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Let's talk about Tammy. 50 Steem giveaway!!!

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There are many new experiences from the sour lies of a partner. There is also a bitter sadness when a lover instead chooses someone else, aka having an affair. The sweetness of the years filled with exciting dates, and may have planned a wedding like looking for a wedding ring design. Before the end our relationship stretched because of the presence of a third person.
Honestly, after reading your post. My feelings also feel the same way.
This is a little of my story ..
At first it was like hearing lightning in broad daylight, the bad news came when I was in love. Strangely this sadness is not because he loves someone else, but more in regret. why did he go the wrong way and think that the person he just met is better than you. Ruined my feelings. That is very clear, but in that sadness I believe, if one day he will realize and regret his actions.

Every now and then I ask myself.
If he's the best, why does he torture me by making this heart feel tortured?
And in the end I realized, that maintaining a relationship that is full of lies, is actually closing myself to new faithful love.


Thanks for this My friend

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