Steem Basic Income Giveaway :: Ghost Story Edition

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Hello, all you beautiful and amazing people. Well the last one ended last night, so let's start another. Another what? Another steem basic income giveaway, that's what.

First... the rules.

If you want to win a share of Steem Basic Income, follow these rules.

  1. Upvote this post and resteem it. This will help me sponsor more users in the future.
  2. Follow the contest theme (announced below). That's it!


I have been reading a number of Japanese ghost stories recently. Fun stuff. I may translate andpost some of them eventually. Anyway, so the theme is ghosts! My question to you is: Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not.

The comment I like best will win 1 share of steem basic income. But if there are a lot of great comments or if this post gets enough of a payout to allow me to afford it, I may sponsor others as well.

If you don't know what Steem Basic Income is, look around on their account (@steembasicincome) or read this post.

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's comments. Good luck!

Hi thereDavid LaSpina is an American photographer lost in Japan, trying to capture the beauty of this country one photo at a time. More?
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It is very hard to believe in something that you have never seen and experience but the stories that we already read does want us to avoid such kind of experiences.
I might not believe in them but I also do not want to be part of any horror trail to experience them and to check the validity of my statement.

I believe. sure ! Because it helps me explain what I have seen and encountered in my past. That is a story on a September morning. On the day my best friend died in exactly 5 months. According to folklore of my country, souls will return home to visit family for the last time before moving to the other world! and that day in the midday sun I took a nap and saw a large light from the outside of the door and onto my body. I can not move. The incident took more than 10 minutes to disappear. And weeks since that I could not sleep because every time I closed my eyes, there was someone's voice calling out my name. That has made me believe in the devil or the spiritual world

Yes, thank you for the information

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I believe in Ghosts, because there is positive as well as negative energy. This negative energy is i think a form of Ghost. In world there is every things. Moreover it depends upon your belief.

No there is no ghost in this world or anywhere.
I am Muslim,i believe in Islam.
In Quran , Allah clear it to all.

There are Human and Jinn in this universe.There is no ghost.We believe in unseen.And it is true

I do believe, but I do not call them ghosts, I call them souls, they exist for a reason, they remain in this world for a debt, or because they wanted to do something here and could not in life, they seek to do it after death.

How can I say that?

Some time ago I began to meditate, so much so that I can communicate with energies, they have answered me and I have even spoken with my past life, which says that my bad luck is due to a "karmic burden", a debt or a desire of my past life that he wanted to do and could not.

Ghosts are in our world because they do not believe they have died, they can not afford to believe that they can not do anything in this world anymore, because they do not want to leave a family member or someone they love, to leave behind their dream or goal in life or another reason, my teacher told me, they being on the other side can see everything, the future, the probabilities, but they can not do anything without a physical body, that's why they sometimes show themselves in a friendly way.

Do you believe in this possibility?

Do I believe in ghosts? Of course. Only because I have personal ghost story experience. I have worked in a restaurant for quite some time. During this time, a co-worker and friend was murdered by her husband. A few people had said they thought there was a ghost before this, but afterward, there was no denying it. Even another co-worker who has insisted "there is no such thing as ghosts" has been questioning her stance. And no, the happenings are not scary or dangerous, always friendly except for items falling on the floor, but they are definitely from another realm, and unexplainable. Do you believe in ghosts?