Content Fix For SMT White Paper & Website

in chainbb •  4 months ago

Ned/Steemit Team:

  • As you know, @jesta's is shutting down and going offline.

  • Likewise, is mentioned and hyperlinked several times on the website, and within the SMT whitepaper linked on the site. A lot of eyes will be heading here soon as SMTs materialize, so this could be something to address.

One example:

  • The links bring potential investors to a basic page below confirming that it's down. As the first place most good investors go is a white paper, this could be confusing or reduce their confidence.

Maybe you'll see this, maybe you won't. Maybe it's not important now, but I think the quick fix is worth it.


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Nice inform , thank you so much for your information . Keep good work of every time .

Thanks to sharing @steemmatt
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