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I was in a relation and I'm ashamed of it. Basically it all went down the night I tucked her in bed and layed alongside her. I had work to do so i didn't sleep. I snuck out of bed and got my work done to only find out she has been in touch with her ex. Before, she asked me for some time to sort things with her ex and she later told me it was done. No more contact with him. Cool. We already had said I love you to each other by this night. I was curious by the text I saw and so opened the entire chat. They have been also calling each other, not only texting. She sent him her pics I captured and said "give me compliments".
She used to talk to him in the time I used to be out, and she used to tell me she can't talk to me at that time.

She later said it would stop and we went on with our lives together. Bad choice, I guess. The same ex later pipped up in her alt-facebook accounts and she stalked hom and I am not sure where else they spoke to each other. But that went on for quite some time.

Things weren't bright, trust cracked, insecurities heightened, but no remorse and no development. There was no sign of change. The issue isnt with the past, the issue is with the past coming and joining the present.
There were others from the past that were having a nice flirty time and she defended them by saying "it's just a friend" or "this is virtual, they aren't here physically". Always defending other guys

Then came another where she claimed not to have flirted back in traditional sense but let him have his way - virtually again - with her. She even referred to me as a long term roommate to him. Sent him messages and even let him say vulgar things...but she didn't flirt back I guess, just emojis and emojis.

She flirted, or let others flirt with her for some "likes" and hide the fact that she lives with her boyfriend. Let other guys from her past text her things, and even comment some vulgar things on their pics....but it's just my insecurity. Right? She's fine. Shes not doing anything wrong. Just me in the wrong, yes?

Also I have been ridiculed to her friends by saying that I am overly suspicious, I doubt her too much, but she never told those people about what she has done? Is that the way it should be? I have been labelled the guy who is in the wrong although I made sure she was motivated, I made sure she never had to pay a penny, I made sure she went to best restaurant and got the best facilities. I made sure she wouldn't have a work load. I made sure she did the right things to succeed. But...

Here's a list of things I have been referred to on face and behind back after being in a relation, living together, an claiming to love each other: ugly, chipku, retarded, looser, insecure, fat, lazy, donkey. Holding my hand and saying love with her ex was real.
She lets other have their way, flirt and doesn't retaliate and things go haywire and blames me. Even as far as openly doing it front of me.
Uses our intimate videos and pics asa leverage and blackmail against breaking up. Used hurting her own self as a leverage as well as suicide.

Of course there are 2 sides. My mitsakes? I have a huge number of women I slept with. None of them poured into my present relationship, unlike my partner. After she did what she did, naturally I raged and that's not acceptable according to her. I have asked her to change and she maybe thinks I should applaud her for what she does and not ask her to change..Idk

There's so much more...but I'm broken. There's so much more but I can't muster the enegry to go ahead. It's painful and shameful and just sad. Don't give me your pity
just do your best and win some steem.


Sounds like Tammy Should become your next ex girlfriend ;)

I honestly think you're wasting your time brooding over this situations.
Love relationships, whether they are short-term or long-term, are meant to help us grow, not to ruin us.
I can't judge her behavior or yours. You're adults and as such you are free to choose how to act. But, if those actions cause more pain than joy, what's the point? Some people get the best in us; others the worse.
It is up to each one of us to choose who we want to be with and what we want to become.
Relations, no matter how long or important we think they are, can end and sometimes they must. It is the healthy thing to do.
Pain, no matter how deep or piercing we think it is, will go away.
If any lesson is learned from the failed relationship, then better people will come your way (and hers). Life is about reading people and making the right choices at the right time.
It is a pity that social media is somehow the center of this problematic relationship. My guess is that millions more should be going through similar situations. Maybe it is about time people learn to handle social media in ways that they can contribute to their relationships and not to their endings.
It's not the end of the world. Just move on.
I tag @vascovieira, @snowy-june, and @nancybriti

Sounds like she knows what she is doing, how it hurts you but keeps on with her behaviour. She is being unfaithful, maybe not in the traditional sense but in the emotional sense. and sounds like there is very little trust left in the relationship.

She is also minipulating you but threatening to hurt herself if you leave. I say kick her ass to the curb. Relationships are hard as it is. And if she persist on the virtual cheating what's to stop her from doing in real life. Trust your gut. This is not healthy. If she loves you why should you beg her to leave this hurtful behavior in her past.

She is the one who has issues to deal. Looking for attention from other men to feel good about herself and feed her ego. She is obviously not mature enough to be in a serious adult relationship.

Go with your gut. Do what's best for you. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

Tagging @chekohler, @penderis and @miniming

I think looking at the flags I have nothing to say to one side of the story ;)

There are many new experiences from the sour lies of a partner. There is also a bitter sadness when a lover instead chooses someone else, aka having an affair. The sweetness of the years filled with exciting dates, and may have planned a wedding like looking for a wedding ring design. Before the end our relationship stretched because of the presence of a third person.
Honestly, after reading your post. My feelings also feel the same way.
This is a little of my story ..
At first it was like hearing lightning in broad daylight, the bad news came when I was in love. Strangely this sadness is not because he loves someone else, but more in regret. why did he go the wrong way and think that the person he just met is better than you. Ruined my feelings. That is very clear, but in that sadness I believe, if one day he will realize and regret his actions.

Every now and then I ask myself.
If he's the best, why does he torture me by making this heart feel tortured?
And in the end I realized, that maintaining a relationship that is full of lies, is actually closing myself to new faithful love.


Thanks for this My friend

If her behavior makes you write this message, maybe she is not the one that is worthy of your love. What angers you now will annoy you even more. Look for your Hinata, which will be needed only by you.

Если ее поведение заставляет Вас написать это сообщение, возможно она не та, которая достайна Вашей любви. То, что возмущает Вас сейчас, потом будет раздражать еще больше. Ищите свою "Хинату", которой будете нужны только Вы.
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I believe no one is perfect, but it should not be an excuse to hurt another person's feelings especially that who you claim to love. She actually does not know your value, I mean it totally beats my imagination to think someone would want to go back to an ex after meeting someone else.... Why did she have to break up with that person in the first place?... Truthfully, it is not worth the stress...it is almost as similar to the post I put up for @brittandjosie contest.

I tag @brittandjosie, @drakernoise and @iamraincrystal.

Thanks for your contest keep your chin up and have a 100% vote!

@blind-spot - My name is Tammy so this post caught my eye. I hope no one would compare me to your Tammy though. You are in a bad situation and you are miserable. It's easy to sit back and tell someone to walk away from a bad relationship but it's much harder to be the person who has to do it. From what you have written (poured out your heart) you already know that this is not the soul mate that you deserve.
Tammy has some real issues and maybe one day she will wake up and look back at the lives she has trifled with and the pain she has caused. But @blind-spot you only have one life to live and it's too precious to waste it being miserable. I was in a bad marriage that lasted for 28 years. Of course it wasn't bad at first, there were good times, and I have two wonderful sons as a result. But when it got to the point when I avoided going home after work and looked for reasons to not be at home, I had to face the fact of my unhappiness and take the plunge to start a new life. I met a great man a few years later and I am so thankful that I made that move to get out of that first relationship.
For your own sake, sanity, and happiness my heartfelt advice to you is to move on. There is someone out there for you!

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