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Dear Steemians,
We proudly want to present 5 new Bid Bots, which will help users with fewer resources to promote their Publications and Comments.

How Bid-Based Voting Bots Work

Bid-based voting bots work on a bidding system. You can send any amount of SBD|STEEM above the minimum (minimums vary for each bot) and once the bot account reaches 100% voting power it splits a 100% upvote between all of the bids based on each bid's % of the total amount bid during that period.

It takes 2.4 hours for voting power to return to 100% after a 100% upvote so each bidding period typically lasts roughly 2.4 hours. The new bots have switched to giving out a 10% upvote every 14 minutes instead. You can see this indicated next to the "Vote Value" in the table below.

Take the following example: With a 2.4 hour bidding period user A sends $1 to a voting bot and user B sends $3. The total bid is $4 so that means that user A will get a 25% upvote on their post and user B will get a 75% upvote. If the bot's 100% upvote is worth more than $4 then both user A and B will receive an upvote worth more than they have spent.

The following table describes the characteristics of our Bots.

Bot NameMin BidMax BidMax Post AgeVoting periodMax Vote
@minnowhelper-1$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-2$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-3$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-4$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-5$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper$0.010No Max3.5 days144 minutes0-100%

All Bots, accept SBD and STEEM and refund the invalid bids.
All Bots share the same blacklist.
Only @minnowhelper comments when he makes a vote. The other Bots do not.

You can also earn passive income by delegating your Steem Power to @minnowhelper's bots

Bot NamePayoutDelegate
@minnowhelper-1once per day10 SP500 SP1000 SPAnother amount
@minnowhelper-2once per day10 SP500 SP1000 SPAnother amount
@minnowhelper-3once per day10 SP500 SP1000 SPAnother amount
@minnowhelper-4once per day10 SP500 SP1000 SPAnother amount
@minnowhelper-5once per day10 SP500 SP1000 SPAnother amount
@minnowhelperevery round10 SP500 SP1000 SPAnother amount

Thank you very much for reading and sharing, if you have any questions, do it in this Post or Slack.

Happy Bidding & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.


Thanks, I'll try the bid $0.001 for the first time with my new post, soon hope so.
but I don't know how to delegate such amount while my SP is only 3.444 STEEM (+11.556 STEEM)
by these numbers, can I delegate $10? and how this will help me?
thanks again.

It's working, I sent 0.001 to minnowhelper-1-2-3-4-5 each and received 0.05...wow great

don't think about delegation before you're in the hundreds sp at least over 500 ... probably better in the thousands

thanks for the advice, I am so far from delegation :-(

You can't delegate something you don't have. Also until you don't need all of the the SP you have you shouldn't even think about delegating it. When starting off you need all of it to build your account.

Thanks a lot for your reply. this was a great help.

Make sure to be careful with your voting power. You really only get 10 votes a day at full power. If you go beyond that you are voting with lower power and it takes longer to get the power back.

Check your power here:

Thanks for the advice

Hello Mate!

As you can see to the right, I have finally joined back on board to the delegation team. I had a few things I needed to take care of before I could get back in.

Nice to see you have new accounts, however, I am curious as to why... why not make one account much larger? If more accounts, why not combine them so that you can have the minnowhelper "team" of bots join together on a vote. i.e. you buy a vote from 1 account but you get from all the accounts. I think people would bid more on the main account if it trailed with the other acocunts. Idk, just seems excessive to do multiple.

Anyways, do you have any means to direct message other than slack?

Hello @jpederson96,
all the delegations are captured by the Bot automatically, you will receive your earnings from the Bot after the next voting round.

With respect to the new Bots, we have created them for three reasons.

  1. Not all users can afford the promotion costs of @minnowhelper. These Bots are smaller and accept the least amount of SBD | STEEM possible. This way new users will be able to access this promotion system.
  2. With these Bots you can vote your comments and not write advertising where they vote.
  3. We are working on a voting system, in which users send larger sums of SBD | STEEM to @minnowhelper, not only receive votes from @minnowhelper, but also from other Bots.

With this last point we want to increase the profits of the Bot, to make it more attractive for investors.

best regards.

Minnowhelper Team


Thanks for the update, nice to have my neck back in the woods, talk soon!

What can I expect to earn if I delegate SP?

If you delegate 1000 SP to @minnowhelper, you can expect approximately 0.100 SBD|STEEM per round. This value may vary depending on how many bids the Bot recives.
The other Bots are not yet popular. So it's too early to give a profit forecast.

With 10 rounds per day that could be 1 SBD/steem per day is 7 per week. Which results in 0.7% return on investment on weekly basis.
If my calculation is correct, that is much higher than on the normal stock market or my savings account

your calculations are correct, you can see the payments of 3 Investors who delegated about 1000 SP to @minnowhelper. (thorheit, mynaturebody and truconspiracy)

Excellent post

How does the sp delegation work?

You delegate part of your SP to one of the Bots. Each Bot sells its vote and the profits obtained are distributed equally depending on the amount of SP that you have delegated.

a great post, thank you for sharing with us beginners in steemit, hopefully we can follow as your footsteps.


excuseme...Iam already send you SBD, but you not yet upvote my account Thanks.

@minnowhelper votes every 144 minutes, that's why you have to be patient. The other Bots every 14 minutes. See the table in the Post.

Please visit my blog I sent you sbd already

I like pos you

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