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RE: 25 Days of Christmas: Day Five

in #gaming6 years ago

One of the most important characters on videogames for me is Paarthurnax, Regardless of which race you choose in game, he will be part of your story; first we must recognize the effort required to reach the top of the world where he is that is enough to call him someone important, also is the first dragon we face without battling, he uses the gift of the word to speak to us; he is absolutely impartial in war and in any dispute, using reasoning better than humans, being a beast but more wise than many, even than ourselves.

The most important thing that Paarthurnax leaves us is to learn that the sacred words of power are not only to attack, that there is much more that we can learn from each of them, that is why FUS RO DAH is part of my life, being the impulse, strength and willingness to do everything I set my mind to.

Fus Ro Dah in my skin, as a reminder.

Paarthurnax is the most important character of Skyrim and the best of all video games, i mean, they invented a MOD to remove the mission where you have to fight with him, nobody wants to kill him.


That's an inspiring answer! Paarthurnax was awesome. I loved Skyrim!

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