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Another successful attempt!

When I garden and grow, often I plant things that I've never tasted or seen before. Obviously there is always a risk since I have no idea how these foods will taste, but so far it's worked out very well for us. This time, it was Red Malabar Spinach!



This is our Red Malabar Spinach in the garden. We've got fourteen plants growing that I started from seed. Until yesterday, I had never even tasted this plant, but because @bluerthangreen and @allforthegood were coming over for dinner, I figured that we should give it a try. In the video I get to taste my first leaf ever, raw in the garden. Then, I harvested more to add in with a Snake Gourd stir fry. It tasted amazing!

These leaves are thick and juicy, and remind me of Purslane. I actually prefer them over regular spinach, and like growing these better too! I can't wait to save the seeds and grow even more next year! Overall, I've been really happy with the new garden plant varieties that we've tried, and I'll definitely call this one a success! Looking forward to harvesting more soon!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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Good for you!....:)...

Sweet, man! @vermillionfox and I tried spinach last season and we had the most relentless, determined rabbits. They left our kale and lettuce alone, but they some how managed to get through the fencing and overcame Liquid Fence to clean us out. By the time I got a chance to secure the spinach box, it was all gone.


Oh no! Those wascally wabbits!

Wow, glad that you´re growing this spinach variety ... It is very healthy!!! This it what we call the spinach for the poor because if you don´t have the meat, plant them in your vegetable garden and simply sautée them adding a bit of soy sauce and you have the food for the day..

I remember having this in abundance in my mom´s garden in mid 60`s in Manila. Our fave cartoons have been popeye and his spinach thingy... Our folks made us believe that we will grow taller and stronger if we eat these... Hahahha

Can't wait to hear the verdict from the others if they liked the red malabar spinach!

These leaves are thick and juicy

Yumm! I wish i could have some too.
They remind me of sweet potato leaves.☺


I wish I could share some with you!


Oooohh I wish that too very much. Especially now that i am having so much work to be done in the lab and not enough time to eat rich foods, i would benefit alot from the rich supple of potassium and mineral salts.

That does look good, I will have to try some!


You really should! It'll be worth it!


Well you and an American Homestead (who got me onto steemit) Both like it! You are both young bucks (not an old fart like me); but I like what you do, and respect your opinions.

I had spinach problems years ago, and thought it was a rabbit. I started leaving my dog out in shifts , when chicken wire didn't help. Couldn't understand how I was loosing plants! I walked outside on afternoon, to find my 16 year old son, Picking the big leaves. He told me they were great on sandwiches, and did I want him to pick some for me too?

I had found my rabbit problem...but then, it is a kid's job to drive their parents nut, right? :)

Awesome! I love spinach! I have it with my breakfast smoothies pretty much all the time haha. Or I make a salad with it. Yummy! I will have to try this variety out some time! :)


Nice! I love this variety! Thanks for checking it out!


You are welcome! :)

Never heard of this variety of spinach before apart from the regular one. Would have love to get those seeds as well to cultivate here.

the da'wah has eaten the caterpillar

We have a spinach just like that here! I don’t have traditional spinach, but I do have this. I love it and eat it regularly. I also eat the greens from the sweet potato. The “greens” are green and purple.


Cool! I guess it originated in India and is popular across Asia & Africa.


Makes sense! It is yummy and I am sure good for you!

Me encanta la idea poder cultivar y probar lo que hemos sembrado. Mi esposo recientemente sembro yuca y quinchoncho, ¿no se si lo has comido?


No los he probado, pero ciertamente lo haría si tuviera la oportunidad.

howdy @papa-pepper! I thought that Red Malabar plant would be red for some weird reason. It looks amazing though papa-pepper, everything appears to be thriving there!


The stem is red.... that much I know.

I grew some last year for the first time and they were great, my youngest son also used them in his Green smoothies and loved them. Very prolific plant.

Aw man, I want a wall of spinach!! That looks so cool.

How cool! They look delicious! I didnt know spinach was a vining plant! Is it just this variety that vines, or do they all? Im trying to remember, but now that I think of it, I dont think I have ever grown spinach.

This year, my 'new things to try growing' are korean peppers and napa cabbage for homemade kimchi, yum!

I got turned on to Malabar spinach (never heard of the red though - looks interesting) a couple of years ago. I can get a much better harvest with the Malabar as to the regular spinach (which goes to seed so quickly). I keep a couple of plants growing indoors for the winter to have some fresh greens.

I like video). I will be glad to mutual subscription). Together on Steemit is more fun). Cool nature, and food)))

And in the background a goat screams). So cool))). I have not been to the village for a long time.