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I have a fountain of love, of water, of light that gives me life.

1. Versos para mi madre

the tree mujer.png

Listen, I want everyone to dance like gods,

2. Get Lucky (cover)

Understand that my music comes out of my veins, I play with blood, I generate waves...

3. Waves

Many of our sentences go unnoticed, sometimes just a glance.

4. Aphorisms

Crying doesn't cost anything, it's a way of loving, in this case I've loved without knowing, passion, music.

5. I will cry with this artwork


And I confess, I love nymphs,

6. Metaphors of a nymph


...I make stories that evoke our highest nature, entelechy.

7. Metaphors of an entelechy

And although few do or recognize it, I cross the pond, I go to the other continent with the music, with people who transmit their good vibes with the music.

8. Stardust Ft. Tribedownsouth (International Collab)

I keep learning about the beauty of small things...

9. The Apprentice - Audiopoem

And I'm still a bad poet, a winner, but a bad poet.

10. Metaphors of a Bad Poet

My nominations

@elisonr13 @duartnicol and @tribedownsouth

pd. I still don't mark the pause I want to make, but I like to remember these publications and open a door again so that they can be read. Soon a post with more details.

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