My Backyard Garden - Fresh Food Grown with Love

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I wasn't always such an avid gardener. But ... the more I read about GMO's, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc., the more I know that it has to be better to grow as much of your own food as you can. If you can't grow everything you need and want, try to get it as local as possible.

To that end, I have a backyard garden and participate in an organic CSA - see some details in the posts below.

I use organic pest control for bugs (search Steemit for Neem oil and insecticidal soap) and organic fertilizer. Also I also save our food scraps, fallen leaves, faded flowers, etc in a huge compost pile.

One thing to note, we have a lot of critters in our yard (deer especially) so I've learned to keep the vegetable garden fenced. So far this season we've been lucky and the rabbits haven't found the cucumbers. One year each cucumber had its own set of teeth marks .

I order the food seeds from organic providers such as Park Seed among others.

Yesterday I took some pictures of the back yard garden. I can't believe how crazy these have all grown and I'm looking forward to a bountiful harvest.



Assorted tomatoes


Plum tomatoes

Mint can take over your garden, keep an eye on it.

Hope you enjoy the garden update!

All Images @lrich Canon EOS Rebel T6i with Tamron 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II LD Aspherical Macro Lens

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Looks like it's coming along very nicely, and in a few weeks time you'll have more veggies than you know what to do with, good job @lrich!!!

There should be no possible way for mint to take over your garden. Just hack it back and hang the clippings up to dry. A few weeks later you have a great supply of mint tea. A few whole dried leaves in a cup with boiling water. Great stuff. You could also make mint flavoured sorbet or mint sauce or mint jelly. :) Another tip, if you don't want to consume the mint, is to scatter cuttings around your other plants in the garden. Beetroot especially likes the nutrients from the decomposing mint. I see you have beetroot growing right next to the mint. That will do it too. :)

@piratefoodco, I hear you! I do keep hacking it back and using it in all kinds of ways...Mint Iced Tea is one of my favorites and mint sorbet does sound refreshing. When there's just too much, into the compost it goes! I love how it returns year after year, yeah Mint!

Mint Iced Tea! Yum! We have just gotten ourselves a few sprigs of pepper mint. So by next year, we will hopefully have an abundance of that as well as the more common spear mint. You could also try. Iced water, fresh mint leaves, slices of cucumber and lemon. We call it 'Funky Fish' water. Because we first had it at a beach side cafe of the same name here in NZ many years ago. A great summer chiller.

I will be trying your "funky fish" recipe!!!

What a beautiful definitely looks like you put alot of love into it :) very impressive:) :)

You are so very welcome :) :)

What a beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing! We are working on ours on a small backyard and am looking for ideas. We have a lot of shade to work with. But we are trying to find ways to grow our own food.

Thanks for stopping by @whitedove. I'm lucky with the area for the garden since it gets sun and its generally fenced in; we have too many critters that would love to taste each piece. It is hard in shady areas, I wish you luck.

Even where we are in the city, we get a lot of wildlife that likes to get into our garden goodies. We have a fence now, but didn't originally.

Yep, we learn the hard way

Your garden is looking awesome... and I am certain that there will be a tasty harvest in the near future.... thanks for sharing @lrich

Thanks @beyondmountains. It does seem to be shaping up nicely. Now if mother nature would drop just a little less rain ;-)

Congratulations and what an impressive garden!
For the first time I attempted to grow spearmint in my herb garden this year and I just can't get the seeds to sprout. Not sure why, but next year I will attempt again. Your mint looks so lush!

I find that sprouting the seeds inside is helpful. Maybe give that try? Once it gets started, you'll have enough to share! Thanks for stopping by @goldendawne.

I usually do start seeds inside. Not sure what my problem is. But I'll try again next season

Hmm, find a friend that has mint growing and dig a little bit up. They will be happy to share!

Wow! I love your garden. I always envy people who has the talent for growing plants. I don't have the green thumb (unlike my mom). It's so unfortunate for people like me who loves veggies. Hehe! I adore people like you. Hats off.

thank you @junvebbei. I'm sure you can learn gardening skills. Give your non-green thumb a few seasons, you might be surprised.

Wow! Cool. I will need so much patience I suppose. Hehe. Thank you for the encouragement. :D

What a beautiful garden. I can't wait to see how progressives this season.

Great job! Absolutely beautiful!

Thanks, appreciate the comment!