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Do you wanna know more about me? Do you think my adventure posts are just a rumour I built before you joined the platform and you need to see the posts for yourself to believe my stories?

Well, I started this little challenge to give everyone a chance to make a compilation of their best posts and let everyone read about it.

If you want to join the challenge, Check the announcement here. Also, If i nominate you and you want to humour me and join, check the announcement cause it´s got a few rules.

Hunting the only pink boa in the whole world

It started to move towards me. In the heat of the moment I wasn´t paying attention to how close I was and how threatened could this animal feel having me around. Wait, I´ve seen this before, this is the position they take right before striking, if the Boa feels he is not a match for you but feels threatened, it will strike trying to bite you to scare you away...Continue reading

Conquering a 13,000 feet Volcano

We reached base camp. It was nothing like I expected. There was not one soul there even though we know a lot of tours climb Acatenango on a daily basis. Did we make a mistake? Is it today a dangerous day to climb therefore no one came today? Are we in the right spot?

It was already almost dark. I am never going to be able to set up camp and light a fire, we need help. I whistled and not a single reply was heard...Continue reading

Defeating the Summit of a 13,000 ft Volcano

If you have ever climbed a mountain or volcano you might concur with this: Making summit is about the challenge but once you are there, the climate conditions are so harsh that you don´t want to stay for a long time. Well, as you might have guessed correctly, I am not like that.

So I took off my Batman Hoodie and one of my shirts, improvised a flag and declared Acatenango´s Summit as... A Nomad Soul´s territory...Continue reading

Hitchhiking Tales #6 - Ocean Edition

We both jumped into the water and pushed the boat against the waves but it wasn´t enough, other people came to our aid when they noticed we couldn´t get it done by ourselves and then, all at once - coordination is key to succeed - pushed and after 10 minutes we reached open water and jumped on the boat, ready to attack the Cayes.

After one hour navigating the Caribbean we reached this island called Chachahuate, an island full of houses and people, literally no space to build another house, every available inch had already something built. I have to admit I was a little...Continue reading

How I ended up in a public hospital in Guatemala

It had to happen. To put yourself in continuous risk sometimes catches up on you. But it doesn´t mean that I´m going to stop getting the most I can from this journey. The doctor was very clear. Eric, by the looks of your injuries your back should be broken or your head should be open. I don´t know how or why but you are a rough guy, like Tarzan. Words that obviously were a compliment to my ears...Continue reading

Hitchhiking to Steem Fest

I have never wild-camped before and I know in some parts of Europe it is forbiden but still, we had no other option. We decided to walk to the edge of the road and walk towards a hidden spot where we could pitch our tent and sleep at least for a few hours - you have to wake up very early before the sun comes out in order to avoid being detected in case the police comes around. For me this was kind of stressful mainly because...Continue reading

Next two are my most personal posts on the Blockchain

From Stutterer to Solo Traveler - Part 1

Growing up I was insecure to the point of not being able to speak to other people to avoid stuttering. When I finally convinced my mom to order pizza I couldn´t call the pizza shop myself because I wholeheartedly believed that the person on the other side of the phone would laugh at my stuttering. I was 8 years old and was so worried at what other people would think of me when meeting me that I chosed to be a loner.

From Stutterer to Solo Traveler - Part 2

My drinking became a habit. I started to fail at college, a very expensive college which my parents were struggling to pay for. I was drinking on school nights and going to uni on the next day still drunk, driving the car my parents gave me. Obviously, I lost the semester, my girl, my dignity and the remaining respect my college buddies had for me but most importantly, I lost both of my parents trust.

Next post is my most "succesful" in terms of payout and I´m really proud of the job we all did to achieve it. I apologize for uploading it to scammy, deceiving and treachorous Dlive but I didn´t know they were like this back then.

All your favorite Steemians sing "Shape of you"

What happens when 40 Steemians get coordinated to sing the same song? Epicness

I hope you liked reading these few posts I´m very proud of, I hope it wasn´t too much from me in one take :P

I know a lot of Steemians who would definitely love joining this idea and also that I would love to read their "best" posts, so, I am nomating:

@abh12345 - @guyfawkes4-20 - @tarazkp - @shaka - @kommienezuspadt - @coruscate - @evecab - @rhondak - @raj808 - @meno - @llfarms - @nomadicsoul - @travelgirl - @ramengirl @alexvan - @celestal

Yeah, I nominated too many but I don´t care, perks of starting the challenge myself :P

I also want to thank (and nominate) @theaustrianguy for his message today, it was you who inspired this little challenge man. Don´t forget to follow him.

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I have seen many pictures of your adventures and I can say that they are true! No need to doubt that but it is a great initiative what you do so that more people know about you

Whoa - some of these titles... I have to take a few hours of reading tomorrow! Super nice initiative and I will join for sure this week :-) So many posts go unnoticed but most of all: so many people I interacted with in my first few months here left the platform... The last two months have felt like I had to start over and build a new circle of SteemFriends. So it might be worth sharing a few of the posts with them indeed :-)

By the way, talking about 'in the beginning', I believe @theaustrianguy was one of the first commenters on my blog :-)

Great contest and interesting story of yourself!
Greetings from Germany and see you. Jonas

IF YOU HAVE EVER CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN OR VOLCANO HAHA I've climbed a few stairs in my time :)

Guess I will have to take part as well than :P Glad I could motivate you to do this challenge, even though that wasn’t the motivation!


Haha I know, but I couldn't help but to think "dude, how many posts are so old no one will read them but man, it would be amazing if someone did". Yeah, now you can't bail :P

The titles are super catchy so I think i am about to get to know you better.

Wow, I didn't understand I should write a review about the posts, I just made the selection...


It's the selection, no Review my friend. You did it ok

Challenge accepted! I've already written half of the post ;-) but I might wait 24 hours to post it as half of steemit is asleep lol

Ops! Looks like your knee was badly hurt!

Nice change for them who have travel adventures.

Not been invited for the challenge, still i have taken part in #gettoknowme celebrate my steemit Anniversary and to review my work...a good way to know other user.
Here is my link to post

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I like your posts, hopefully useful for all

Dang you have some good ones! Lol I'm going to want to binge read these all at once!

Btw, don't try to hunt a snake in Oregon. Tried it once. The tree huggers/peace lovers will ironically get VERY unpeaceful with you haha

Working on it, cheers for the nomination :)

Some fairly close to the bone stuff there, literally and otherwise!

que buen reto @anomadsoul, me gustaría participar pero mi contenido es en español ¿se podría?

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i am expecting to see our community song "tomorrow will be better" haha!

You know I like your challenges and do take part in most of them, if I don't miss them. Today I will do it, now back to the Steem memory line. Thank you for the nomination. :)

And here is the link:

You had some good posts that indeed got us to know you better. I'll try to participate on this! (My time tends to sink in to cycling.)

Haha, I just LOVE the start picture on the Dlive video. Looks familiar :) I've read most of your stories, but it's nice to see it all again. Will try to join the challenge as well.