Get To Know Me challenge! (aka my TOP 5 Steemit posts)

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The hard-fork, for STEEMit addicts, probably felt like sneezing with broken ribs. The drama is settling down, platform is stabilizing, and the stalwart long term players here are still marching on toward long term goals and unbelievable fame. I have been challenged by one of those named @matkodurko who was challenged by our friend @evecab with a challenge originating with @anomadsoul. Thanks for the nomination nephew.
This may be intended for the movers and shakers at STEEMFEST but I am more into inclusive initiatives and I will be there next year.

Get to know me challenge

The idea here is to highlight posts enshrined on this great platform and remind those who may have started following us where we came from through older posts. It is a neat idea and I always figured only really bored folks or stalkers would go back through months of my blatherings. Also, past superstars have highlighted 10 of their posts and I am limiting it to 5 to keep it short and invite you to go back as far as you want to here:

You may notice they are all number 1 as I love all my babies.

  1. Walk with Me - Geocaching with my little one

This one is neat for me because it combines the promotion of excercise/outdoor life with the use of @lyndsaybowes tag #walkwithme, part of my journey trying to be a good dad, and a neat hobby to share. Brief synopsis: Daughter is now crazy about geocaching and the dog loves it too. Walk along with us this mile.

  1. My first real @Tasteem review -

I enjoyed this one again for a trifecta of reasons. I love supporting this business as it is a client and owned by a good friend of mine. This was a special night out with the missus for her birthday and it was such a unique event. I think @Tasteem is a really neat platform, I enjoy the format and support from the great community. Synopsis: Unbelievable french restaurant in my small town, incredible band from Montreal, and one-of-a-kind experience overall.

  1. Beer Blog of Epic Proportions -

This one was for the ages and combined my insatiable thirst for the golden hoppiness (using #detlev's #beersaturday tag) with a great time with my brothers and my penchant to over- exaggerate and dramatize for your entertainment. Synopsis: 3 courageous brothers risk life and limb and liver to defeat the golden tide in picturesque cottage country Canada.

  1. Wife Points -

This was one of my highest payout posts probably because I am imparting wisdom developed through my many years on this rock and my improbable discovery of a wife who would put up with me (and an era where vote bots were profitable.) It spawned a column on my family garden as well and hopefully helped a few folks with their work in progress they all are. Synopsis: Zeke gets preachy, encourages you to keep stock of your matrimonial barometer and introduces a fool-proof system to keep your partner and yourself happy.

  1. White Belt BJJ Curriculum in its entirety on the blockchain -

One of the things I do is train Jiu Jitsu. It was one of the first communities to embrace and support me here so I spent some time, assembling the White Belt (beginners) curriculum for the fine folks on this blockchain. @jiujitsu and friends are warriors in real life and on the blockchain. This post summed up all of those posts in one place. Synopsis: a PILE of categorized ~20-minute videos that covers the white belt curriculum at our school. Watch and train!

This took a little longer than I expected as I do have quite a catalogue stretching back to the beginning of the year. You are free to browse the rest of it at your leisure as I cover everything from music from the bands I have been in, parenting, beer, sailing, gardening, crypto, interesting friends, business, and the adventure I call my life. If you can think of something I can cover for your entertainment, leave a comment and I will point you to a post where I have already gone there, or throw it on my list of upcoming projects.

In nominating some from my friend circle here, I would love for @davedickeyyall to go back and highlight where it all because because I joined his journey in mid-flight. Also, I'd like to challenge @perceptualflaws and @doitvoluntarily as those are 2 of the most prolific bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of following.

Plus, @nathanmars, @surpassinggoogle and @fulltimegeek are worth a follow as they are doing so much to contribute to STEEM and our community.


That's a quick glimpse into me and who I am here. Content and networking are the keys to my plans for domination!

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Your get to know me post is full of fun content. The only one I missed was Epic Beer Battle. Boy does that bring back some fond memories. Also got invloved with the get to know me challange, was fun reviewing some past posts. Have a great day.


Haha thanks!

The sad thing about the beer battle is that was only this summer. I am no spring chicken and maybe that behaviour should be left in the past?

Screwit....If I haven't grown up yet, I don't have to.


Work hard play hard!



Ah thanks again @yehey!


No problem.

@zekepickleman, I like the way you write your stories! It is such a fun to read! Thank you!

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Much Appreciated @cryptospa! Good to have you participating in my adventures.

What I like most about your blog is the great content you resteem, folks who follow you, and your advocacy for STEEMit and Dtube. Nice work!


@zekepickleman, thank you for the nice words. Have a good day!

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Love the wife points post .


Yah that was a fun one. My buddies like to poke fun at me for keeping a balance of how well I am doing. These are also the same guys that miss out on stuff (because they never cash their points in for fun,) and have divorces!

I remember putting together that post in an effort to help a little and connect with the other family guys here.

Your content is fun to follow keep it up. I haven't posted my own stuff in a while .......sooooo busy. Been thinking about redoing my page just a little to more than just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specific post and maybe share some of my photo and video content aside from that.


Hey thanks!

I am too lazy to create multiple accounts and am good with just covering lots of topics as me. Anything else you got besides BJJ will probably be as good too.


Haha 4 was sooo cool and 5 gets 5 out of 5 :)

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Thanks Nephew.

I am going to have to immerse myself in a foreign culture for 3 months to be able to keep up with your cool content. Until then, I will aggrandize and dramatize for full entertainment effect. ;)

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