Good old Khem Val. My main was also Sorcerer with force lightning spec. I romanced the Twilek Jedi girl, whats her name. Somehow I lost the drive to play the game again, I haven't even checked the new expansion. I think I might be over with Old Republic.

Ashara! :)

With the way things are going right now, if you ever get the urge to play the latest expansion I'd personally wait til the -next- one has begun its teeny tiny incremental release.

I was obsessed with this game for the longest time. But when the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion was released with month-by-month Chaper releases... it couldn't hold my interest for long.

Re-subbed last year and finally got to enjoy the entirety of Eternal Throne and Fallen Empire all at once, experienced chronologically in my own time as they should be, and loved them! Only to now be devastated that this next expansion -- Onslaught -- is also chapter-ified!

If you can call five minutes a chapter. Haha. :D

I'm honestly not sure if this game will last much longer. Sadly. I've enjoyed it a lot, despite my irritation with the developers. :)

I felt like starting off my day by reading something tht will grip me and came to your home page in hopes of a third instalment of your story Aethya's End, but nada...which is okay, creative minds should never be pressured so that they remain truly creative. But then I saw this post and in it you say

I started with my beautiful Aethya the Sorcerer as I always do.

So, now it is time for me to expose my ignorance. Does this have anything to do with your story? Is there some kind of link? I never play games, so the above does not mean anything to me and I am a bit confusd.

I'm sorry! I'm planning on posting the next chapter in a day or so. It's ready for sharing now, but I'm trying to keep a good amount of space between each installment so that I can work ahead a bit with my polishing. :D I'm currently three chapters ahead -- I'd like to be a few more.

As for Aethya the Sorcerer... in games that I play I tend to name my characters after things in my imaginary world. This game has absolutely nothing to do with my story or universe.

I'm sorry for any confusion!

It definitely is not a problem. Actually, I bring my characters into so much of what I do that I can empathise with what you do. Anyway, getting confused now and then is good, it makes us think...


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Thank you!! :)

I like to think that one of the curators was also disappointed by this patch and was like, "Yes, yes! So much, yes!" whilst reading this.