Millions of years in the making.

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I'm not gonna cry about how long it took me to polish this petrified wood up. At least It didn't take me millions of years to make. Nature seems to have a bit more patience than I do. In this fast paced world it's important to slow down and appreciate nature's beauty. When appropriate I like accentuate nature's beauty. Like I have done here with this fossil specimen. The natural look with the polished "window" is the perfect balance of nature and technology. I'm sure you are asking yourself "how did this piece of wood turn into a rock?" I'm a lapidary artist not a geologist but I'll give it a very quick breakdown. From what I understand a volcano needs to cover it with ash and dust. After it's covered in ash and dust it also needs to be covered with water. After millions of years the water seeps in and replaces the cells of the wood with silica and minerals. The different minerals and silica will give the wood various colors, depending on the minerals present in that location. In Arizona for instance iron is deposited with the silica that turns the wood red. Most of the stuff I find in California is white or black without much color. This type came from Wyoming. I bought it a few years back but just polished it recently. It looks just like Montana Agate with the black spots. A perfect little shelf specimen that doesn't take up a lot of space. Hope you guy's enjoyed today's "rock show." Please upvote, follow, and resteem. I would appreciate such things.


You do beautiful work. Always happy to see your post.

Thank you. Cool gif thing lol.

this is beautiful... I love rocks and almost bought a rock tumbler ... out west in wyoming are some great specimens for sure. btw: great job polishing

Thanks so much. I like how turned out myself. I'll do a blog soon of some of the petrified wood I find in California. Some of it is big chunks I dug up years ago.

I have one of those little rock tumblers somewhere around here. It's a little noisy! I have been to wyoming and have brought back some really neat rocks from out west, some are from SD too. Sometimes I just want to go looking for gemstones like they do in those T.V. shows, lol!

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This is really neat! When I was in Yellowstone National Park there was a giant piece of a petrified tree that was still standing! I can imagine what the center of that must look like!

I'm going to resteem this because it's pretty and I love stones! :) Thank you for sharing!

There's a petrified forest near Calistoga Ca. That has the largest petrified trees in the world. Really neat, I'd love to see the ones in Yellowstone. Thanks for the resteem.

Really beautiful photos of this wood rock!
I like how you display your treasures!

Found small grey brown pieces in Cow
creek near Redding many moons ago.
Some small rare piece finds here along
the beaches of Alaska.

Nominated ya for bw ;-) NP if ya don't
wanna lol

Neat I've neen wanting to go up to Redding to do some gold prospecting. I'll keep my eye out for petrified wood if I do. I find some petrified shells sometimes in the creek in Chico. When I flew into Juneau years ago they had a display of eskimo artifacts that were found on the beach. I mostly find Serpentine where I'm at. I also find some crystals when I'm lucky, and feel like hiking...

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It only takes man a few minutes to destroy what took nature millions of years to make. Nice things do come in small packages, I like the way it can nestle in small places and look good.

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