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Hey fellow Steemians, this is the fifth entry in my "25 Days of Christmas" giveaway series, in which I will be giving away a Steem Monsters starter pack each day till Christmas! All are welcome to participate. We had two entries yesterday. A 50% chance to win!

Welcome to Steem Monsters!

Steem Monsters is a decentralized trading card game, built on the Steem blockchain. Each card is encoded into the blockchain and serves as a digital asset, which is incredibly secure and cannot be copied. Players use their cards in battles and tournaments and can transfer their cards and gift them or sell them to others.

The Steem blockchain powers the fantastic social media platform Steemit, which you see before you. A free Steemit registration is included in each of the starter packs I am giving away.

How To Enter

To enter this giveaway, simply answer the question at the end of this post in one of the following ways:

  • Comment below this post with your answer
  • Message Jon Warren#0001 on Discord with your answer

I am including the second option so that any readers who may not yet have an account will be able to enter the contest as well. I will randomly select one of the responses to receive the starter pack. Please use this as an opportunity to invite your friends to the Steemit platform and Steem Monsters.

Today's Question

  • Who is your favorite character in all of gaming?


Congratulations @aidarojaswriter! You are the recipient of the fourth Christmas starter pack!
Please contact Jon Warren#0001 on Discord, or [email protected], and I will send you the code to claim your starter pack.

Thank you for participating! Simply comment below or message me on Discord with the answer and I will put your name into the pool of entries that will be randomly drawn in 24 hours.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my content, please upvote and leave a comment, and if you'd like to see more, please follow and resteem! I appreciate all the kind words, advice, and interesting responses.


I like Kirby

Kirby's awesome.

This is a really good idea! We love this and we want to be part of the SM community too! So... For this opportunity we chose Zidane Tribal as an excellent character from the Final Fantasy 9 saga. A leader, a warrior, a fighter for what he believes is right, just as we believe it is right to take the future of the Hispanic artist community forward. Hope so much people start doing this giveaway and take so much people aboard. <3

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I've never played the Final Fantasy series, but people keep telling me I should. Maybe I'll check it out sometime soon.

i think i have a couple of favorites, one should be Serge, of the game chrono cross, and another should be cloud, of course!

Ah, nice. Yeah, I've never played Chrono Cross. I'll have to check it out sometime. I want to go back through all the older games I own and play them all again. I'll have to pick up a few classics to go through as well.

you definitively should, because they worth it, really!

magi sphinx, is very powerful, useful for amplifying magic and bypass armor, so no matter how much mana cost to use it

Magi Sphinx is great. You don't have to pick a Steem Monsters character though, you can pick a character from any game you've ever played. That said, Magi Sphinx is a legit card.

Of course, Cerberus from fire splinter. He's an amazing tank, heals by himself and he can save you from a horrible loss.

You don't have to pick a card from Steem Monsters. You can pick any character from any game you've ever played. But yeah, Cerberus is awesome. I usually use him when building a fire team.

Dante, from DMC. He's a demon hunter half demon, he knows how to fight, he's fun and like me, he loves pizza.

Nice! Yeah, Dante's a pretty awesome character. I think Snake from Metal Gear is probably my favorite. Nobody else knows how to travel in cardboard boxes with such style!

This question took me a while, at the point that makes me back in time to remember the games that I played before. Travelling like that in my memories, I just thought in the Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect Trilogy.

I selected the woman version and she remembered me to all the stories that my dad created for me when I was a little girl. It was about me as a space traveller, like basically the same thing but in a game haha. But that's not my only biggest connection with this game.

I fall in love at first sight with all the voice actors cast in the game at the point that made me want to learn that profession, so I took the courage to go to that class in another city. That was my first time travelling alone and, maybe it wasn't too far, 2 hours from my place, but I was young and it was my first time being and felling so independent. My own commander in that new journey.

I was part of the story of the Commander Sheppard too, building her fate and taking her decisions in game, but she is an unforgettable and real part of my story too.

That's a great answer. That's really what RPGs are all about. The immersion into the story and the freedom to make your own choices in that world. That's one of the reasons that I built my gaming community in Chronicles of Elyria. There's nothing better than forging your own path in an unexplored world.

I'm taking a look at the game and it's already awesome to me. I'm such a fan of the RPG genre, and medieval RPG is the best. So I'm really excited to play it when finally gets released.

That's great! If you'd like to know more, feel free to message me on Discord, or swing by my Duchy discord server. I'm Jon Warren#0001 and this is the link to the server - (https://discord.gg/SwfqBbG). I can get you plugged into the community, and started with some great materials. The dev journals, while some are outdated, are probably the best way to learn about the core foundations of the game.

I love that one player can have such an impact on the world. You can be the one person who forged that legendary sword, or defeated that dragon, or found a new continent. Nobody else will ever experience that honor. The possibilities are endless. It really does excite me!

Also, I knew their lead designer before he came to work on this game, and he is an awesome guy. I believe they will do great things with CoE!

One of the most important characters on videogames for me is Paarthurnax, Regardless of which race you choose in game, he will be part of your story; first we must recognize the effort required to reach the top of the world where he is that is enough to call him someone important, also is the first dragon we face without battling, he uses the gift of the word to speak to us; he is absolutely impartial in war and in any dispute, using reasoning better than humans, being a beast but more wise than many, even than ourselves.

The most important thing that Paarthurnax leaves us is to learn that the sacred words of power are not only to attack, that there is much more that we can learn from each of them, that is why FUS RO DAH is part of my life, being the impulse, strength and willingness to do everything I set my mind to.

Fus Ro Dah in my skin, as a reminder.

Paarthurnax is the most important character of Skyrim and the best of all video games, i mean, they invented a MOD to remove the mission where you have to fight with him, nobody wants to kill him.

That's an inspiring answer! Paarthurnax was awesome. I loved Skyrim!

From my childhood.. Crash Bandicoot! all his games was Amazings!, his crazy personality and the incredible mechanics of all franchises are so cool! Crash Team Racing is my favorite one, i can spend thousand hours in it.

Haha, yeah, I never owned it, but whenever we went to the dentist, it was either Crash Bandicoot, or Star Wars Battlefront. Great game!

Well, maybe this sounds silly but I'm still in love with Charmander <3

Charmander for the win!

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