California Agate

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Here is a specimen of agate I found in California last year. In this close up shot you can see the Carnelian (red) color Agate veins running though this quartz. It's pretty rare to find any good Carnelian Agate in Northern California, so it's pretty special to me. Most of what I have found was just a crust of the red color on a less than colorful agate center. This one looks almost like flames running through it. When I get a big enough saw it will make some beautiful jewelry. It's a pretty good sized chunk. A bit more than a handful. The other colorful Jasper rocks were also found in the same location. If you want to try your luck stop in to the Buckhorn Campground at the Black Butte Reservoir. When you are traveling on Interstate 5 in Northern California you take hwy 32 west to get there. The bee's and yellow jackets are a bit of a nuisance in the summer so plan accordingly. The lake has good bass fishing as well as some big catfish. I've never personally done much fishing because the rockhounding is so good. The shore's are lined with beautiful Jasper's and the occasional agate. Glad I got to add this beauty to my collection. Can't wait to go back and try to find some more. Hopefully these couple of storms we are getting right now will uncover more riches. As always your support is appreciated. Please uvote, follow, and maybe even resteem...


It is beef

A bit fatty, but nice marbling. Lol

Straight up I thought that was some gore type stuff. I don't know why I clicked. Lol jokes on me it's just a rock. Cool stuff.

lol sorry to disappoint you...

Dope specimens @dirtyhippie Followed and upvoted :D

Glad you enjoy! Thanks for your support.

Yeow what a nice one @dirtyhippie!
It does kinda look like a fossilized hunk of roast :-)
Now wouldn't that be bizarre!

Have you checked out the Burris Creek recreation
area just south west of the campground? We use
to hit that one up a lot. Morrison Bryan rd off
Newville rd. Lots of good ones, needed a wagon!

I really like your photography of these awesome

I'm always hoping to see the guy who owns the property on the fenced side of that creek. I want ask permision to hunt his land lol. There's even some bloodstone Jasper in that creek. Oddly enough I found a thunderegg in that creek. The really weird part was that it was already sawed in half. My best guess is a rockhounds collection (and maybe house) got caught up in a flood. Either that or someone burried it out there for a rockhound to find. Pretty odd either way.

Wow!! Thats some craziness! I definitely thought it was like the shoulder area cut in half from the first picture. Almost didnt click it as Im not good with blood and the like, but Im glad I did! Awesome find!

Thanks. It is rather strange looking at first glance. Lol

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That thing is beautiful! I am jealous that I don't have it. The ones around it too!

I'm pretty sure the one above it is a lake superior agate. I need to upload some close up shots of the brecciated jasper above it.

Yeah I see the jasper too! I have a jasper with an agate vein in it...gonna take pictures! Looks good!

Love the ones with agate in it. Give's it so much more depth and character.

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