that is how people remember best. It is a powerful way to send a message, so I hope I win the camera!

Thank you very much for hosting such a nice game. I can see how you attained the level of 77 in reputation. Have a wonderful day!

Moments like this is when I wish to be a whale and can give a big upvote instead of my measly 1 cent.

This is unbelievably sweet of you @ilovepoorpeople. Rarely do we meet individuals that are genuine and selfless and kind (and so much more). You have such a good heart. I’m deeply touched by your words and sentiment. You have such a bright personality, always saying kind and encouraging words to others. You are doing so much with the #newbieresteemday initiative by helping to bring exposure to others’s posts. If anyone deserves the camera, it is you.

If you win, NO, you will not give me the camera. And yes, you will take the camera if I win. That sounds better.

Thank you so much for being one of those great friends
I had hoped to meet on here.

My phone camera specs is very low making it difficult for me to add good quality pictures to my works on steemit, I would love if I have a good camera with good specs like the CANON EOS REBEL T6, it would really help me here on steemit. Thanks for the offer @papa-pepper

this is a great thing to do indeed.
I wish the one who will win the camera will deserve it, and will exploit it to take some nice photography and we could then see them all.
Keep it up,,, we need some few more people like you here.

This CAMERA should be given to "The truly deserving one". :)

You are always the best, papa. im a student from one of university in indonesia, my major is biology and im focusing on ornitology (birds). I can't say i want this camera, but more than everything, i really need this to finish my study. I used to rent a camera from friend or borrow from university to do my reasearch (with limit time, it is really short time actually). Im quite active doing a project about birds and some of them i already post in my steemit blog, but beside the binoculer a camera is a must. If i have this camera body i will do my best to purchase a little bit more for a tele lens by myself. But first i really need a camera to help me with my study. Thank you for this chance.

Is that a camera ? Can i have it

i would like to win the camera :) i made a post but in case you dont see it here is my best shot:

does this mean someone would freely get this camera?, God kindly picture me with this camera

I need this for This

Getting a good camera like that would help to boost the quality of my post in Steemit

Ouh @papa-pepper, I need this camera. I only have my phone to take pictures and it would be great if I have one. Please give me this camera!


I actually DON'T need a photo thingy, either.
Please ADD this to @yanga and consider it one of his.

  • A Happy Nikon shooter!

Wow @papa-pepper that camera is really Awesome I want a camera as well. I capture every picture with my cell phone i do not have a camera

I need this camera pleeeeaaasssseeeee give it to me

Hi @papa-pepper , iam not luck on this thing but i hope i could get it :) The "CAMERA" is a huge help on my travel adventures. For now iam using my smartphone as a device to capture the beauty of nature here in philippines. There is so much wonder here that can make a good use of your camera. Thanks for sharing this ! Peace out!

Wow what a great contest. I really would love to win that camera. I’ll also make a post 👍🏼👍🏼

from the time I have came to steemit i felt that I really need a Camera and my budget is so low so i decided to earn something first and then buy a camera it seems to me you felt that i really badly need a camera ! @papa-pepper

It's been really my dream to own a DSLR camera..I can' afford buying one but @papa-pepper gave me hope that I might own one. If I could have it, I can at last post great photos and bring back my passion in photography. Cross-fingers for this camera.

This camera is really awesome and i really wish i could win it to help my studies. Am so in love with every thing about the camera, the kits, the resolution and especially the colour. my best.

this is where self-integrity is proven, by commenting on the post papa. and all of Steemit's companions took out all of their abilities, in order to achieve an achievement. I really enjoy this game, a quality game. anyone who gets the camera means they are the best.

If I were to win this camera I would give it to my lovely bride @findingjoy so she can finally have an updated DSLR to take pictures of her kids, fluffy chickens and dogs!

Is the "camera" competition still running? I would love a chance at winning this "camera". It's a brilliant prize, a "camera" would definitely be a great benefit for my future blogging endeavours. "camera"

I am new to Steemit and i hope i will get the prize to start my journey on this community with beautiful pictures took by this camera.
Also I am going to college which is closely related with movie making and video recording stuff.
Thanks for the chance and I wish all others good luck!

Wellcome to steemit :D And good luck with this giveaway :D

I remember learning about photography back in HS and it practically changed my life. The joy of capturing every beautiful moments on camera is simply breath-taking. I had to give it up because it was a luxury that I cannot afford. I've been trying to save up money to get the Rebel T2i and the fact that I came by this post is a miracle. I just want to say good luck to everyone who are trying to win this beautiful camera.

📣 "Camera!"

On a serious note, awesome giveaway! Will surely resteem to reach even more people.
I'd love to win a descent camera myself, so I could finally pick up photography courses.
Good luck everyone 🤗

Can I suggest you give to @maverickfoo . He could donate it to one of his pupils. He is running a Steemit bootcamp for underpriveliged kids in Malaysia.
One top guy to another top guy.
Thanks to people like you for making the community what it is, best wishes.
Camera CAMERA camera cAMeRa ......its a strange word, I blame the Romans...

PS if @papa-pepper is struggling to afford to buy some razorblades, I'll happily donate some in return for you sending the camera to @maverickfoo ;-)

I have been thinking a lot about getting just such a camera ever since someone mentioned the poor quality of my cell phone camera photos, he was right, I am sure my posts would be much better with a real 35mm camera.
This illustrates the problem:

the problem being that I am too cheap to buy a real camera

I have only my phone for photography and would love to win that nice camera 📷.


I am hoping to step up my commitment to steemit contribution and shaping my life in a new direction within my new limits.
I currently use my phone for everything, this would be an amazing tool as I start my future project.

What a lovely CAMERA @papapepper

Ship that "camera" to @yanga .I dont know who is he but he really needs it.

the camera is very nice and expensive i want a camera

With this camera my steemit photographs will certainly improve.

good quality camera

my kind of man. a good father and a generous to the core. what we need in steemit. little wonder i mentioned your name in my milestone post today as a supporter. thanks

I've been thinking about buying a camera, i always loved to take pictures but it kinda went away as i got older, but coming to steemit and looking at all the amazing pictures everybody is taking got my photographic engine running again, and now i need some coal(the camera) to keep it going... i could take photos with my mobile but the camera on my mobile is poor quality compared to this one

Thanks for giving back to the community that supports you

I am not into canon. But someone will be happy. Good job

Really great effort to give back to the steemit community. I'm no photographer, I just use my phone to take pictures which is also very rare. I'm usually not good with lotteries or giveaways, but I'll try anyways. 'Camera!'

I'd like to win that camera, and I will make a post!

I'd love to own camera and getting one with this high quality and how much it costs for free will mean that miracles really do exist.
Thanks for your generosity.

I could really use this CAMERA, my Sony got damaged in a flood. Would definitely be a blessing.

My phone is great and all, but I could use a real camera to help me create and share quality content. Thanks for the opportunity!

The philosophy of a camera

Everyone must know an object that can capture various moments in this life, whether it is the best or worst moment of all time ever known as a camera, whatever form and type of camera usefulness only one, that is to capture the moments that exist around us.

The philosophy of the camera itself is that if you want good results, then it should focus. Likewise in this life, we must focus on the goals we have planned so that later the results are achieved as expected.

In the camera there is a lens, then in humans there are eyes. A Camera needs a good light to take pictures, so people have a good heart to maintain their behavior and attitude. If the image shooting is less good, then the results are not satisfactory. So also with the human heart, if his heart is dirty then his attitude and behavior is not good as well.

The camera has a special space to store various images that have been immortalized, that special space is called a memory card. In humans there is an extraordinary brain to store all the events that surround it.

The camera has a "delete" button to erase bad or desirable images. Likewise with humans, must throw away all the properties that are not good for him.

Be a better person in everything. Do things that are good and beneficial to others.


a very good camera, it took me a long time and process to have such a camera, where I have to have a lot of money to get that sophisticated camera because we are ordinary people, to have a nice photo, I use this very simple mobile phone camera , it seems to get a camera that you post is not possible, thank you for sharing a post about the camera that you publish, hopefully the lucky person can use the camera as well as his success, always friends, dream camera @papa-pepper 👍👍👍