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This question took me a while, at the point that makes me back in time to remember the games that I played before. Travelling like that in my memories, I just thought in the Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect Trilogy.

I selected the woman version and she remembered me to all the stories that my dad created for me when I was a little girl. It was about me as a space traveller, like basically the same thing but in a game haha. But that's not my only biggest connection with this game.

I fall in love at first sight with all the voice actors cast in the game at the point that made me want to learn that profession, so I took the courage to go to that class in another city. That was my first time travelling alone and, maybe it wasn't too far, 2 hours from my place, but I was young and it was my first time being and felling so independent. My own commander in that new journey.

I was part of the story of the Commander Sheppard too, building her fate and taking her decisions in game, but she is an unforgettable and real part of my story too.


That's a great answer. That's really what RPGs are all about. The immersion into the story and the freedom to make your own choices in that world. That's one of the reasons that I built my gaming community in Chronicles of Elyria. There's nothing better than forging your own path in an unexplored world.

I'm taking a look at the game and it's already awesome to me. I'm such a fan of the RPG genre, and medieval RPG is the best. So I'm really excited to play it when finally gets released.

That's great! If you'd like to know more, feel free to message me on Discord, or swing by my Duchy discord server. I'm Jon Warren#0001 and this is the link to the server - ( I can get you plugged into the community, and started with some great materials. The dev journals, while some are outdated, are probably the best way to learn about the core foundations of the game.

I love that one player can have such an impact on the world. You can be the one person who forged that legendary sword, or defeated that dragon, or found a new continent. Nobody else will ever experience that honor. The possibilities are endless. It really does excite me!

Also, I knew their lead designer before he came to work on this game, and he is an awesome guy. I believe they will do great things with CoE!

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