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I love all the myriad flowers that bloom in springtime, making the world a pretty place. Among those lovely flowers, the little crabapple blossoms are among my favorites! I find their color to be delightful!


We have an ornamental crabapple tree — "ornamental" because it does not bear fruit, at least not of an appreciable size. Although the blossoms of this tree are red, other crabapple species can bear flowers that are pink or white.


Crabapples comprise several species and cultivars of Malus, a genus which also includes the common orchard apple (M. pumila syn. M. domestica ). In fact, the term "crabapple" merely refers to any of the wild, non-domesticated species of the apple family. Crabapple species which are not cross-bred to be ornamental produce fruit that are edible, although they are not as large or sweet as the domesticated apple species.


Many years have passed since I had Crabapple Jelly, but it is really tasty! I've only had it homemade in the past, but I might look in the shops sometime soon and see if I can find some. 😋


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   1 Crabapples
   2 Wikipedia: Malus





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Those are so pretty! love that soft pink.

I like these blossoms, seems so soft

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Why does this look like a sakura only a bit darker? It's definitely gorgeous. 😍


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Spring flowering trees, ahhh there is nothing like it @thekittygirl! Did you actually make the jelly yourself? I would love to hear about it. My grandparents had a crab apple tree when I was growing up, I remember the little apples, but only that my brothers and cousins used to throw them at one another, lol Beautiful shots this morning!

It attracted human attention, how it won't insects. Love the photos

I like the soft pink of this flowers, I don't think I have seen these type of flowers here yet...

Beautiful flowers. I've never tried crabapple jelly. We are stuck on ligonberries jelly right now!

Oh! We used to, well I, used to eat the crap out of those. Acquired taste. My grandma had a big orchard full and aside from being used to play 'army' with my cousins in, (because of the thorns, was a cool place to test our mettle) she would make jam and jelly from them.

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That is the prettiest colored blossom! Pure spring time delight!

Those are really pretty flowers @thekittygirl!
Did you take those with your phone or with a camera?
This is one of my favorite times when all of the different flowers are coming out! My bees love it too, are there bees and hummingbirds coming around those flowers?


All these pics were made with cellphone camera. Yes, there are bees around these! They seem to love 'em!

Oh, oh, oh! So pretty!

Wowww...👍 Simply ..beautiful never aware of this before

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Just gorgeous. Crabapple jelly? Feels like a lifetime since I last tasted it. Putting this post fwd for you into the c-squared curation community. 😊

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