Have you seen this post yet?

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Have you seen this post yet on SMTs?


This one ☝️

It’s all about SMT Oracles as described by me and @theoretical

This is the video embed, in case that’s more your thing👇


— Ned

p.s. find more on this subject at SMT.steem.io


So, you are powering down because SMT's are coming? Are you going to dump your stake at the top again and dip the price like you did in January?

Those who don't know what I am talking about, check the @firefire account's history.

Not saying it is wrong but wouldn't you think dumping gradually would decrease the price more slowly instead of a large dump of 0.8 million steem in a few days?

And thanks for using steemit regularly instead of twitter. It gives steemit more credibility.

have you heard of @tostitos

3 million Steem transferred from @steemit2 in November and most sold off in parts with the last 714k Steem sold in one go in march

so they did that also

maybe he is financing the project, who knows! it's not that easy ma boi, greez , syntax error

there is also @alpha and @val-a

@steemit2 transferred over 3 million Steem to @alpha since December withdrawn to bittrex

also @val-a is another steemit inc currently powering down 1 million SP withdrew 100k steem last week

most of this was sold when steem was much higher if you average would be around $15 million USD cashed out

Hi again, thanks for your work investigating transfers, good financial info for those of us who trade and use steem.

Those are not my accounts.

Hello @ned , steemit community is having a huge problem with rouge user @themarkymark and his bots . He is single handedly driving 100's if not 1000's of users from this platform . I hope something can be done about it .
(here is video from one of steemit users that sums up the situation we are facing)

That's a one hour video and you just lost your audience at 30secs with the attractive bald guy.

Meh the bloke is a witness @smidge-tv give the bloke some slack ffs

when the 'cleaners' pick you up , you'll be back to watch the whole hour ....

Hey @ned what you think

@ned got no time for us. That plays right in my cell browser, this is a great flow.

his engagment is encouraging

I been eating !popcorn waiting for this engagement and he has yet to respond to me, right @ned...

Do what is right -- that you know is a worthy post....

Succumb to upvoting .. true curation of post that delivers a decent message... just like this post:

It speaks volumes, not just for steem itself, or Steemit. -- it gets people thinking.

I'm expecting just the least, where you'll read it and not vote. At the best you'll like the premise and want to upvote it.

...just be aware.. it was written from the heart.. for all of us today.

Abstain or Support. That is your wish... When you rest on your pillow this next night. Be happy with your decision. Did you want this post to be seen, or did you want it to be neglected?

...the power sometimes rests in @ned hands...

Too bad @ned cares less about steemit than you or I, giving millions in delegation to businesses instead of quality curators...sad the type of community he is building...

What do you know about this? I haven't heard who he is delegating to yet.

the blockchain is transparent so we can all see who @ned is delegating to by going to http://steemworld.org/@misterdelegation and to the left click delegations then you can click outgoing... its sad really when you look at it, sold out steemit, sold out quality creators, sold out curation projects that have been helping his platform tirelessly...

That's very dissapointing, the faith of steem seems like it's on a downward spiral because whales can change the markets.

Actually look at STEEM compared to the markets, next to Bitcoin we are holding up better than other crypto's including Etherium!

I see it now. Thanks. I've used that tool before, but not to look at outgoing delegations. Now it makes sense. Thanks for the tip.

Whaleshares turned off delegations to make things a little more obvious who is doing what with their whalestake (similar to SP)

Interesting this whaleshares...

He also removed delegations from utopian and surpassinggoogle couple of weeks ago while still powering down. Not sure what he is up to though.

Shit, i actually think you're moving towards DemoCrazy™. SMT's could "almost certainly" handle it, but who knows. We'd have to talk. Is the goal the collection of a ton of speculative money, to make our own tokens worth a ton, or the utilization of a chain, to produce some kind of "Great Shit", that then facilitates innovation and earnings. I don't want @fyrstikkens pool of money buying attention for crap. I want people IRL, looking at what y'all and us'all have "Created", and "PAYING". Also, "INVESTING". But not to predict a rise based entirely on speculation of human behavior.

Steem isn't dead yet. There are parts of this i really like.


I think i'll do an SMT and an ORACLE. And i'll personally interview people. Start slow as hell. Only with those who'll sign the constitution.

F good people, we'll look for GREAT ONES.

What makes a GREAT person?

Tell me ned! lol.

shhhhh,it happens

if the wealth in steemit is not better distributed and the powerful do not begin to delegate more cheaply instead of selling votes, yes, steemit is going to die

My accound owner or active password forget me my steem power is not transfer in any account plzz give solution

Anyway @ned can be voted off the board due to a lack of confidence from us stake holders.

I see you've done power down steem. hopefully this is not a bad thing for steemit

Master @ned, why is the Steemit UI looks very amateurish? No money? I don't believe so. Or are you deliberately, purposely neglecting the appearance of your website? Tell me the truth, master.

I am preparing the next generation.

Sometimes we need to completely obsolete ourselves to compete at all. In other words, do we want a paintjob or new electronics, new chassis, new engine?

I knew the power down was for a new car. So the Bugatti Veyron? Just kidding, your money don't let others tell you how to spend it.

Await to see the next phase of the steemi UI aside the Beta version. Guess you have something good coming

My account owner or active password forget me my steem power is not transfer in any account plzz give solution


Hello @Ned, I would appreciate it if you could delegate some SP to me, or transfer some Steem to me. I want to start #SteemCharity, to help raise funds for the less privileged and foster homes. I'd be so glad if you woud grant me this request.

Approximate recreation of STEEM price after the SMT launch

Till then

Dan working on EOS in meanwhile

Let's see the results of Oracle in action, we would all be glad if we see all those theories doing fine realistically.
@ned, I will always appreciate your efforts in always working out actions plans to leverage the enhancement of the blockchain.

A little faith my friend. Ned is definitely working round the clock to see the Steem Blockchain gets to it destination. Every invention was once a theory then made a reality, I am very much hopeful

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Very doubtful

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

The speed of this sort-of-relevant response is to me what’s amazing about bots. Thanks for literally answering my question.

yea the 8ball is funky hahahaha. greez, s. error

In this case it's statistically appropriate. Otherwise you wouldn't have to promote it! So I'm with you in loving the bot.

Hmmm. New to your Steem Community, but your response to this bot surprised me @ned. Yes, speed, but what else of any real value?

While I am trying to keep an open mind, I have struggled so far to see the point of these in a blockchain ostensibly designed to promote " human interaction."

Any thoughtful links / input, of which you are aware, that makes a positive "value proposition" for them "in here?"

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@haikubot is fucking hilarious.

What do you think of the new ONO social network? will it be the Yoko Ono of steemit?

Usually in my country, an oracle is a person you go to for spiritual advice. The oracle answers you back after consulting the ancestors.

The same for our community, @thecappedvillain. When we need guidance, we go to the BanOracle.
BanOracle 150x217.jpg

Im very very excited about the SMT's, this will be a huge improvement for the Steem Blockchain and for Steemit! Thanks for sharing this post on your blog here too @ned. 👏👍

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Missed this one. Will watch now.

You guys really need to be engaging with the community more.



hmm, is making all this more complicated the way to make it go mainstream?

Most users won't have to deal directly with oracles, I think. So it's not going to make things more complicated for the average Steem user. And any SMT that uses a one account one vote system will actually be easier to understand for most people, and therefore have more potential to go mainstream.

Yeah, I was thinking about that, someone could build a simplified version using this that people might be more attracted to and actually retain its users.

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist, today Pricasso would like to thank you the only and best way Pricasso knows how, the most magical artwork here in your dedication..


As well as the blog here in your honor ..https://steemit.com/artzone/@pricasso/my-ode-to-ned

Be blessed

Yours Always

Came here for the memes, was not disappointed.

Hello sir, there is a problem with the SMS verification system at the sign up page, I have friends who are trying to sign up on steemit but the SMS verification system does not send the verification code to their numbers any longer, some times after the input of the phone number it just stays there after they click continue meaning that it doesn't load to the page where they wait for the SMS code, they have been trying for two days straight sir.
And again the 2 weeks wait period some people have stayed longer than that and they still haven't been sent a link..
Please reply as soon as you see this.


hiii @ned, i watched your video and found that every thing is clear and your your explanation is really awesome. i became fan of you.
But i don't know much about oracle programming will you help me in programming??
and plzz follow and resteemit on my posts/blogs. i will feel thankful of you.......

Yeah we all saw the post Ned. hehe..
Any person that has been here more then 2 weeks knows at least something about SMTs...
Anyways... Im just glad you decided to start posting a bit more frequently.
Be a guy Ned, just be a Steemian on Steem...
People love when Devs play their own games. ;)

I really learned a lot and enjoyed this post containing the video. Thank you for sharing this @ned.

Thanks for sharing the video

I just wanted to suggest a little closer when they write a text on the page to go through the conversation coherently, otherwise, the problem of why a vote is not equivalent to a document is because then people would abuse that ghost accounts are created, from there that they will create the reputation. Only is my opinion

I have actually not listen to this yet. Added to my watch later list :) need to learn some more about it specially because I have invested some on XAP eheheh

Considering the current price of STEEM and the direction it is headed.
Now would be a good time to implement something to reverse the trend.

If you are looking at the price then you are looking at the wrong metrics. Price doesn't matter.

exactly right.
when I purchase something price doesn't matter.

When you buy yes. But cryptocurrency is a long 10 year game. No point in looking at stuff in short term.

maybe steemit inc whales could power down and sell more to make steem cheap for the rest

that sounds like a plan.
oh wait...

what do you consider cheap?
right now steem is $1.32...and people are crying.
do you want it to go back to it's hysterical low of $0.08?
would that make you happy?

0.08 would be awesome to buy in from

The price is relative to bitcoins performance so until the bottom is in proper is unclear what is know is bearmarket still in place and key levels being broken easily next up is psychological price level @ $5900 that breaks and stays below could be a cold winter then again could rise again as in the past and make back everything in 10 days, who knows...

yes $0.08c would be very happy

i could get 2 whale accounts one to upvote and one to flag :D

maybe $0.02c might be better can get 6 whale accounts then, have 5 to flag and one to vote :P

Reputations... That's meant to be a major differentiating factor that this platform possesses.
Nice work.

Awaiting hardfork...

Do this means we will not see haejin upvoting himself with other accounts?
People making all kinds of bots and selling votes?
Can oracles make people stop cheat the system for self benefit?

Hey Ned, @shenanigator here commenting from my other account. I'm involved with an SMT project and we're anxiously awaiting their release. What do you think about the progress SMT development? How are they coming along?

I think there are many doubts in this whole matter:

.- With Oracles do you really improve the capabilities of Smart Media Tokens (SMT)?

.- It will be more equitable that a SMT is paid based on the individuality of the voter, paying additional rewards, in the form of a new token, based on "1 account, 1 vote"?

.- Really Steem is working with the noble intention to take advantage of properly reward the wisdom of the crowd in order to discover authors with contents of high quality and originality to give public and notorious exposure?

.- Everything really will improve with equity taking into account greater effort = greater reward (PoB&QE = Proof of Brain and Quality Effort), based on the new system?

Excuseme @ned, but I am very confused with all this... Are you preparing the new era?

I'm very interested in these SMT. I look forward when we can use them! Steem on!

Great Algorithm, Through This realistic person who has very good quality content, can grow their community very fast...
thank you :) Keep in Touch Sir @amar15 I wanna learn a lot from you

That is perfectly explained and will definitely correct some errors. The Koreans truly have strong faith on the blockchain

Thank you for shering this Mr.
Good day Sir.

this is very good, i will try to see it.

Yeah, definitely. I've been waiting for it to take place finally! Great work!

I think we need to differentiate between HIGH quality and popular content in order for the platform to grow... It could be in danger of turning into a 'trash-post' ethos where we all 'suck-up' to the Whales.
Of course the big question for content is define quality!

One Account - One Vote sounds good to me!

Maybe there should be Oralce Witnessess too? The problem is that there then becomes too much human intervention for it to become efficient.

It been 2 yr since steemit launched. Being totally out of different and beneficial platform to it user. Steemit still not got that man stream attention. What are your plans to make it big.

If I got you right, voting based on individuality could make some big boys power down, except there is a balancing measure to assure their power/influence is not much altered. We must remember that those with higher stakes have actually invested much in time, effort and money in the development of Steemit.

They deserve some sort of respect to reflect their stakes, I believe.

When the new Steemian comes in, his contributions will also grow his stakes. I think the Steemian's reputation, as evaluated of his/her useful content and consistency, should be a determinant factor in determining his/her voting power.

@ned, this is all well and good. I need a payment gateway or point of sale for my website so people can buy stuff from me.

How are SMT's going to fullfil this utility?

A post to advertise a post you already did. I have to say, I am pretty confused. I felt when I noticed you posting about kito diet last week that perhaps you finally know what you are going to do with reputation, and that is why you are suddenly posting as if you are a blogger rather than a CEO. And now I have looked to see that in the past month or two you have just been doing really irrelevant, nothing-to-them posts.

Now, of course you are allowed to do this. But, I am confused, because it is not what you used to do. What is even weirder, is that your posts do not have high payouts beneath the strikethrough, so it does not even appear that this could be to do with the acquisition of a higher rep.

I don't really know what's going on, but my intuition is awfully reliable, and it tells me something is.

There is a 99.9% chance you will not tell me, but it will be a 100% chance you will not if I do not ask. So, can you tell me, who or what is pressuring you into posting more frequently? and to what end?

make it seem like there is no sell off

Perhaps.. But surely no one would believe that could work. But I wouldn't call it a sell off per se, for the intention is obviously to buy back low. I too know how high this will be heading in august/September period, and if I had any STEEM, and especially if I had a lot of STEEM, and especially if other whales in my network were getting far too powerful far too quickly, I might be inclined to do the same.

your reasoning is flawed

it is definitely a sell off and has been happening continuously through multiple accounts for the past year at least suppressing price as everyone else was convinced how good it was to power up so the whales could sell.

why would steem rise again with no user retention and a terrible standard for content?

you realize there are 100's of competitors to steem with far better models.

one thing is for sure the power down hurts everyone who remains powered up as in a POS system the total amount staked dictates reward fund

current reward pool 748,374 Steem

was around 755k last week

I see that the problem is you believe the markets are controlled by supply and demand. From my perspective, they're not. They're controlled by bots, and based on my observation, I would go as far to say a machine learning algorithm with an army of bots and unlimited funds at its disposal, and a keen interest in getting better at making profits- though I suspect that is not the primary agenda.

Anyway, I suspect that many of the large stake holders would have studied the markets close enough to also know this, and so they will be looking to sell high and buy back low. If they intend to sell at the end of summer, when it personally looks to me that things will be heading pretty high, then it would have made sense to start powering down by now.

Steemit has become pretty impossible to earn on unless you pay for your votes, which is quickly ruining this place, but I don't think it matters that much at all. IT will still get pumped like every other coin, even if a better competitor comes along. But for now, I didn't know there was one. I have used akasha but it is so slow because it is on Ethereum that I lack the patience- though I will confess that Steemit is also starting to get a bit slow.

Anyway, you shouldn't misunderstand me. I am not defending anyone's actions, only speculating on them and empathizing with the conceptualized motive. This is just my understanding of why whales are currently powering down, whether it be right or wrong it's good enough for me because I don't think their selling off will have much of an effect on the market anyway.

popular misconception based on the understanding of what bots are,how trading works and the Fallacy of the single cause

The fallacy of the single cause, also known as complex cause, causal oversimplification, causal reductionism, and reduction fallacy,is a fallacy of questionable cause that occurs when it is assumed that there is a single, simple cause of an outcome when in reality it may have been caused by a number of only jointly sufficient causes.

bots are algorithms and most traders use bots

there are 100's of thousands of traders all doing different things the fact a lot of them converge to form the market prices only displays the inexperience of the majority and that most are following the same indicators/strategies .

on steemit being impossible to earn, reward fund was over 1 million steem in December now is more than 30% lower with more accounts farming and very few investors how can you make more with less total pay and more competition.

Value of vote in terms of steem generated is dictated by total amount staked as in vests per vote not $.

What makes you think price recovery would happen by the end of the summer?

also maybe you should look at @alpha account always been selling steem and yes it effects the price as there are no new investors steemit incs sell off only suppress price

looks to me price will go to $3500 at least before rebound.

You clearly live with a scarcity mentality.

"there are 100's of competitors to steem with far better models." Hahahaha. Please name 1.

You clearly live with a scarcity mentality.

You clearly are an idiot

here is one to start obsoletes dlive


here is one obsoletes steem blogging


here is one obsoletes steem commerce

i say this but really it does everything and integrates with mainstream sites but is only launching beta so will leave it at the main part


Yes, I saw this @ned. Very encouraging to see development in action like this. SMT's will be HUGE! Thank you for posting :)


hi, ned.
I miss you.

Do you still check on your chat messages from time to time?
I urgently need an answer since Steemit's new terms and conditions.

I really believe in steem and whatever would make steem stable and steemit community happier, am down for it... smt.steem.io here i come...lol! Kudos @Ned!

Are you coming September on Jeju Island? I live in Jeju. I'm a O.C.D Curator for Korean, Ebook publisher. I'm making steemit posting to ebook like this. https://steemit.com/kr/@keepit/keep-t-x-keep-t

I heard about you're going to come to Jeju for Attend Upbit Developer Conference 2018. I'm running on the "Jeju IT freelancers group". So if you interest in about Jeju IT people or Jeju tour, please feel free to contact me. :)

My accound owner or active password forget me my steem power is not transfer in any account plzz give solution

Hello @ned I found a bug on steemit.com it concerns logging out and back into with another account. Where can I report it?

If great content is of value to the platform, I'm surprised that Steem Inc is not giving more support to curation projects like @travelfeed @steemitworldmap etc.

Ned got good amount of people and now it will be like on others sites? (One vote - one man.)

I am working to make one interesting site, that will help steemit to get users. This site will show to youtube people and others blog sites steemit option.

Bloughcrazy eye.gif!!

Nice post, I am bull on this info!!

I'm actually not a technical guy @ned but if oracle will help steem then I offer my hands and legs in support, when will it be?

It's not Oracle as in the company but blockchain oracles.

An oracle, in the context of blockchains and smart contracts, is an agent that finds and verifies real-world occurrences and submits this information to a blockchain to be used by smart contracts.


I hadn't seen the SMTs post yet, thanks for highlighting it. I also think the video embed function is fantastic - feels a lot more natural than being sent to another site.

hello @ned, am new to steemit so I really have a lot to learn, but going through your posts I saw that you're a teacher, and I observed that your upvotes do not yield dollars and when I see some dollars, it's ruled out. Please can you explain to me why the dollars is ruled out and why other posts reads 0$ with a lot of upvotes. Thanks

@whizart ~ At the time of creating this blog post, @ned chose the option to 'decline payment' for the post. That's why you see $0 and amounts lined out.

Great post! from my perspective definately steps/thoughts in the right direction. Keep pulling those all nighters and you'll get there.

Remember to think The enemy of a good idea is a great idea!

Thanks for all the hard work

yes but finally commenting. I believe value is held by the people who hold it up. Step aboard or get off the pier and let those that believe choose the path. Make ways my friends not delays.

Is that so?
"superlinear": f = a*x^y, y >= 2, but y can be a real number.

I think, SMTs are very important. But do not lose focus on Steemit, Steem, and Steem Dollar. We trust you and the team @ned. We hope the situation will improve as much as ever.

Invest in the process and focus on getting it RIGHT. The RESULTS will eventually follow because a GOAL is a CONSEQUENCE of a PROCESS and NOT Vice-Versa.

Ned I appreciate you good job

I watched it till its last second @ned but it seems there is something I don’t understand. Since we move on to one person one vote, how can the oracles solve the problem of trails. I mean there are dozens of accounts followed by trails.

For example account A creats a post and in the next 30 minutes he receives 400 votes of ‘unique and ‘good’ behavior users’ as you mentioned.
And the question is: is this actually a problem or I just see it as one?

Bottom line is that smts are gonna solve lots of problems the way I see it.
Thanks in advance for a possible response

I love this question! I was actually thinking of asking something similar to this, you're amazing!
Master @ned could you please provide answer to this question regarding one person one vote for users who have trails, is this gonna stop tails?.

is this actually a problem or I just see it as one?

It's amazing great developments are being carried our on SMT thanks!

From what is explained, is like they wont be a trial but if they wont, maybe they will be a means of verifying them.

There is going to be big drama, some might leave the system while those who knows what value is will stay.

Will be watching to see how it goes

Hey dear whales. I am new steemer. I need your suggestion. How can i improve my blog page and how can i increase my earnings?

I loved this, @ned ;)

Hello, how excellent! I want to thank @Ned for creating and developing this fantastic platform, which allows all the people who come to her to express themselves in the way they wish! Thank you!
Additionally, I would like to invite you to observe this publication that I had the great honor you will perform on me, and you can give me your opinion about it! And observe the great work that this excellent user imparts as @Cervantes is for the Hispanic community of which I am a part! Thank you so much for everything!

And I am sorry for my english don't very good :D

Here ,the link of the publication : https://steemit.com/spanish/@cervantes/cervantes-presenta-sinvistaalsol

Cervantes is one of the big culprits that the Hispanic community is like this...With its populist ways of acting worthy of Maduro in Venezuela, it is destroying the Hispanic community ... and wants to be the only one who has power in the community... if see that someone starts to grow and is not their group it destroys you... I do not understand how many Venezuelans complain about their government regime but they are part of Cervantes ...

Being very new to this whole crypto-block chain thing, I really appreciated a glimpse into some of the remedies that might be coming soon, @ned. It seems as if one vote per account would be a more effective way to award creators and community-minded folks.

I'd also like to suggest a differentiation between a vote that pays (more like a TIP) and a vote that's a "like" button. This would be especially useful in long comment volleys where you might want to acknowledge the person's response, but not use up all of your voting power.

Steem on!
a Steemnana 180x120.png

Thanks for the video @ned! I got a question if you don't mind. Is it for certain that the system of the oracle will be applied to the SMT application? I honestly think it's solves many problems if you ask me, i think it's a brilliant idea.
I live in the Netherlands and i got different huge networks around me for different genres, and im waiting for the SMT application.
But now with you video it kind of gives me a strategy to create some platforms for the SMT, and i hope the oracle system will be applied to it.
Thanks for answering!