Daily green give away #10. Big upvotes to win $0.60 !

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To help the smaller account with promoting quality content I decided to make a contest. I'm not really against the voting bots because they add to the Steemit economy. It is just that it also creates a situation were people with less money are more affected.
So I decided to daily give away votes to the best 3 links posted in this thread. My vote is roughly half a dollar and planning to increase it. So if you get chosen..
I will upvote your post and put a link in my daily post so others can upvote it too! You can also recommend someone else of course, it doesn't need to be your post!

If you like one of the posted links in the comment section than give that entry a like. This can help me a bit.

The rules :

  • Needs to do something with green, nature, homesteading, repairs of anything or how-to's
  • A picture needs a good text, not just a picture.
  • Upvote this post & follow me.
  • Needs to be English.
  • Resteeming helps to win a vote!
  • Post needs to be max 3 days old.

Yesterday's top posts :

Yesterday had some great posts! This are the top posts for today!

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Hello Green Buddy :) thank you for great initiative
All done from my side
Trip to Northern Areas - Part 3 [Explore Pakistan]

Release the Kraken! You got a 41.06% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @gogreenbuddy!

Is it essential to post here a post that is 3 days old?


less than 3 days old :D. Not the most important demand but I want to avoid very old posts!

Again, we thank you for putting this on. I'm not sure if this qualifies as green, but it could save you some greenbacks in the long run.