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And so it begins...

This was an exciting event. Yes, it may be "just a guy planting a seedling in his garden" to some people, but to @papa-pepper, it is much more than that.

This little seedling is one of many, many peppers that will be planted on our homestead this year. I hope to increase the variety this year to a personal all time high. However, for starters, I'm going with a variety that I've enjoyed growing for years, my personal favorite, the ghost pepper.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Still a little early for peppers for me. I do have ONE in the ground, just a bell pepper, that I keep protected from the sub 50 degree night-time temps with one of these.

They work great for the small gardener to get a jump-start on tomatoes and peppers. I've had my tomatoes in the ground for two weeks now.

Good luck with the peppers, the homestead, and the family.

Cool, I've seen a lot of those but never used one! Congrats on getting your first pepper in too!

honestly they are a pain to use, filling them with water is a chore, moving them sucks, I think they are an eyesore. But they do work great. Its a fairly low cost alternative to low hoop covers, or a greenhouse. Great for a home garden, not efficient enough for a market gardener though.

What a momentous occasion!! The first pepper by @papa-pepper! Do your kids like them too?

Not this variety! LOL!

You are absolutely right.Thankx for sharing this information.

Good job proof..
advice from me the fellow farmers. after planted on the roof so as not to hit the sun directly. or made a sanctuary of translucent plastic. so no direct sun. moisture maintained and protected from pests. so the plant is natural without insecticide.
2018-05-08 21.48.08.jpg

Good thinking @papa-pepper
i like gardening most
its my hapiness and my one and only passion.its my only hobby.

that little thing, maybe one day be a huge Tree! who knows?! :)

I love what you doing @papa-pepper.
I have never seen a ghost pepper!.
I so much love the fact that you are so passionate in what you do.
I wanna go into owing my own homestead and I kindly request for your mentorship and support sir.
Will be very grateful if my request is granted.
Thanks as I anticipate Your response

Thanks for sharing this food video
I appreciate your homesteading

Beautiful looking this gardening,I appreciate this of luck my friend....

congratulations dear friend @ papa-pepper for that first plant and for the hundreds that bless, I wish you much success in your plantation
Have a great day

@papa-pepper you a good man in planting. I resteem you

Congratulations on planting the first pepper down on your land! Can't wait to see how many you will be able to harvest off the ghost peppers this year with all the goodies you'll be feeding them!

good planting and very great I really like my friends if there is time please visit my blog there may be you like. @papa-pepper

Haha. Proof of first pepper 🌶 . Waiting for the harvest as it yields thousands of peppers. 237E4FD000000578-0-image-46_1416925075464.jpg

Ooh! That looks like some nice Scorpion peppers!

Haha. That's the local type of pepper in Ghana.

yay i placed my first yesterday outside and really hope there is no cold days coming up in june

Cool! Glad to hear it!

wow..these pepper have really something good to offer..thanks for sharing this but hope to see you be a farmer @papa-pepper


@papa-pepper planting pepper. Hahaha

Ghost peppers are the insanely hot ones right?

You are doing a great job!! Congratulations..

Obviously peppers are important for you but I would think that living in Arkansas you could have planted them a long time ago. I live in Michigan and due to my stroke I'm asking my son to help me plant mine this weekend.

I planted some bell peppers this last week. Gonna start my next bed this week some time. I will be adding more spicy pepper plants to my next bed. I am looking to borrow a tiller to get some corn and watermelon planted. I hope I can find one to borrow in the next few weeks. If not I might have to wait till next spring to get it planted.

The First one on the homestead.... that's awesome. I got mine in the ground last week and posted the Pics on Sola.20180504_200033.jpg

cool, this is a seed that is in need in everyday life, chili is a vegetable that is very instrumental in life.
we here also have chili plants.


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